One Tree Hill: Season 4, Episode I Don’t Know.

17 05 2007


Did you guys sing Fergie’s London Bridges when you read that first word? hehe, I did. But anyway, did ya’ll watch One Tree Hill last night? If you did, did your eyes nearly pop out of your head when homegirl told Lucas who killed Keith and he goes home to find Dirty Dan kissing his Mom in HIS ROOM and he didn’t do a hot damn thing about? How much do you wanna bet, Lucas isn’t going to say a damn thing about Dan killing Keith because he’s not going to want to hurt his Mom? How much do you wanna bet that Lucas is going to LET Karen fall deeper and deeper in with Dan and he’s not going to say a damn thing about it and he’s going to keep Dan’s dirty little secret and how much does that piss you the hell off? Man, if all of this comes true, I’m gonna want to kick Lucas where the sun don’t shine. I’m going to want to karate chop his knee caps right off of him, he’s so dumb.

Two things I hella loved about last night’s episode was first, the way Brooke and Peyton are closer than ever. They’re not alone anymore and the things that Brooke did for Peyton, the way she held it together and tried to get to the bottom of the whole Disgusting Derek, what was his name? Ian what? I forget…but dude, at the end when they both go to see him and confront him about his girlfriend? Yeah, that was trippy. But I thought Brooke showed glimpses of the Brooke that I remember and the Brooke that I love. She’s not a bad person, she just does a lot of slutty and bitchy things when she’s wronged and I guess I can’t fault her for that but she more than made up for all of that last night. When she transformed the room into “Payton’s Room” I was blown away and when she got Peyton to toughen up and face the problem head on so that they can move on, I was proud of her. Good on you Brooke and I’m glad that they can finally let go of this ugly thing and put it to rest. Its about time.

The other thing that I totally loved was how Nathan didn’t want to end up like his Dad, bitter from his loss of the game. I loved how he totally stepped up and didn’t let Lucas take the blame for the points shaving scandal. I’m glad that even though his actions will cost him his dream career, he didn’t back away from bringing forth the truth. I’m glad that even though he won’t have basketball in his career, I’m glad that he valued having Haley by his side through it all. I’m glad that Haley tried to help save his career by asking Lucas to take the blame for it but I’m glad that Nathan didn’t let Lucas do it. I’m just so hot damn glad for Nathan, he’s probably the most all around GREAT GUY on the show. Well, next to Lucas because we all know that Lucas be trying to be the “good guy” all the damn time and this time around, his good guy tendencies is pissing me the hell off…just like Jason Morgan on friggin’ General Hospital.

Damn, this is why good guys always finish last because they’re so hot damn stupid, LUCAS TELL YOUR DAMN MOM THAT HER BOYFRIEND KILLED HER FIANCE!

Damn but that pisses me off, so what do you guys think is going to happen when OTH comes back on? Do you guys think Lucas is going to tell? What do you guys think is going to happen with Nathan and Haley? What can happen to these two that hasn’t happened already? And what about Peyton and Brooke? What did you guys think about these two on last night’s episode?

Inquiring minds want to know, so hollar back, why don’t you!!!

Until next week….




5 responses

18 05 2007
Karen Scott

I take it the hiatus is officially over Ro? *g*

I’m not reading your recap, I haven’t seen it yet!

18 05 2007

Yeah, I guess…because as soon as I said the words hiatus, I wanted to blog again…retarded, huh?

WATCH IT!!! And let me know how you liked it!

21 05 2007
Charm School Reject

Okay so I missed this one bc my stupid sister was in the ER so I need to know where the heck I can watch the whole episode online. My little brother said the wb . com but I can’t find it.

Help a woman out here!

Your recap makes me even more excited to watch it and my belly can’t take all this bouncing!

21 05 2007

Hey girl,

You can try YOUTUBE.COM, I think that’s where Karen gets her episodes. But I thought they had some place on the WB.COM to watch the eps too..I’ll check and come back and answer you sweets.

21 05 2007


On the WB.COM, go to Shows and then to One Tree Hill. Once you get to the OTH part of the website, on the bottom of the picture of the cast, there’s links…click on Full Episodes, another screen comes up and you have to click the OTH icon on the right hand side and then choose the episode you missed and you can watch it there.

Does that help? Let me know if you have trouble, I just tried it right now and it worked for me, it has the last 3 episodes up.

Hollar back if you need more help sweetie.

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