Where I’ve Been.

7 03 2007

Yesterday, Brenna and I were getting ready to head out to work and school, Brenna was putting her shoes on in the living room and my niece Makenna, who was staying home from school because she was sick the night before, was sitting on the sofa across from her, in order for Makenna to get past, she would have to pass Brenna.

Well, Makenna got sick and didn’t quite make it to the bathroom before she started to throw up…she didn’t get very far at all, because Makenna threw up all over…


It was horrible, Brenna’s new clothes from her birthday this passed weekend had throw up all over it, she had throw up in her head and in her ear and quite grossly, in her mouth as well.

And having the gag reflex that she has, it just got uglier and uglier after that.

In the midst of rushing Brenna into the shower WITH her new clothes on, Brenna was throwing up herself. She wanted that nasty taste and smell off of her but she couldn’t control herself from throwing up.

Long minutes after the incident, I called in sick and told work that I wasn’t coming in to work today and then I told them what happened, they told me to take care of my kids and they’ll see me later.

Well that happened yesterday, last night after I got home from playing volleyball with some friends, I showered and then went to sleep and in the middle of the night, Brenna woke me up complaining that her tummy hurt, she’s trying not to cry and she’s trying not to whine because she knows that I don’t like it when she whines and so because she wasn’t feeling good, I let her stay home from school today.

Which means that I haven’t really had time to blog about anything, I’m totally tired myself but I just wanted you guys to know that I’ll get my thoughts on Prison Break and Syl, I’m watching The Hills right now, up soon…alrighty?




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