My Shows.

9 03 2007

Since I haven’t been on here in quite a while updating my thoughts on any of my shows, this is going to serve as my weekly show post. All in one.

Starting off with….

Prison Break: The show is exploding with nothing but good bits and I’m so damn excited. I knew the President was going to go back on her word to Michael, it would have been too easy for all that to go down, I knew that the stupid little Asian man was going to threaten her or actually I thought he was going to kill her but whatever, I just knew it was going to happen. T Bag lost the money, huh? BUHAHAHAHAHA…someone got moded. I’m glad for it, Dr. Bootleg or should I say, Boothand. LOL. I felt bad for Linc when LJ said that he wanted to stay with Jane and try living a normal life for once, for a little while at least, I knew that Linc was looking forward to being with LJ again and to see his hopes all dashed by LJ himself, Awww…he needs a poor baby, Holly. LOL. I kind of want Kellerman to kill the President, but I’m there’s a bigger story going on here besides clearing Lincoln’s name? Someone even bigger than the President? Oh what the crap? This damn show be taking me on one helluva ride. C Note, man I want Mahone and Asian Man to get a go to hell card, a go directly to hell card, gosh they get on my nerves. Sucre, you dummy…you should know you’re never going to be safe. Stupid puto. LOL, just kidding, Sucre…NOT REALLY.

The Hills: I really want to hurt Heidi. She’s been giving me nothing but trouble since Season One of TH. Why is Lauren still friends with this stupid ass of a person? Heidi has proven time and time again that she can’t be trusted and this season, it’s even worst. Heidi is a selfish, manipulative and untrustworthy person. When she lied to Lauren about Jen’s birthday? Telling Lauren that she did NOTHING? That it was all Jen? What a lying sack of shit….she all but threw Jen into Brody’s lap and if you’re okay with dicking your own best friend for your boyfriend, then you deserve to end up all alone for the rest of your lives. And Jen was stupid too for actually going through with it and then trying to act like she did nothing wrong, you stupid slut…you don’t sleep with guys your friends are dating, it won’t ever be cool, you beak nosed whiny voiced tramp! I’m soooo glad that Lo will be coming back into the picture. I’m so glad that Lo will be there with Lauren next week, I cannot effing wait to see them back together again. You know, all this time though, when Lauren was on Laguna Beach, I thought Lo was her best friend. Ugh, I wish that were the truth. Seriously, who needs enemies when you have friends like Heidi. And don’t even get me started on Spence…and Brody for that matter. I heard yesterday that Brody Jenner is getting all kinds of negative press about the kind of person he and Spence are…I totally believe it, he’s an ass! I cannot wait for next week’s episode!!

Brothers and Sisters: I missed Brothers and Sisters this week so I have no thoughts on this one.

American Idol: Alright, this week I wasn’t too impressed with the boys and most of the girls. Though I will say that I still enjoyed Blake’s performance of All Mixed Up by 311. I was surprised that none of the judges knew what that song was. That was such a popular song when I was in high school, so for them to not know that song tripped me out. I enjoyed Chris S and Chris R (though I’m real partial to Chris R’s singing voice, I love all of his runs) they should definitely be in the top 10 for real, they did great. If it were up to me, either Sanjaya needs to go home and go back to being a kid, Brandon and Jarred should follow him soon.

As for the girls, why the hell is Antonella still in this mug? She sucked donkey dick last week and she didn’t do any better this week, if she’s not gone tonight, I’m going to be royally pissed because she doesn’t deserve to be there, she is NOT the best singer, she is the weakest link, GOOD BYE! Lakisha got down and her Mom and Aunt cracked me up, Melinda was probably my favorite performer last night, that girl can blow and she looks like she wants to stay, the girls that I think should be gone this week would have to be Haley and of course, Antonella.

One Tree Hill: Was that not the best way to end the show? Man, I can’t wait for this show to come back….I need my Naley, Leyton and Bitchy Brooke fix too. One question I have for you OTH fans out there…do you guys know what amazes me about Brooke fans? They don’t think that Peyton is justified in being pissed off at Brooke for sleeping with Nathan? They claim that Brooke was justified in sleeping with Nathan because THEY WERE BROKEN UP (meaning Peyton and Nathan) What kind of backward crap is that? So I’m asking you guys, do you guys think that Peyton is right to be pissed at Brooke or do you think Brooke did nothing wrong? That’s the OTH million dollar question of the season…

The Wedding Bells: Okay so this new show premiered on FOX last night after American Idol and because I thought one of the guys was hottie material from the previews of this show, I tuned in…it’s cute. It’s not the best show out yet, probably not even the best new show but I liked it enough to watch the entire show and I’m going to be watching the next one as well…I hope the show gets better though because last night’s series premiere wasn’t hook material…luckily for them, the hottie photographer was all the hook I needed. LOL. Did anyone else watch this show?

And I think I’m done…for now.




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