And We Have A Winner!

24 05 2007



5 responses

25 05 2007
Kristie (J)

OK – I’ll confess I didn’t watch AI this year. I watched one or two of the earliest shows and that’s about it. But I will say I hardly recognized Elliot on the YouTube video you so thoughtfully provided. Talk about a different look!

25 05 2007

I know, he’s got new teeth and more hair but the same voice that I love!

25 05 2007

I didn’t watch it but my parents were obsessed. I did love that whole sanjaya thing LOL that almost made me watch it- almost

27 05 2007

I loved watching last year’s alums come back this year. That was truely somethin’!

27 05 2007

I’m happy for Jordin.

I HATED the winning song. I changed the station when Blake and Jordin sang it on Tuesday, and then when Jordin started to sing it again after her win I turned the TV right off.

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