Can’t See Now..Will Blog Later.

14 03 2007

Okay so why am I going to kill my nephew Chance? Last night, my sister Blanche told me and my Mini Me Chelsea that we couldn’t go to sleep until the back was clean because they’re having practice today for the kids talent show, so it’s after 11 and me and Chelsea walk down to the blue room which is the room that she said is messy.

We get in there and there is paper EVERYWHERE! I mean, EVERYWHERE, like a lot of people were working on a project, with errant papers just all over the damn place and who’s papers are they? Chance…every single paper that was strewn across the room, were all marked Sam Horito, Per 2…and then Chance Mataalii, aparently Chance told some girl Sam that he’d type AND print out her project crap, his backpack is open and empty with the contents spilled all over the floor and where is his punk ass? SLEEPING! I went upstairs and told him to come and clean his crap…what does he do? HE rolls over and goes to sleep, crying because I punched him in his head 4 times. LOL. But does he get up to go and clean his crap? Oh no…so me and Chelsea’s evil ass, we threw all of his folders, binders, journals, markers, all in his back pack and without zipping it up, we threw it in the backyard and then we hid his and Sam Horito’s project papers.

He woke up this morning, crying about his papers and his stuff is all wet…ia THATS WHAT YOU GET, Blanche was all yelling at me and Chelsea but what did we do? SLEEP! And when I woke up, why did that little shit hide my glasses…and so….NOW I CANT SEE!

Stupid little jerk, I was all squinting at my staff meeting this morning, it was horrible!

Ugh…I hate kids. LOL.




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