Today’s The Day…

16 03 2007

October Road premiere’s tonight and I’m so effing excited because Jakey is going to be on the small screen again. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen that hunky man and I’m so stoked for him to be in this new show, and his name on this show is Nick…I love that name for hunky hunk men! =)

Last night, Brandon got sent home and though I didn’t care for him all that much, I was still a bit peeved that Sanjaya is still in the effing competition. He should’ve been gone the first week and yet here he is…STILL IN IT! He sucks far worst than Brandon does. What’s really going on, all of you tweeny bopper girls, QUIT VOTING FOR HIM GOODNESS!

I still haven’t watched Prison Break but I’ll watch that soon and get a thoughts post going but I’ve just been so busy to watch my shows and since I don’t have TiVo, I have to wait until their uploaded onto YouTube or that other site that Grace told me about.

Anyway…tonight’s a good night in television, because there’s a new Grey’s Anatomy followed by October Road.


On a sour note though, I’m hecka bummed that they’re doing a spin off of a really great show and that Addison is going to be leaving Grey’s and what I hate most about Addison’s move is since Alex is not joining Addison on the new show, they won’t be exploring Addisex anymore…dude that frickin’ sucks.

But isn’t my new template the bomb? I love it….haha.




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