I’m Not A Happy Camper.

21 05 2007

I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t watched the entire episode yet but yesterday before I headed off to Church, I watched a little bit of the latest Tudors and I’m NOT a happy camper. I’ve got to know though, is this a mini series and was only supposed to be a 10 episode season?

Will there be a second season, does anyone know?

Another thing that I totally forgot to do was catch up on Brother’s and Sisters. Last night was the season finale for that show and I missed it, I’m not mad that I missed it because I hadn’t planned on watching it until I caught up on the episodes that I missed but dude, so much has happened and I missed it all, what was I thinking? Sheesh…Justin is getting shipped to Iraq and Kitty is marrying the Senator and what the flip? Sarah’s husband kissed Rebecca? Oh what the hell, I need to scratch out time to catch up on this one…holy crap! So much!!!




3 responses

21 05 2007

I thought I saw something somewhere that said thatthere was a second season, but I can’t remember where.

21 05 2007

Have you checked their website??

21 05 2007

Hey Marg,

Izzy found some info for me on the website and on Wikipedia, it’s coming back for a second season but dude…I’m so effing pissed right now!

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