TV: The Tudors.

30 04 2007

Is anyone watching this show?

It is fast becoming my newest TV addiction. I’m all caught up (I even watched tonight’s episode already) and so in love with the show that I’m anxious for more, more, more. It’s got all of the right ingredients to have me completely addicted to it. It’s got a sexy edge to the historical events of King Henry’s reign and hot diggity dizammit, Charles Brandon is a friggin’ fox! The casting director should get a huge ass bonus because the cast is completely and utterly beautiful that I absolutely hate the whole lot of them and that’s just my jealousy speaking. LOL.

The show’s got high drama mixed with great storylines and fantastic characters. I am totally in love with this show and will be doing my weekly TV thoughts posts on this very show. Starting next week.

I missed watching the first few shows so I’m going to do a whole wrap up of the first few shows here.

Starting with…

King Henry: What a complete ass King Henry is, I cannot seem to care for him or his character because even though I’m sure having that many mistresses during that time wasn’t news or anything and well, he IS the King of England and can do whatever the hell he pleases but his many affairs and his complete lack of discretion made me want to pop him upside his big stupid dome, or at the very least poke his eye out again with my lance during a jousting match. Good God, the man ran through the entire court! Ewww! I laughed my ass off in one of the episodes where the King of France kicked his ass in that wrestling match! LMAO LMAO! He thought he was so rough and tough and got his ass served to him by the hottie French King. HA! That’s what you get, you stupid oof!

For him to be such a religious man, he makes my skin crawl. Blaming his wife for being married to his brother and that being the reason he can’t have a son, saying that it was God’s way of punishing him for marrying his brother’s wife is just ridiculous, maybe that’s not why God’s punishing him, maybe God’s punishing him because he can’t keep his breeches laced and is sleeping his way through England without a care to his wife’s feelings.

Frickin’ stupid jerk!

With him wanting a divorce and just everything he’s got going and plans…just everything about him makes me cringe with dislike for him. And his obsession with Anne Boleyn? Whoa dang, talk about obsessed! Anne Boleyn must have been some kind of friggin’ hottie for the King of England to be chasing after her happy pants under her merry dress!

I can’t wait to see what else this crazy King gets into this season of the Tudor’s!

Cardinal Wosley: I dislike Wosley, way more than I dislike the King. This guy is creepy, manipulative and shady to the extreme! He’s got so many shady deals going on it’s hard to keep track of and for him to be a brother of the cloth makes him all the more slimy and disgusting to me. Since I’m not too knowledgable in the whole history of King Henry VIII, I don’t know what ends up happening to this loser, but I hope it’s something, very very bad….I know for sure this guy is not in Heaven, that’s for dang sure.

Charles Brandon/Mary Tudor: Alright, I’m hella confused on Mary’s character because on the show’s website, it shows Mary as being Margaret Tudor and in her character bio, it mentions nothing of being married to Charles Brandon but on Charles’ bio it mentions his marriage to Mary. These two are married in this show so I’m all confused about that and the thing I was screaming at the TV while watching it with my Tudor’s buddy, Kurt was…ARE YOU STUPID? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU IDIOT? When these two came back from Portugal, MARRIED and Mary NOT MOURNING the loss of her husband, that she snuffed off. I cannot wait to see what Henry does to these two and man, I hope that Charles, cocky asshole that he is turns out to be a decent bloke but I’d hate to see him become a coward or whatever…he’s to hot to play a coward! Mary, well, she’s really pretty, beautiful even and I’m so hella jealous that it’s her JOB to kiss the socks right off of Henry Cavill…holy hell, the lucky tramp!

There are many other characters in the show but I’d be here for days trying to type out what I think about them all but suffice it to say that this show is filled up with great plot twists, beautiful settings and just about every damn thing you can possibly ask for in a show, this show has it all and you guys should totally watch it!!


Grey’s Anatomy: Season 3, Episode I Don’t Know.

27 04 2007

It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these things but goodness, I was all wrapped up in last night’s episode that I just had to put one of these up for old times sake.

I haven’t really been that into Grey’s for some time now because for me it seemed to lack a lot of something that kept me hooked on the show every week, but I caught last week’s show and I was really amped to watch this week’s episode and last night’s episode hooked me right in.

So Izzy, this one’s for you.

I need to start with Derek though and how stupid he is being. I’m really not seeing why I loved him so much because not only is not McSteaming up my pants, he’s being a total dickhead right now and why? Because he can’t have The Chief position and Meredith at the same time, so he’s going to eat a can of worms, or however the hell that kid song goes, nobody loves him, everybody hates him so he’s gonna eat a can of worms? OH BITE ME you IN DIRE NEED OF HAIR GEL AND SOME SHUT EYE WHINY BABY PUNKASS! After all the crap that him and Meredith went through to be together, for him to just give up on her the way he is right now is pissing me the hell off and I want to kick him in McDreamy nuts, the stupid asshat!

