Movie Review: Nacho Libre.

8 03 2007

Starring Jack Black, Hector Jimenez, Troy Gentile, Moises Arias, Lauro Chartrand.
Rating: PG-13.
Running Time: 1 hr 31 min
Grade: B+

Nacho is a man without skills. After growing up in a Mexican monastery, he is now a grown man and the monastery’s cook, but doesn’t seem to fit in. Nacho cares deeply for the orphans he feeds, but his food is terrible–mostly, if you ask him, a result of his terrible ingredients. He realizes he must hatch a plan to make money to buy better food for “the young orphans, who have nothing” (and if in doing so Nacho can impress the lovely Sister Encarnacion, that would be a big plus). When Nacho is struck by the idea to earn money as a Lucha Libre wrestler, he finds that he has a natural, raw talent for wrestling. As he teams with his rail-thin, unconventional partner, Esqueleto (the Skeleton), Nacho feels for the first time in his life that he has something to fight for and a place where he belongs. As Lucha is strictly forbidden by the church elders at the monastery, Nacho is forced to lead a double life. Disguised by a sky blue mask, Nacho conceals his true identity as he takes on Mexico’s most famous wrestlers and takes on a hilarious quest to make life a little sweeter at the orphanage.

This movie had me rollin’ from the very beginning to the very end. I’m not a Jack Black fan, I find him to be Jim Carreyish, very annoying and stupid…but I hella loved him in this movie. The movie itself was very dumb, Napoleon Dynamite kind of dumb but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this movie.

It’s a sure hit with everyone I know, we all like to swap Nacho Libre quotes and I still watch it and laugh my butt off. It’s hilarious, it’s good….reeeaallly good. I love it, it’s fantastic! HA!

It’s one of those stupid funny movies that you’ll either love or hate…me and everyone in my hood LOVES IT!

Therese…why you gotta be judging me cause I believe in science! HAHAHA…and Sometimes, when you’re a man, you’ll wear stretchy pants when you’re alone in your room…it’s for fun! HAHAHAHAH…

Oh I do love me some stupid funny movies!




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