One Tree Hill, Season 4, Episode 16.

3 05 2007

Oh but I love it!

Awww, I miss Chase.

I just about broke into song after America’s Next Top Model ended and Britanny went home (her pictures were dope Ames but she totally sucked ass and she couldn’t get a job? Yeah, there’s a reason….sheesh!) But anyway, when they were showing the “Previously on One Tree Hill” bits I was getting more and more excited to watch the new eppy and I can’t say that I was that disappointed, I was just expecting fireworks and I got balloons instead.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way for Brooke and Peyton to reunite. A better way does not exist for the way they came together last night and reunited as best friends. The both of them working together to bring down the wicket bastard of the west, east wherever they’re at? Yeah, it was tizight! I love how Peyton played Schmerek and then stabbed him in the shoulder, not really killing him but immobilizing him so that she could try her best to get Brooke untied (especially after that whopper of a punch she gave Brooke, haha, I loved it!) and then all of the cheer camp reminiscing helping to get them out of the problem with Derek and then Peyton whopping his ass and kicking and kicking and kicking him in the nuts?

That was very enjoyable!

I was chanting, “Again! Again! Again!” the entire time she was kicking that sucker where it hurts!


And she did all of this without Captain Save a Hoe, Lucas. That’s what had me all excited, she’s not Meredith, she doesn’t need Lucas to breathe for her, so she’s not going to lose Lucas because she doesn’t ever want to save herself because Peyton proved that she’s not worthless and needy.

She’s friggin’ one kick ass heroine, that’s what she is!

And holy hell, LUCAS!!! He’s gonna find out that Dan killed Keith. Oh I’m so looking forward to that confrontation…but dude the girl that saw Dan kill Jimmy, holy hell can she look just a little bit more evil and scary? I mean seriously…she looks like the type to slit your throat in your sleep, she reminds me of homegirl from The Grudge and NOT Sarah Michelle Gellar either. The Asian scary girl.


I wonder if she had a crush on Jimmy and she’s going to go after Dan because he done killed her man and now she’s going to go buckwild on him. Oh I wish. I loved though how they made it look like it was Whitey and those stupid spoilers were wrong because it’s not Mouth that knows but friggin’ some nobody girl who’s not even part of the cast.

And why did I think it was Lucas’ new homie gee locc that was the person who knew the truth about Dan and the real reason she was getting all closy close with Lucas was to warn him away from Dan and to keep his Mom away from him too?

Oh well….haha.

This was a great episode, not the best but a great comeback episode and now that Mouth is on the run with friggin’ Rachel, the gang is going to take off after him, though I still have to wonder..what’s the big deal with Mouth going off, huh?

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…..

…Until next week guys!




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4 05 2007

As usual, great review, sweets!

…am always thankful for these ’cause how else would I be able to keep track of this show? LOL!


4 05 2007

Hey Rowena 😀 (i have to get used to calling you Rowena :D) who do you predict will win American Next Top Model? As for One Tree hill… I really liked it when it first came out, but now… I don’t know… it’s just so hard to believe…and what happened to Chad’s hair?!?

4 05 2007

Do they not show it in your hood, Kookie?

I love One Tree Hill!!!


Hey girl!I like the Indian looking girl, I watch this show sporadically, but I like her and Rene…the Natasha girl takes great pictures though, I’m not sure who will though. I’ll have to ask Ames, she’s ANTM genius! haha…as for Chad’s hair? I HATE IT but I think they kept it that way to trick us because it looks so much like crackhead stalker Derek’s hair, so we all thought HE was Lucas when he rang the doorbell, hopefully now that Derek’s out of our lives forever, he’ll cut it!

I’ve got my fingers crossed for that, Nathan needs a haircut too though.


4 05 2007
Charm School Reject

Okay, first off, I missed the first 15 minutes cuz I was busy trying to keep Annabeth from jumping out of my throat! lol

BUT I wasn’t as impressed with this episode as I had hoped to be!! Boo!!

If Haley loses the baby, I’m so done with this show.

6 05 2007

So long time eh?What happened to your myspace?

But..I loved the review 😀 I loved the episode,not BP though.I dunno,Brooke bugs me to no end lol 😛 But this episode,Hil-Soph owned.I liked NH dance but they annoyed me for the rest of the episode.Sorry,not an NH fan here*ducks* 😛

I’m guessing you don’t read spoilers so I won’t ruin it for you,but I tell ya,look forward and really forward to next week ;)I look forward to your review 😀

6 05 2007

Yes, they do but not the latest season though. Not yet. And I do hate to wait for it so I always enjoy it when you post your reviews on the show. Makes for some great reading, that.

So, I’ll know now what to expect when they do get around to this latest season here in my place. 😛

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