2 05 2007

MM proposed to one of my bestest friends Holly, so make sure you guys go on over to her blog and congratulate her on BEING ENGAGED!! And make sure you go on over to MM’s blog and congratulate him on the bestest decision of his life!!! =)

Love you Holly and CONGRATS BABYCAKES!!!

In other news today is a special day for one of my favorite celebrities…today is DAVID BECKHAMS’s 32nd birthday, so I want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well…HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SEXY BECKS YOU!! =)

A nice little picture for you….




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2 05 2007

Yes! I’m so happy for our gal Holls, and MM too! Isn’t it weird that we knew it was coming, yet I was still soooo surprised? AHhh, I love it.

And Happy Birthday to Becks too. Good job on that pic D. He’s so hot. I want him. Now.

2 05 2007

Damn is that man fine!! LOL Holy smackers…it almost (almost) wipes my man eric bana right out of my head. LOL

I’m so happy for Holland and MM. Yay!

2 05 2007


You better step right off my man, I punch hard…LOL. I KNOW! That’s what I told my niece last night, I was like, “I mean, I knew he was going to do it, I just didn’t think it was going to be this soon, holy shit, I’m combletely shocked!”


LMAO, not the Holland! LOL. And grrrrrr, step off Ames, I don’t share. LOL, just kidding.

3 05 2007

How exciting for Holly, even though I’m new…I’m still excited for her..:). Becks is way hot, but I’m with Ames….Eric Bana..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, scrumptious! You have to come over and visit, I finally got my post up about New Moon!!!!

3 05 2007

Becks does look hot in that pic. 🙂

3 05 2007
Karen Scott

I love him.

3 05 2007


You can have Eric Bana (or fight with Ames for him hehe). I’ll stick with David Beckham for sure! =)

4 05 2007

I know…so happy for the girl, too!

And Becks? I just want to lick him like crazy. Whoops!

LOL! 😛

4 05 2007
Rene Lyons

I actually had to ask what Holly’s answer was. lol

And Raphael is back! lol So you don’t have to lynch me.

Love you!!!

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