Some Tramps Have All The Luck..

24 04 2007

Ever since Mulu and I became friends, we had goal for our friendship and that was to one day take a trip to New Zealand…together.

We had never been out of the country and so one thing that we wanted to do is to take in a few rugby matches, live in action …in New Zealand. You see, we both have big things for rugby players. Dan Carter, of the New Zealand All Blacks is a big favorite amongst the both of us, we love that man and it has been Mulu’s dream to go to New Zealand and steal Dan away from his woman, I think Honor’s her name. I’ve always wanted to steal Carlos Spencer away from his wife, Jodeen, even though she’s very nice. (I’ve talked to her through Los’ bulletin board on his fan site.) It’s just one of those things that we always talked about doing, before we died. Going to New Zealand by ourselves and just living it up.

Well, tonight Mulu will be going to New Zealand…by herself.

By this time tomorrow, it will be Wednesday in New Zealand and she’ll be greeted with lots of, “Kia Ora’s” and “Welcome to New Zealand’s!”

And I’ll be greeted with lots of, “Good morning, Rowena, do you have those closeout docs ready for me yet?”


I swear, some tramps have all the luck!

But I’m happy for her because she’ll finally get to see her brother, whom she hasn’t seen in years. He lives in New Zealand and she grew up out here. He’s always lived in New Zealand and she’s always lived out here so finally, she’ll get to see and visit with her brother that she’s only spoken to on the phone.

The brother that looks dead on like her Dad.

I’m really happy that she’ll be getting to see the one place that we’ve both been dying to see and that she’ll get to take in the sights that we’ve always talked about, I just hope she brings home something, or someone good to hold on too…haha.

I swear, some tramps have all the luck!




3 responses

25 04 2007
Charm School Reject

Your title just cracks me up so bad! Its too bad you don’t get to go but I’m happy your friend gets to see (meet?) her brother!

25 04 2007

She gets to meet her brother, who looks just like her Dad.

And she’s a tramp, because she went to NZ for…FREE!

Lucky bitch!

26 04 2007
Charm School Reject

How the heck did she pull off going for free?! You’re so right, she’s a tramp!! lol

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