23 03 2007

Okay words can’t express how pissed off I am that Chris Richardson was in the bottom 2 last night. I mean seriously? Chris was worst then Haley? Chris was worst then Sunjaya, who should have been sent home WEEK ONE? Were you guys watching American Idol Tuesday night with your volume turned off because Stephanie and Chris R. are heaps and bounds better than both Haley and Sunjaya.

I don’t understand what the appeal of Sunjaya is, I could see it before, at his audition, but he lost all of his appeal when he opened his mouth and sang that Stevie Wonder joint about, “I don’t wanna bore you with this” because not only did he bore me, he made me want to gauge my eyes out with a spoon.

So please, American, explain to me why you guys think that frickin’ Sunjaya is better than Chris R. who has been consistent all these weeks on the GOOD SIDE of the judges judgements.

The gauntlet has been dropped, I have now been officially put on my toes because from now on, Chris R. will not make it to the bottom 2 if he doesn’t deserve it and I’m going to make sure of it…


I was sad to see Stephanie go home, well not really because I was too happy that Chris didn’t go home, but now that the scare is behind me, I’m furious on Stephanie’s behalf because she is quite frankly the better singer than some of the other contestants on the show.

I knew Blake would be safe, he’s the crowd pleaser, the crowd favorite. So I wasn’t worried about him, I wasn’t all that worried about Chris R. either because I thought he did exceptionally well, so did the judges….this is why I get mad at this show so much because ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN…

But dude, seriously….Chris R. AND Stephanie?

What’s really going.

In brighter and happier news, HOLLY IS COMING TO L.A. I’m having a late dinner and some girly fun with Holly tonight and I cannot wait until she gets here, I’m doing all that I can to will the hours away so that I can rush home and Holly will be here in L.A. already. I haven’t seen Holly in quite a long time, so we were definitely due for some girly fun. One of these days, I’m gonna make the trip out there to see her on her turf, when? I’m not sure, but its’ on my list of things to do.



I’ll probably miss Grey’s Anatomy and October Road today but thanks to the beautiful invention of the internet, I’ll be able to watch it at a later time, YAY ME AGAIN!

So what’s up with everyone else in the blogging world?




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