What’s next for Meredith and Derek?

Meredith is going to go right back to where she was before Derek and her got back together, she’s going to go back to sleeping with inappropriate men and the biggest inappropriate man in town is….MARK SLOAN!

Oh hell to the no, stupid shits!

And what about the whole Izzy/George/Callie thing? I love this triangle. I didn’t think I would because I wasn’t a big fan of George and Meredith but I love this for George. I love this storyline. I love that George and Izzy are best friends and have feelings for each other. I love that George is so torn between the two women and has to make a choice. I hate Izzy, I seriously do but there’s so much between her and George, though I’m unsure of what it really is. Is it just a she needs someone and George is there and she wants to keep him in her life, or are these some for real feelings she’s got going on with him? I want them to explore whatever it is between them though, even though I like Callie.


Such angst, I tell ya!

And then there’s the whole Addisex thing. I knew they were going to do the horizontal tango but all of this seems to be leading into something, don’t you think? Like with Alex shying away from spending anymore time with Addison, it’s too soon for them to be all jumping into a relationship, there’s got to be that cat and mouse chase thing, so maybe this is it? Or is this the way they’re going to write Addison’s character off the show?

Curiouser and curiouser, that’s for sure.

And what about the whole Mark thing? I felt bad for him because I totally think that he’s the kind of man that Addison is striving to find, but Addison is going to miss out on all of it because she pushed him away.

So, from some things that me and Izzy were talking about in our millions of weekly emails, we think that Callie is going to turn up pregnant, with Mark’s baby and that’s how we’re going to find out that Mark really is a good guy (just like Alex) and he’s going to barbeque (haha Addison) and play catch with his kid and he’s going to be a real stand up kind of guy…and then that’s how George and Callie are going to break up…

…unless of course, Mark is the inappropriate man that Meredith hooks up with when she spirals out of control from losing Derek….AGAIN!

Ugh, sing another tune Meredith seriously…

..and really, how odd is it that the only HAPPY couple these days is friggin’ Burke and Christina? Can I just say, HOLY WOW! That was really punky of Callie to give Christina the flashcards instead of her own husband, but Izzy said she would have done the same thing, so yeah whatever…

My favorite thing that happened last night was when Swollen Face was pitching a fit about having the baby and then when she blurts, “I don’t want to do this alone” and Alex reaches over and takes her hand and says, “Well it’s a good thing you’re not alone then”…I got all misty eyed and pantie happy, it was such a great scene.

I totally understood why Addison jumped his bones afterward, I would have done the same damn thing.

Man, what to think, what to think…so much to look forward to, I can’t wait…it’s great to finally be happy to catch this show, I haven’t been that way in so long that I don’t even remember the last post (before last week) on this show that I did.

WOO HOO, can’t wait for next week!

Come Over to Book Binge!!!

26 04 2007

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MTV: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Inferno III

24 04 2007

Alright, so I’ve watched this show faithfully over the past seasons because it’s my #1 guilty pleasure and I’ve got to say that this show already is shaping up to be one of the most drama filled and best shit around shows EVAH.


I’m talkin’ real shit too.

I mean, the first night in the house, CT gets kicked out and has to go home. Like Davis said, “He spent more time on the plane than he did in Africa,” LMAO LMAO LMAO!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about…hehe.

I need to break down the players in this game because in three shows it has seriously cracked me the hell up.

Now on with the Good Guys.

Ace: Holy crap, I have always loved me some Ace. He’s got that southern charm and is so hot damn goofy that you can’t help but cheer him on. He’s never really apart of the drama, he truly is one of the good guys. I swear, I never get tired of watching this guy on tv because the past like 3 seasons of the challenge, he ALWAYS messes up and has to go home before I’m ready for him to go home. I really thought that he was going to prove himself in that ladder competition, but LMAO in true Ace form, he goofed up the mission and got disqualified. Oh my goodness, that poor Ace. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table this season, I hope he gets to stick around a lot longer to show us what he’s workin’ with because if anyone deserves to stay around in Africa, it’s friggin’ Ace.

Alton: A true leader, that’s what Alton. He’s not the oldest person on his team but he is the one that everyone looks up to. The one that everyone goes to for direction and I really do like Alton because he’s such a good guy. He’s always there with a listening ear and no matter what, he brings IT to every mission and he’s never one to turn on his teammates. He shows true leadership every week and he’s a great example to the other men on his team. I was really shootin’ for him to win the ladder mission against Abe because good gosh Abram gets on my hot damn nerves with all of his cockiness and just big headedness. Abe swears he’s the best in every damn thing and I really want Alton to put that stupid asshole in his place. Seriously. GO ALTON GO!

