Grey’s Anatomy: Season 3, Episode I Don’t Know.

27 04 2007

It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these things but goodness, I was all wrapped up in last night’s episode that I just had to put one of these up for old times sake.

I haven’t really been that into Grey’s for some time now because for me it seemed to lack a lot of something that kept me hooked on the show every week, but I caught last week’s show and I was really amped to watch this week’s episode and last night’s episode hooked me right in.

So Izzy, this one’s for you.

I need to start with Derek though and how stupid he is being. I’m really not seeing why I loved him so much because not only is not McSteaming up my pants, he’s being a total dickhead right now and why? Because he can’t have The Chief position and Meredith at the same time, so he’s going to eat a can of worms, or however the hell that kid song goes, nobody loves him, everybody hates him so he’s gonna eat a can of worms? OH BITE ME you IN DIRE NEED OF HAIR GEL AND SOME SHUT EYE WHINY BABY PUNKASS! After all the crap that him and Meredith went through to be together, for him to just give up on her the way he is right now is pissing me the hell off and I want to kick him in McDreamy nuts, the stupid asshat!

What’s next for Meredith and Derek?

Meredith is going to go right back to where she was before Derek and her got back together, she’s going to go back to sleeping with inappropriate men and the biggest inappropriate man in town is….MARK SLOAN!

Oh hell to the no, stupid shits!

And what about the whole Izzy/George/Callie thing? I love this triangle. I didn’t think I would because I wasn’t a big fan of George and Meredith but I love this for George. I love this storyline. I love that George and Izzy are best friends and have feelings for each other. I love that George is so torn between the two women and has to make a choice. I hate Izzy, I seriously do but there’s so much between her and George, though I’m unsure of what it really is. Is it just a she needs someone and George is there and she wants to keep him in her life, or are these some for real feelings she’s got going on with him? I want them to explore whatever it is between them though, even though I like Callie.


Such angst, I tell ya!

And then there’s the whole Addisex thing. I knew they were going to do the horizontal tango but all of this seems to be leading into something, don’t you think? Like with Alex shying away from spending anymore time with Addison, it’s too soon for them to be all jumping into a relationship, there’s got to be that cat and mouse chase thing, so maybe this is it? Or is this the way they’re going to write Addison’s character off the show?

Curiouser and curiouser, that’s for sure.

And what about the whole Mark thing? I felt bad for him because I totally think that he’s the kind of man that Addison is striving to find, but Addison is going to miss out on all of it because she pushed him away.

So, from some things that me and Izzy were talking about in our millions of weekly emails, we think that Callie is going to turn up pregnant, with Mark’s baby and that’s how we’re going to find out that Mark really is a good guy (just like Alex) and he’s going to barbeque (haha Addison) and play catch with his kid and he’s going to be a real stand up kind of guy…and then that’s how George and Callie are going to break up…

…unless of course, Mark is the inappropriate man that Meredith hooks up with when she spirals out of control from losing Derek….AGAIN!

Ugh, sing another tune Meredith seriously…

..and really, how odd is it that the only HAPPY couple these days is friggin’ Burke and Christina? Can I just say, HOLY WOW! That was really punky of Callie to give Christina the flashcards instead of her own husband, but Izzy said she would have done the same thing, so yeah whatever…

My favorite thing that happened last night was when Swollen Face was pitching a fit about having the baby and then when she blurts, “I don’t want to do this alone” and Alex reaches over and takes her hand and says, “Well it’s a good thing you’re not alone then”…I got all misty eyed and pantie happy, it was such a great scene.

I totally understood why Addison jumped his bones afterward, I would have done the same damn thing.

Man, what to think, what to think…so much to look forward to, I can’t wait…it’s great to finally be happy to catch this show, I haven’t been that way in so long that I don’t even remember the last post (before last week) on this show that I did.

WOO HOO, can’t wait for next week!




11 responses

28 04 2007

Yeah, Derek is being a butthead. Make your mind! Ugh. They both just need to talk to each other about what’s going on. Like Derek feeling he can’t have meredith and chief position. Ugh.

Yeah, i thought it was bitchy of Callie to give Christina the cards but it’s a move I’d do and I respect that. ha ha.

I thought it was cute Burke was setting up all the little wedding cakes. Of course when I tasted cakes I only got a tiny ass piece.

28 04 2007

Well, I like it when Derek and Meredith are mad at each other and crazy jealous but he’s being a jerk by saying he’s not happy because she didn’t swim. Nope. He’s not happy because of his own crap. I hate when people don’t own their crap!

I’m loving Izzy and George and I think it’s because George doesn’t have the whipped puppy thing going on like he did with Meredith. He and Izzy are equals and yet, he’s married!! I’ve always liked Callie but George never seemed like her equal either.

