This Week’s The Tudors….

25 05 2007

…pissed me the hell off.


I waited to publish this post because I wanted to give my sister Grace some time to watch the show and then we’d be able to gush together (since nobody else is able to watch it with us) but hot damn, I’m just so effing pissed off because I watched it again tonight and hot damn, I’m pissed all over again.

I just have one damn question to ask the writers of The Tudors. Who the hell is going to come back for Season 2 if you keep killing everydamnbody off?

All of my favorite characters are getting killed off and seriously? I’M SO OVER IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW, SHIT BALLS!

And Charles Brandon, you stop your whoring around right this minute, you hear me? You are starting to piss me the hell off with all of your tomcatting around England. This is totally what you get for everything that you’ve put Margaret through. All the times you’ve cheated on her and thought that you were being the “man”, well this is what you get. You stupid prick! If you weren’t so hot damn HOT, I’d hate your stupid guts you effing fool!

I cringe every single time that you come on screen now because I know you’re just going to do something else that pisses me the hell effing off. Like, the whole ordeal with friggin’ Norfolk and Boleyn? Yeah I hate IT! Oh gosh please say that you learned from what happened this week and that you’re going to change your ways for HER, please say that you’re going to do it.

And you just can’t please the King, huh? You keep effing up in his eyes, but how could you have told him that Margaret was sick, huh? WHEN YOU YOURSELF DIDN’T KNOW BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO BUSY PORKING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE ENTIRE CONTINENT!!!

Ugh, I’m so effing disgusted with you but I can’t help but hold out hope that you will get better, your character will learn from everything but right now, it just aint happening.

Ugh…if you haven’t guessed, I’m pissed…royally pissed. So pissed in fact that I can’t even be bothered to talk about the other crap on this show that is pissing me the hell off.





4 responses

25 05 2007

LMAO!! Oh man…you are pissed.

Hey, did you see So You Think you Can Dance last night?

25 05 2007

Yeah, I was hella pissed that they killed off one of my fave characters on the show this week, stupid dicks!

And I only saw part of SYTYCD last night, my friend was in need so I had to make sure she was okay but in the back of my head, I was like, “Shit, I’m missing SYTYCD” I did see that Stanislav is back, woo hoo, I liked him last year.

Horrible, huh?

25 05 2007

He’s not back, he was just partnering his sister.

“Sex” was back. LOL

25 05 2007

Oh really? Dude, that sucks…but I did like him last year, wasn’t he the first person voted off last year? Poor thing.

I remember Sex, haha…I didn’t see him though.

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