Davis: Davis, Davis, Davis. Got himself clocked in the eye on the first night by a very drunken CT, who then got sent home because Davis was in the bathroom rubbing his eye and trying desperately not to cry and Alton, John and the rest of the men on the Good Guys team wanted to see his ass gone. I don’t really have a problem with Davis but I don’t really think he’s got much to offer the Good Guys. I mean, on the Billy Bad Asses Team you’ve got lots of people who mean business and we’ve seen their business in the previous seasons of The Challenge. I mean, seriously they’ve got the likes of Abram, Dirty Derek, Disgusting Danny and really, honestly, Davis doesn’t really measure up. He’s too nice and too squeaky clean, but it’ll be interesting to see what he does bring to the table this season and to see how long he lasts but so far, to me, he’s the Sunjaya of the Challenge…

Johnny Bananas: Johnny Bananas, in every season of the Real World, I’ve had a house crush on ONE of the guys in the house and in The Real World: Key West, Johnny Bananas started out as my house crush. He didn’t end up my house because that title went to Zack but I love me some Johnny, I think he’s such a cutie patootie and he’s strong, he proved it in the first few missions and I look forward to what crackhead antics Johnny will get himself into with this season of the Challenge…holy cow I can’t wait to see the sparks fly with this guy. Bring it Johnny, I wanna see what you’ve got. He proved to be a good guy by making sure that Davis still had his eye after CT did his best to knock it out of his head and he did show great teammanship (is that a word?) when he showed how pissed off he was at CT for doing it in the first place…yeah, I like you, John and I want you to stick around but please, stay away from the ugly words with Paula, we don’t want a repeat of that episode, alrighty?

Grandpa Timmy: Grandpa Timmy told it like it was in the first episode when he told us that MTV wanted him to come on the show as a chaperone. LOL. He’s like 60 years old compared to everyone else on the show but I actually think he has more to offer than Davis but seriously, nobody else will come back on this show that you have to keep bringing Timmy back? I mean seriously….but if you ask me, I’d take Grandpa Timmy over Stank Hoe Beth any day, because I think Beth should never ever come back and grace the little screen on the Challenge anymore because she gets on my hot damn nerves. Timmy is the bomb though, he’s calm and level headed and he can get the job done so I’m not mad that he’s back, I don’t really want to see him come back AGAIN but I’m not mad that he’s here…

Cara: This girl is a good girl? Yeah I guess, compared to the likes of Tonya, Skank Slut Jen from Denver, she’s pretty much an angel. LOL. Cara, I don’t really care for, don’t care what she brings to the show, what she doesn’t bring to the show, she’s just there and I have to watch her…I won’t be mad when she goes home that’s for sure.


Colie: This crackhead Mono chick is on this show and I didn’t like watching her on the Denver show and I’m not really caring about watching her on this one. I miss the days of Veronica and Rachel and all those other hoey girls but I guess it’s time for the newer girls to shine because they’re not back. I don’t care about Colie, I don’t care who she’s kissing, who she’s beating to get ahead in the game, I’m just counting the days down until she’s gone…and then I won’t have to not want to care about her because I’ll go back to not caring about her since that’s how I prefer…

Paula: Paula, holy crap, a cool ocean breeze can blow this girl over but I’ve got to say that she do be holding her own against the other girls so I wouldn’t count Paula out just yet…but seriously, I miss Svetlana, she was the bomb! Why didn’t they bring her back? Or Wes, I miss those guys…but oh well, we get stuck with Paula…alright Paula, you better bring it before Janelle lays your ass out.

Okay, I hated this broad on her season of the Real World, although at the moment, I can’t remember which one she was on, was it Austin? I think so, with Wes and Johanna and disgusting Danny. I didn’t like her then and I really don’t care for her in this show, so yeah…moving on.

Susie: Another girl that I just don’t care about. Blah. Bring on the bad asses.

Alright, this is a really long post so I’m gonna cut it into two different posts, so I’ll be back with the posts with my thoughts on the Billy Bad Asses later…that’s the team with all my homie gee loccs in them and I just love me some Kenny, who’s a bad ass too, but holy cow, he’s a FINE ASS bad ass!

So yeah, I’ll be back with that post but holy wow…I love this show, is there anyone else out there in Bloglandia that watches this show? What team are you rootin’ for and which contestant drives you bat shit? Which cast member do you really like and all that other good stuff?

Some Tramps Have All The Luck..

24 04 2007

Ever since Mulu and I became friends, we had goal for our friendship and that was to one day take a trip to New Zealand…together.

We had never been out of the country and so one thing that we wanted to do is to take in a few rugby matches, live in action …in New Zealand. You see, we both have big things for rugby players. Dan Carter, of the New Zealand All Blacks is a big favorite amongst the both of us, we love that man and it has been Mulu’s dream to go to New Zealand and steal Dan away from his woman, I think Honor’s her name. I’ve always wanted to steal Carlos Spencer away from his wife, Jodeen, even though she’s very nice. (I’ve talked to her through Los’ bulletin board on his fan site.) It’s just one of those things that we always talked about doing, before we died. Going to New Zealand by ourselves and just living it up.