I think that was it with Addison – I missed the whole preview for next week but there was something about her in a convertible and a new show. I can only hope it’s as dramatic. I do love the drama and angst 😉


29 04 2007

OMG, I’m sooo pissed…I missed all but the last twenty minutes of the episode because here in central Ohio weather is apparently more important than Greys. The local ABC station was giving weather reports for areas 2 hours south of us. I was in such a rage I went on their website and sent them some serious hate mail. Two minutes later they returned to regular programming, I’m not egotistical enough to think it was all because of lil ol’ me…but it makes me feel better none the less. So I missed out on Addison sleeping with Alex and ….all that other fun stuff. GARRRRRR! I’m still steaming over here. OH and I have to mention Alex is from my home town…perhaps some stalking is in order…?! 🙂

And on a side note, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m 300 pages into New Moon…I’ll let you know when I’m done…:)!!!!! (But I don’t update my blogspot anymore so stop on over to my wordpress and we’ll have an Edward/Bella gabfest.)

29 04 2007

everyone, forget Derek… he’s stupid and an a**. I don’t understand why ppl like him! Me, I’m just sad for Addison and Mark… Sure, I would want Addison to get her own show, but that means, for sure, Mark is out of the pic… so boo.

30 04 2007


Aint that the truth? I want to kick Derek is his nuts for being so dumb all the time! And yes, I think everything that Burke is doing for this wedding is cute, too bad I just can’t really get into their characters or their storyline, I just don’t care for either of them…I guess because I’m so wrapped up in the other characters, I’m all out of enthusiasm by the time we get around to these two.


Oh well.

30 04 2007


Hey sweetie! Yes I totally agree with everything you said, I love George and Izzy, they’re really cute and I love that George isn’t sloppy in love with Izzy, that this is a kind of mature love that he’s got going with Izzy…it just seems, right. I love it! I feel bad for Callie but I really like George and Izzy..a lot.

I wanted Mark and Addison to end up together but since she’s moving over to her new show, it doesn’t seem like it’d happen…I hope he’ll do some guest starring for that show since she was the reason he came over to Seattle.

I wonder what’s going to happen to Mark’s character, he seems like a background character, more of an extra than a secondary character…give that poor guy a storyline, a stronger one than the watered down storyline you’ve got going with him and Addison now.

30 04 2007


Hey girl, no worries, I had some time so I was just browsing through different blogs and happened upon yours, which is a great site…I’ll have to check out your wordpress blog now that I know about it, so thanks for the heads up!

It sucks that you missed most of Grey’s but you can totally catch up on ABC.COM, they have the full episodes on there…it’s where I go when I miss an episode and need to catch up.

As for New Moon, ooh I love that book, how are you liking the book so far? What part are you at?

30 04 2007


You’re right..I’m forgetting about Derek, right now…I’m also sad that Mark and Addison seem to be dunzo. I was looking forward to them ending up together, eventually but since that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.


I guess I’ll have to deal. Even the end of her little infatuation with Alex, that one was nipped in the bud as well.


I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see how hot Tim Daley is these days, huh? haha.

30 04 2007
Charm School Reject

I have never liked Derek bc he is such a freakin’ pansie. I was warming up a little to him when he rescued Meredith and was crying and crap but now, eh. He is so freakin stuck onhimself and he is NOT hot, whatsoever. He looks like an alcoholic houndog!!

Callie gave the cards to Christina bc Christina said if she gave them to George, she’d never get them bc he’d run into Izzy, blah blah blah.

Addison only wanted Alex bc Alex is faling in love with Smushed Baby Mama and doesn’t realize it and Addison wants tat for herself. It was sweet of Mark to let her go like that. AND Addison doesn’t deserve a baby right now (per previews) bc she JUST killed one not too long ago. Duh.

Stupid bitch.

I thought Burke was leaving the show bc of all their drama? They are gonna have to kill him soon or something.

I still can’t get over Izzy being a mom. Did they all already forget about that bc it was not in the story line at all.

30 04 2007

No, we knew about Izzy’s baby Hannah from previous seasons, I can’t remember if it was last season or the first one but I do remember Izzy talking about it with someone, I forget who.

Yeah, I’m totally over Derek right now…he needs a haircut and a new attitude, meh.

Mark was a sweetie pie when he made Addison believe he slept with someone else to get her off the hook. LOVE HIM!

The whole Addison/Alex thing, I don’t think she has a thing for Alex because of his thing with Swollen Face girl, it’s been way before that, she just actually did something about it last week…but you’re right it was because of how sweet he is with swollen face that triggered her jumping his bones!

1 05 2007
Sushi the Mermaid

I’ve missed most of Grey’s Anatomy because of being overseas…it’s good to catch up!

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