My Boys Are Back…

3 04 2007

…with a brand new album coming out on May 22nd. Their new single entitled Makes Me Wonder is getting some serious play on my ipod and on my stereo. It’s making its way around the radio waves because I’ve heard them playing it on KIIS FM and I’m just tickled pink that they’re coming back with some new ish. I’m so effing excited…

Remember this, Ralph?

Talk about BOMB STATUS that day…hehe. May 9, 2005…my dreams came true when I met Adam Levine and the rest of the Maroon 5 band, including DRUMMER RYAN, who is no longer with the band anymore, *sigh*. But I’m happy as a clam to say that they’re going to be touring again, so Uncle Party, be sure to be ready for another Maroon 5 concert, alrighty? I’m lovin’ it…=)

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for Maroon 5’s new song, Makes Me Wonder, which I absolutely love….be sure to mark your calendar’s, cause Maroon 5 is back beeyitches! =)




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