Oh and Before I Forget…

17 05 2007

…so me and Chloe had it out last night.

I told her I didn’t appreciate her handing out my clothes and she swore to me that it was an innocent thing. *rolls eyes* She said that she forgot that she wore it to her softball game and then afterward, she was so hot, she put it in her locker and Anuhea (that’s the friend who was wearing it) got cold so she just handed it to her to wear because she was cold.

Uh huh, sure, that’s why it’s been missing for 2 months and she just barely had it yesterday? Seriously, this girl doesn’t understand that you can’t lie to a liar, when will she learn?

I told her if she can’t respect my crap then she can’t wear any of my stuff, she apologized and swore it’ll never happen again.

Oh and she didn’t ask me for a ride to school this morning, matter of fact, she was out of the house before 7:30 AND she walked all the way to school by herself, yeah that’s what I’m talking about you big boof!




4 responses

18 05 2007

*You can’t lie to a liar* LMAO!!!

So does that mean you got the sweatshirt back?

18 05 2007

Of course it did and she washed it last night so it’s all nice and clean!

And I’ve lied enough to know when I’m being lied to…LOL.

18 05 2007

LOL Isn’t family grand?

What about your jewelry? Did you get that back?

18 05 2007

Oh yeah…it was all there when I got home, I wasn’t tripping about that, well not much anyway…so everything is back to normal, for the moment.

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