Dear Co Worker Friend,

25 05 2007

Yesterday when I came into your office, I was being my usual everyone loves Rowena self and making everyone laugh and looking pretty spiffy if I say so myself when I noticed sitting in the corner, was a good looking guy that I’ve never seen before in my life.

He was not looking at me, nor was he paying any attention to me so I turned to you and nodded in his direction, giving you the raising my eyebrow in question, who is that and where did he come from look that you know I only give you when I’m like, DAMN WHO IS THAT? and want to know who the hell he is. I know you saw that look because you shook your head real quick like and said, “No.”

It was your No that caught his attention because he looked up and saw me. He smiled. I smiled back at him and then you were forced to introduce us and he stood up.

I liked what I saw.

A lot.

He seemed to like what he saw too if the way his smile spread across his face all slowly while he took in stock. His look made me all giddy and yippee inside, bringing on a slow burn that I knew I was going to like.

And even though you introduced me as “The Polynesian” instead of the name my Mom and Dad gave me, I wasn’t caring because he was smiling and he had such a cutie smile. I tried to stay as long as I could but since he was there to do a job with the other two guys that he came with and they were waiting for him, we had to cut our little flirt fest short and since my business in your office was done, I was forced back to my upstairs domain and we weren’t able to cross paths, so I didnt see him for a good deal of the day.

Turns out he was out here from the East Coast auditing your department for our Business Unit. So he was pretty busy since he was only going to be in town for yesterday, which explained why I didn’t see him all that often considering he was in the SCIF the whole day and I’m not allowed to go in there since I’m not cleared.

But I knew he was downstairs, with you and I knew that because you’re my friend, you were trying to hook me up, because you know, I’d do the same for you.

So imagine my surprise when we were talking after work and I asked about him and you changed the subject. I was thinking, oh okay well maybe I was forgettable. Whatever, I guess, damn, but oh well. And then while I’m standing outside waiting for you, playing on my phone (texting with Chelsea), I notice that his friends are sitting in the car waiting for him and you walk out with him, talking and laughing and I can tell you’re being fake because that wasn’t your real laugh you gave him and when he saw me, I saw him smile and I know my face lit up but I didn’t say anything because you made it seem like he wasn’t interested, he said to me that it was nice to meet me and I said the same to him, then he put his hand out for me to take and I took it, I took it and asked him when he was leaving for home and he said that his flight was leaving today in the morning and when I told him that it was too bad, I really meant it because damn, he was really cute. He had cute blue eyes and he was tall and cutesy but in my head I was thinking, damn he’s not for me….because YOU MADE IT SEEM LIKE HE WASN’T INTERESTED!

But today, I was talking to Nicole at the front desk and I was telling her about the guy from yesterday and how hot damn he looked good and she was agreeing with me up until I said, “Man, I saw him checking me out but I guess he’s married or something because he didn’t take any of my hints”

Imagine my surprise when Nicole says, “What? Girl he wanted you, he was asking Sharon all these damn questions about you about where you’re from, what nationality you are, he said that you were really cute and he wanted your number, but Sharon said no, you weren’t interested. Hell, if I knew I would’ve hooked you up. But Sharon said you didn’t want to talk to him.”

So my question to you, my dear friend Sharon is…


I asked you what happened and you said, “Nothing happened.” And you changed the subject, you made me think he wasn’t interested, that he said NOTHING about me and yet that wasn’t the case at all? Is it because you wanted him for yourself and he didn’t want you, is that why you’ve brought on the cockblockin’? Is that what this is all about?

Oh hold on, you’re calling me right now, I’m bout to ask you right the hell now.

Alright, I’m back and your answer was, “Because he’s an asshole.”

Oh hell to the no.

He had a nice ass to me, but now I won’t get to know him or anything because he went back home and I’m here and I don’t have his number or his last name and you keep telling me I’d be better off without him.

What the flip?

I’m so pissed at you right now I could spit and I don’t want to spit because I’m sitting at my desk and that’s just gross but dude, Sharon…that guy was fine. Don’t call me for lunch today because you’re eating by your damn self today and you can just forget about me sharing David Beckham with you EVER AGAIN.

Hater. I hate haters.





15 responses

25 05 2007

Ok, that was messed up? And because’s he’s an ass. Nope, she was blockin!!!!!

25 05 2007

I think so too…but she doesn’t see it that way. Oh whatever.

25 05 2007

Holy smokes, first the Tudors…now your coworkers? LOL

She was blockin. 100%.

25 05 2007

I know, it’s not a good week for me I’m telling you Ames…and I know, blockin’ for real!

25 05 2007

Yeah, she was blockin. No doubt. this is a bad thing, babe. We need to make sure we pay her back. You want me to make her a doll? I SO will. 🙂

25 05 2007

She wanted herself some ass that’s for sure. but if he was that hot do we blame her??? did she see him first???
anyway I agree with your idea to block beckham from her at least.

The tudors? I have never heard of that show?

26 05 2007

What a fucking ass! And she calls herself your friend?!?! Hells no!

26 05 2007

She was probably jealous and if she is claiming he’s an ass then she needs to share what it is that makes him an ass!

Could he be a former crush of hers?

But what about your crush? Isn’t he still around? I had hope 😉


27 05 2007




27 05 2007

Anytime anyone lies like that – totally not your friend. He was interested, you were interested – she needed to back off and let you figure it out.

Hey, let’s hope he has to come back…

28 05 2007


No…let’s cool it on the doll, I mean, I’m over it already…LOL. But thanks, you’re the best!


Of course she saw him first and if she would have said something about seeing him first or wanting him, I would’ve backed away for sure but she said nothing, so he was fair game…I think she thought he was an ass because it was his job to come and dissect everything in her department and find out what she hasn’t been doing over there and basically snitch her out to the big boss on the east coast, ya know?


I haven’t really talked to her since I left on Friday but meh, whatever…now I know.

28 05 2007


That’s the other thing, she wouldn’t say just why he was an ass, only that he was one.

As for the crush, Scott, well I haven’t seen him at work all that much, he works three days a week at our other building across town, he’s working on this contract over there and then when I did see him this week, he was leaving the building with a blonde girl…Ugh, I think he’s doing her.



Yep, Yep, Yep. 😉


I’m hopeful but we’ll see…I guess.

29 05 2007


Its me…i forgot my password to my google account.. dammit to hell. Okay, so what da hell is up with Sharon?? Talk bout sum bad cucumber-blockin goin on! Cuz she liked him and he wasn’t giving her the time of day?? Damn her to hell… he could’ve extended his trip here… damn her!!! She’s gonna pay for dis if i say so myself. He coulda came over da house yesterday and ate wit us… cuz u kno you would’ve been his detour! OMG! I’m so pissed rite now. DAMN U SHARON! DAMN U COCK-BLOCKER!!! I hope u eat lunch by yourself for a VERY long time! lol

29 05 2007

okay i figured out my password… only took me 20 mins… hahahha

29 05 2007

Yep, she hasn’t even apologized, she didn’t really say anything about him or it since last week so I’m like whatever about it…she was cucumber blockin’ for real though, LOL…only Davie can say something like that, gotta love Davie!

I should’ve said to Sharon, “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU SHARON!”

LOL, then I would’ve laughed my ass off! haha.

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