TV: The Tudors.

30 04 2007

Is anyone watching this show?

It is fast becoming my newest TV addiction. I’m all caught up (I even watched tonight’s episode already) and so in love with the show that I’m anxious for more, more, more. It’s got all of the right ingredients to have me completely addicted to it. It’s got a sexy edge to the historical events of King Henry’s reign and hot diggity dizammit, Charles Brandon is a friggin’ fox! The casting director should get a huge ass bonus because the cast is completely and utterly beautiful that I absolutely hate the whole lot of them and that’s just my jealousy speaking. LOL.

The show’s got high drama mixed with great storylines and fantastic characters. I am totally in love with this show and will be doing my weekly TV thoughts posts on this very show. Starting next week.

I missed watching the first few shows so I’m going to do a whole wrap up of the first few shows here.

Starting with…

King Henry: What a complete ass King Henry is, I cannot seem to care for him or his character because even though I’m sure having that many mistresses during that time wasn’t news or anything and well, he IS the King of England and can do whatever the hell he pleases but his many affairs and his complete lack of discretion made me want to pop him upside his big stupid dome, or at the very least poke his eye out again with my lance during a jousting match. Good God, the man ran through the entire court! Ewww! I laughed my ass off in one of the episodes where the King of France kicked his ass in that wrestling match! LMAO LMAO! He thought he was so rough and tough and got his ass served to him by the hottie French King. HA! That’s what you get, you stupid oof!

For him to be such a religious man, he makes my skin crawl. Blaming his wife for being married to his brother and that being the reason he can’t have a son, saying that it was God’s way of punishing him for marrying his brother’s wife is just ridiculous, maybe that’s not why God’s punishing him, maybe God’s punishing him because he can’t keep his breeches laced and is sleeping his way through England without a care to his wife’s feelings.

Frickin’ stupid jerk!

With him wanting a divorce and just everything he’s got going and plans…just everything about him makes me cringe with dislike for him. And his obsession with Anne Boleyn? Whoa dang, talk about obsessed! Anne Boleyn must have been some kind of friggin’ hottie for the King of England to be chasing after her happy pants under her merry dress!

I can’t wait to see what else this crazy King gets into this season of the Tudor’s!

Cardinal Wosley: I dislike Wosley, way more than I dislike the King. This guy is creepy, manipulative and shady to the extreme! He’s got so many shady deals going on it’s hard to keep track of and for him to be a brother of the cloth makes him all the more slimy and disgusting to me. Since I’m not too knowledgable in the whole history of King Henry VIII, I don’t know what ends up happening to this loser, but I hope it’s something, very very bad….I know for sure this guy is not in Heaven, that’s for dang sure.

Charles Brandon/Mary Tudor: Alright, I’m hella confused on Mary’s character because on the show’s website, it shows Mary as being Margaret Tudor and in her character bio, it mentions nothing of being married to Charles Brandon but on Charles’ bio it mentions his marriage to Mary. These two are married in this show so I’m all confused about that and the thing I was screaming at the TV while watching it with my Tudor’s buddy, Kurt was…ARE YOU STUPID? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU IDIOT? When these two came back from Portugal, MARRIED and Mary NOT MOURNING the loss of her husband, that she snuffed off. I cannot wait to see what Henry does to these two and man, I hope that Charles, cocky asshole that he is turns out to be a decent bloke but I’d hate to see him become a coward or whatever…he’s to hot to play a coward! Mary, well, she’s really pretty, beautiful even and I’m so hella jealous that it’s her JOB to kiss the socks right off of Henry Cavill…holy hell, the lucky tramp!

There are many other characters in the show but I’d be here for days trying to type out what I think about them all but suffice it to say that this show is filled up with great plot twists, beautiful settings and just about every damn thing you can possibly ask for in a show, this show has it all and you guys should totally watch it!!



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30 04 2007

Let me just get this out of the way –


Okay. I don’t have Showtime and I’m totally jonesin’ for this show. I LOVE this time period and I love to hate the king. But I also have a bit of a crush on Jonathan Rhys Meyers and would really like to see him in different states of undress. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD.

