Something Is Wrong With Me.

8 03 2007

For the past couple of months, not even couple of months, I’d honestly have to say for the last few months, I’ve been trying to finish up Suzanne Brockmann’s Breaking Point and I can’t seem to do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me or what’s wrong with the book, I’m just not up to reading it.

I go through spouts where I’ll read read read plenty of chapters and then I’ll just stop and pick up another book and read that entire book and then pick up another without going back to Max and Gina.

This is the third time that I’ve repicked this book to read and still I can’t get through it, I keep thinking that I’d rather be reading this book or that book and at this point I don’t think I’ll ever finish this book and I don’t know why because there isn’t anything particularly boring about this book, I just don’t want to read it.

I love reading Gina, I love reading Jules and I know that a whole lot of the reason why I keep putting this book off is because Max is getting on my hot damn nerves. I get that you’re all about not getting with her beacause you’re so much older than her but seriously Max, shut up and grow a pair…GET OVER IT, Gina’s over it, why can’t you be?

He’s aggravating me enough that it’s taking me right out of the story. I hope that I can get over this and just finish the damn book already but it’s slow going for me.





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