American Idol: The Girls.

2 03 2007

Okay the girls were the suck ones this week, not that they were suck but they didn’t stand out as much as the boys did this week, so I favored the boys this week.

Gina: She did okay, I like her voice, the girl can sing but did she sing Alone better than Carrie? NO WAY.

Alaina: Hmm, I forgot how I liked her, if I even liked her at all tonight…what does that tell you? FORGETABLE.

Lakisha: DAMN, she sang my song but I think she did better last week. She was on point with everything but she didn’t have that extra umph like she did last week. This girl is going to be big time.

Melinda: This girl can blow…enough said, she was the bomb! But I wish she’d sing songs that are popular.

Antonella: Pack your bags sweetie, you’re done.

Jordin: She didn’t do as well this week as she did last week but I wasn’t disappointed in her, she was emotional and I found her performance quaint instead of bad. I thought she was good.

Stephanie: I don’t know what song she sang but this girl can blow, there’s a lot of good girls this season so they all blend together in my mind but I do think she sang well, just not like the best or anything.

Leslie: I’m not a fan of this girl, she looks weird when she’s singing and though her singing was good, but that’s the problem, it was just good. Simon was right when he said that there are too many big voices in this competition and she’s drowning with them…people aren’t going to remember her much because they’re gonna be talking and gushing about the Lakisha’s and the Melinda’s and the Jordin’s.

Haley: Whoa she was brave to come out singing a Whitney song but she didn’t really do the song justice, vocally. It was very entertaining but her performance was pitchy.

Sabrina: Big voice, great performance though. Very loud but she was still very very good.

My favorite performance this week:




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