For You One Tree Hillers Out There…

24 05 2007

…check it out.

Now isn’t that just fantabulous news? I mean, yeah we’ve got to wait until January but it’s coming back ya’ll…let’s be happy with that, eh? And I can’t wait to see them all back in their 20’s starting out on life and where life will take them…hehe.





4 responses

25 05 2007
Karen Scott

That’s absolutely fabulous! What a great idea fast-forwarding into the future. I can’t wait to see how Naley are getting on. I hope they don’t have Nathan having an affair, that would just be soooo wrong!

25 05 2007

I know, huh? Or finding a Deb a long the way to just ruin things with Haley, cause you know good and well that Haley is more Karen than Deb…blech.

Damn but I can’t wait!

27 05 2007

That’s a good one–forwarding the plot four years into the future. But that doesn’t it smell of the show coming to an end–a la epilogue-style?

28 05 2007


You’re probably right, but I’m just so stoked that they’re coming back for another season that I guess we’ll cross that bridge after next season, although I don’t think they’ll necessarily have to end things, only that we’re moving into a new direction with the show, older and more mature writing, you know?

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