TV: October Road.

17 03 2007

Jack Jagelski is no more on One Tree Hill. He’s move on to bigger and greener pastures and last night’s series premiere for his new show, October Road definitely hit my must watch button, because though it wasn’t the explosive episode I wanted, it had just the right amount of umph to have me coming back for more.

After high school, Nick Garrett goes away for what is supposed to be 6 weeks and ends up staying away from home for 10 years. In the 10 years that he’s gone away from Knights Ridge, his hometown, he writes a bestseller book that doesn’t paint a pretty picture about his friends and girlfriend back home.

Well now, it’s 10 years later and Nick is trying to write another book but he’s got writers block and can’t write a hot damn thing, so his editor advices him to go back home and make peace with the people he talked about in his book. Nick then takes the one day teaching job at the university in town and heads home.

To a warm welcome from his family and some of his friends. And harsh reality checks from the girl he left behind and his best friend, Eddie. He also comes home to meet a little boy named Sam who he later wonders is his very own son, since Sam’s mother is Hannah, Nick’s girlfriend that he left behind.

My thoughts on:

Nick: He’s just as hot in this show as he was as Jake in One Tree Hill. He’s got a lot of good deeds to do before I’ll love Nick as much as I love Jake but I think Bryan is man enough for the challenge. There’s just something about Bryan Greenberg that I totally love. It may be his good looks or his ability to charm the socks right off of me with any character that he plays but I’m really excited to see what Bryan can bring to the table for Nick. Nick’s character is the one that will grow the most in this series since the whole show is about him going back home for the first time in 10 years after the crap he wrote in that bestseller book of his. I like his character already and was laughing my ass off when he ran out on the class and then came back only to see ONE person still there. He was funny and he’s smart and I just really really like him…a lot. I can’t wait to see more on him.

Hannah: It’s funny to see Donna without Eric. LOL. and it’s hella funny to see Donna acting GROWN UP and being a MOM. Remember when Donna and Eric had that pregnancy scare? Yeah, this is totally different from that, this Donna, or Hannah is responsible and she’s a good mother to her son, who doesn’t know that his new friend, Nick, is actually his father. And seriously? HE IS SO TOTALLY NICK’S SON! But, I like that Hannah is still mad at Nick for deserting her, I love that she kept it together for her son and I love that even though she’s still furious at Nick (and she totally is behind that indifferent facade) that there is a possibility that she’ll get back with him….she’s not over him, she wouldn’t be drinking in the afternoon if she was totally over him…so that will be good to keep me on my toes and coming back for more.

Nick and Sam: I think these two are so cute. I can’t wait to see more with these two and I can’t wait to see their relationship grow and flourish..LOL. I thought they were cute together before they knew who the other was and I’m so effing excited to see Nick get to know his son….YAY, this is probably going to be my favorite part of the show, these two cutie patooties. Bring on the Nick and Sam…

Nick’s family: Nick’s Dad is a cutie for an old man and there’s a resemblance between the two men too, so I’m looking forward to more with them. His little brother is flighty in thoughts and that’s just fine with me, it makes for quite a mix between all three of the Garret men, that’s for sure.

Nick’s Friends: Whoa. These guys are something else, I mean they had a band, a band that didn’t play real instruments, a band that lip sync to all of the songs of other people? Whoa….but for the most part, they were a bunch of weirdo’s that made the show a bit more interesting.

Eddie: This guy made me laugh, not only is he not as hard core as he thinks he is, he’s still a hottie for sure. I remember when I used to crush on him and his brother on 7th Heaven, I like him better in this role because along with Nick, he’ll be growing and learning as the show progressed and I cannot wait to see his bumps and bruises along the way…and he’s going to go after Aubrey? Nick’s Aubrey? Ohhhh interesting…can’t wait to see that unfold.

Over all, the show had just the right amount of hotness, intrigue and storyline to makes me want to come back for more. So, was the show the explosive premiere I was expecting? Nope, not really but I’m not mad about it because there’s a lot to look forward to and a lot of ground to cover so I’m good….I can’t wait for more, seriously.




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