TV: The Tudors.

7 05 2007

Alright so I was pleasantly surprised that I get the episodes of The Tudors two days before the new episodes show on Showtime, Sunday nights.

And so I watched this week’s episode of The Tudors on Friday night instead of last night. So I might be a bit hazy on the deets for this week but since I have it on demand, I can just edit later whatever I missed today.

Anyway, so this week Anne Boleyn and Henry get closer and closer. But Henry isn’t any closer to getting his divorce from Katheryn of Aragorn though. Cardinal Wolsey got hella moded because his trying to punk the other Cardinals didn’t work since they didn’t have to answer to him, only to the Pope so Wolsey AND Henry didn’t get what they wanted.

A divorce.

And you can just see how deceitful and greedy Wolsey is. I’m sure he’s spending the rest of his eternities in the underworld instead of the world he should have been working toward getting, considering just what his job was. Goodness, that man is pure evil. And it’s so weird to see homedude from Jurasic Park playing him too…Jurasic Park is such a family movie and his character in this movie is so…not.

But aside from all of Wolsey’s evilness, I did enjoy the show. I enjoyed seeing Charles being welcomed back to court, I enjoyed watching him make his pact with Norfolk and Boleyn because I know that more drama is on the way and I also loved watching him kick King Henry’s ass in arm wrestling. I swear, King Henry thinks he’s tight in everything.

Yeah right.

This show is so hot damn addicting, it’s not even funny. I’ve watched everything Tudor related on Showtime on Demand, I’ve read up on the characters (the real ones) history, the King Henry VIII history, I’ve read it all…it’s retarded, how into this show and the story that I am.

I need help!




5 responses

9 05 2007
Dara Edmondson

I’m so bummed that I don’t have the premium channels! This show sounds so gooood.

You’re tagged.

9 05 2007

You have needed help for the longest time sweets. Lol. I still love ya.

I still don’t like you cause you get to watch this show now and I have to wait for it come out on netflix.

9 05 2007
Paul Levinson

It’s a fine kind of addiction! I’ve reviewed every episode of The Tudors – I hope the series runs a dozen years! History So Colorful You Can Taste It

10 05 2007

Um yep. I’m still as jealous now as the last time you posted on this show. Even if I wasn’t totally fascinated by that time period I’d want to watch it just to see so much Jonathan Rhys Meyers. *sigh*

10 05 2007

I don’t get Showtime…so I am with Isabel, I have to wait until it comes out on Netflix. 😦

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