30 04 2007

YEah, I’m jealous too cause no showtime. Brat.

30 04 2007

Man, I wish I got this!! Maybe later in the year? I love all things King Henry and all his wives. 😛

30 04 2007
Charm School Reject

I’ve never even heard of this.

30 04 2007


I’m seriously in love with this show but it’s really raunchy with all the sex they have in it…I was watching the show with my friend this weekend and I got really embarrassed with most of the sex scenes..especially the ones with my hottie, Henry Cavill…they kept laughing at me.

But it’s soooo good!

30 04 2007


You should talk Joey into getting it or just netflixing it when it comes on DVD, it’s the bomb, for real!

30 04 2007


You’ll totally love this…we have the same taste in shows so yeah, you’ll love this especially cause they have hotties in it! =)


It’s just the life of King Henry VIII…all the deceit and affairs of King Henry’s court…it’s the bomb stuff!

30 04 2007

I REALLY want to see this, but alas, I don’t think I can talk my roomate into subscribing to Showtime as well as HBO. Sigh. My Aunt (at Easter mind you) asked me if I’d been watching The Tutors. I said no. She gave me a look, THE look- you know with the raised eye brows, the slight nod, and devious smirk- must have been refering to the raunchy sex. Can’t wait to harass her about it! 🙂 I guess I’m going to have to wait till it comes out on DVD….*tear.

30 04 2007

Hey Ween,

Girl, i still gotta get me Showtime… LOL.. anyways, i was reading ur thing on Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon (or whatever the hell his name is) and isn’t Mary and Margaret 2 different people?? Cuz Margaret is the eldest sister (meaning there’s more than one sister) and Mary is another sister… well that’s what i got from reading the bios on the website. So how was yesterday’s episode?? What did u end up doing yesterday?? Didn’t go to church yesterday just stayed my ass at home and gramma was mad. LOL.. hahahahhahahaa.. i think stu said something… LOL well get at me when you can.. ttyl!!!

1 05 2007

Oh Biblioharlot,

You HAVE to watch this show, it’s such a great show…me and Grace are so addicted to this show now! haha.

1 05 2007


Hey girl! I’m sorry about this weekend, I got caught up with Pete and all his friends, laughing and being stupid but yeah, I was talking to Grace last night and we both decided that the show got it wrong because in real life Charles marries Mary Tudor and not Margaret Tudor, like in the show. They (the show peeps) must have taken liberties because when we did some research last night, it showed that not only did Charles marry Mary Tudor but Mary Tudor, did not marry the King of Portugal like they say in the show, but some chap from France named Louis IXLwhatever number behind his name.

So there are a lot of things aren’t acurate in this show but since we’re not major history buffs we had to look it up and we did a lot of reading on Henry VIII last night and his court, family and friends.

But on last week’s show, Charles and Margaret are banished from court and stripped of their lands and whatever else they had because Henry is pissed that they married in secret. Umm, William (Chris Martin) is friggin’ gay and said to the choir boy, you know Thomas the one that looks like Shaun White, the snowboarded? LOL…he tells Shaun White, “You are so beautiful to me” and then he kisses him passionately, I totally called that one too, I knew William was a little fruity! The King looks like he’s going to get his divorce from Catherine of Aragorn and Wolsey is as corrupt as ever, hmmm, I can’t think of what else though…I think that’s it.

Grace, did I leave anything out?

21 02 2008

I jst watched the whole first season, on dvd=] And i loved it! it’s so good! I read the books written by philipa gregory on his reign and ppl around him..the book defined everything…and the show fast paced through everything which is great! I can’t wait for the next season. oh yeah.. total hang cliffer at the end..

ps. Henry cavill is fkn hoT!!!!

21 02 2008

And yeah there were alot of things they changed, which made it confusing just a little. but i guess they needed to change somethings around to make it more watchable.


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