Check It Out!

29 03 2007

Okay, this happened last baseball season but it’s still funny as all get out so I’m posting this to immortalize this on my blog. HA! I’ve showed the girls at SF this but since I don’t have anything to blog about today, I thought I’d share this picture with the rest of my lovely readers…hehe.

Background information:

Chance hit a homerun during the last baseball season and the peeps in his league took his picture to put on the Hall of Fame on their Little League Website and this is the picture that Chance took.


If you don’t see anything wrong with the picture, look down at Chance’s pants. See it? HA HA, now laugh with me. HA HA!

Dude, I’m hella rollin’…gosh this is the funniest thing EVER! This goes down in the history of funniest things Dylan has ever witnessed in her life. Freakin’ Chance.




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