Coming Off My Hiatus….

15 05 2007

…to make sure ya’ll went out and got Rene Lyon’s book, The Daystar which came out in print today!!!

This book is the bizomb and ya’ll should totally read it. If you haven’t read this book then you need to hurry up and get with the program because these fierce and sexy vampires know how to put it down, they’re strong, honorable and everything good in this world despite their damned existance. Rene Lyons built a world of strong characters, a family that sticks together through anything and everything and just her take on the whole take on the Templars world is off the chains good.

I mean it when I say that I love this series, ya’ll need to hurry and get your butts over to the nearest bookstore to purchase this book as well as the other books in the series and sit back and enjoy the hours of pleasurable reading that’s waiting for you.


The reading order:

-Midnight Sun (Sebastian)
-The Daystar (Constantine)
-Tempting Darkness (Lucian)

What are you doing still reading this post? GET THEE TO A BOOKSTORE RIGHT NOW!





4 responses

15 05 2007

That was an awfully short hiatus. I’m glad, though! :o)

15 05 2007

LOL, no I’m back on hiatus just until I can find something worthwhile to blog about…but thanks for stopping by! =)

16 05 2007

Yeah, okay. I’ll keep on stopping by just to see.

Hey – I posted 10 Things About Me this morning and you might get a kick out of some of it since it took place in Torrance. lol

17 05 2007

Oh okay, I’ll be sure to go on over and check out your blog..I’d love to hear about my hometown!!! =)

And I guess I’m back from hiatus, I changed my mind. LOL.

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