Well, tonight Mulu will be going to New Zealand…by herself.

By this time tomorrow, it will be Wednesday in New Zealand and she’ll be greeted with lots of, “Kia Ora’s” and “Welcome to New Zealand’s!”

And I’ll be greeted with lots of, “Good morning, Rowena, do you have those closeout docs ready for me yet?”


I swear, some tramps have all the luck!

But I’m happy for her because she’ll finally get to see her brother, whom she hasn’t seen in years. He lives in New Zealand and she grew up out here. He’s always lived in New Zealand and she’s always lived out here so finally, she’ll get to see and visit with her brother that she’s only spoken to on the phone.

The brother that looks dead on like her Dad.

I’m really happy that she’ll be getting to see the one place that we’ve both been dying to see and that she’ll get to take in the sights that we’ve always talked about, I just hope she brings home something, or someone good to hold on too…haha.

I swear, some tramps have all the luck!

Last Nights Grey’s Anatomy.

20 04 2007

Alright, I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in so long because I just haven’t been that into it. It was just a whole bunch of blah for me but tonight, I stayed in and watched it while working on some blog stuff and I’ve got to say, it was pretty good.

Well good enough to hold my attention for a few minutes at a time.

But what I want to know? IZZY AND GEORGE??? What the hell? Color me surprised because when I thought about Izzy and George together, I didn’t like it but then after seeing tonight’s episode, it doesn’t bother me. I kind of like it. I mean, Izzy needs George just as much as he needs her and they’re good together, they’re a good team.

I like it.

I want to see some damn Alex and Addison and not Alex and Ava/Shannon Marie/Ava/YOU DON’T WANT ME TO LEAVE ALEX!! Bring it on already gosh…or is Addy STILL leaving?


And for the love of God, GIVE MCSTEAMY A DAMN STORYLINE!

Callie and George are totally doomed, especially because George keeps lying to her. Poor Callie.

Who was laughing at The Chief being Sloan’s wingman? LMAO LMAO.

Derek and Meredith…are you serious, Derek? You’re just NOW thinking about how Meredith is going to hold you back from everything? Just now? Get real, Derek…stop being such a whiny baby.

Christina/Burke/and her old man boyfriend gross guy, I just don’t care.

Moving right along….

5 Things I Like About My Brother Pete.

20 04 2007

In an attempt to remind myself why I love my brother, since I am beyond annoyed at him right now, I’m going to blog about 5 Things I love about him.

1. He’s a good father to his daughter, Aubrey.

I always knew that Pete was going to be a good father because he was the best uncle. He always made time for the kids and even now that he no longers close by, he still makes time to come and visit the kids. The kids love him, ALL kids love Pete and nobody loves him more than little Aubrey does and you could totally tell that Uncle Pete has enough love in him for everyone, in Pete’s eyes, no one gets left out and I’ve always loved that about him. He never forgets any of the kids, from the young babies all the way to the older nieces and nephews, he’s the favorite and he totally deserves it!

2. He’s the best dancer in my world.

He can dance the socks off of anyone and I want him to learn this routine and teach it to me, and if anyone could do it, it’d be my brother, Pete. He really is tight, the best dancer of anyone I know of in real life.

3. His color chart is the bomb.

Every year that we went to school together, I was always nagging him to match my clothes for me. He’s got a fashion sense that is second to none, accept those with more money than him like Justin Timberlake and Usher and them, but in our world, yeah no one dresses better than Pete or can make you look good the way Pete does. He has a keen eye for clothes that look good on your body type and what colors bring out your eyes and all that stuff, he’s very honest and I love that about him, he won’t let you go out looking like an ugly duckling.

4. His sense of humor.

Pete is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. He’s very witty and can turn any dull event into a flaming good time. Everything that comes out of his mouth, every action that he does whether it’s to prank my niece, Chloe or a Yo Mama bagging contest with my 4 year old nephew Chase, the boy will have you in fits of giggles, he’s that good.

5. His sense of family and responsibility.

Ever since Tiffany found out she was pregnant with Aubrey, Pete has grown up considerably. Before that, he was doing what any normal 22 year old was doing at their age, running the streets. He was never around and he was out doing God knows what and God knows who. I couldn’t stand the person that he was, he was always drunk or just up to no good. But in the past couple of years, he’s aged considerably, not in physical appearance but emotionally. He’s so much more responsible now and we can actually count on him to keep his word to us. It wasn’t always like that. He’s all about the family and I love that about him.


Alright, I think I’m over being mad at him, woo hoo!