Congrats to My Kiddies!

20 03 2007

Basketball season is wrapping up and I’ve got to give a warm shout out to my nieces, Meghan and Makenna for winning the City of Carson Championship Game for their league this past Saturday, Meghan had a buttload of points and like 3 assists, whereas little Makenna was just fanfrickintastic on the bench and the few minutes that she played (she’s 2 years younger than the rest of the team) ….GO WILDCATS, I was so proud of my little Meghan, she was on fire and she totally carried her team to a championship victory, which I know first time coach Daddy Chey was happy for…he did an amazing job, for being a first time coach, his team won the championship!!


I’m a horrible Aunt because I just found out this weekend that my other niece, Jenna’s cheerleading team won NATIONALS for their age group. She went to the Nationals Competition in Las Vegas last month and took the entire thing…she was also in the newspaper and I didn’t even know….so, yeah I’m all late with this but…


Brenna’s team won on Saturday and Brenna can get down on the basketball court, I think she may like basketball better than soccer and I’m a little bit heartbroken because of that. She hasn’t told me yet but I know she’s going to want to focus on playing basketball soon…I’m hoping she’ll give soccer another chance though.

I had a busy weekend with parties, basketball games and a softball game to attend, so I’m totally exhausted….how were you guys’ weekends?

I know that Izzy had a good time this weekend with it being Joey’s party and all…I’m STILL laughing about him, Izzy…seriously.




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