Happy Belated Memoral Day!!!

29 05 2007

What did you guys get into yesterday?


My family and I spent the morning talking, about the people that are fighting in the war, about the people who died in wars, people we knew who died fighting for our country and we prayed for those who are fighting now (I prayed for Adam, Izzy) and those who have gotten back from the war and are trying to get used to life back in the states. I’m truly very grateful to my friends and family who serve our country and fight to keep us safe, it’s nice to have a holiday where we remember the fallen soldiers and treasure the soldiers out there, doing all that they can to keep me and my family safe.

Their work and sacrifice is most definitely appreciated.

I spent the day in Compton, California …eating, gossiping and laughing, a lot. I woke up around 9am and then got dressed and waited for Mulu to get to the house and then we stopped by Barnes and Noble so that I can pick up the latest book in the Crazy series, I think it’s called, Crazy Sweet, it’s Travis the stud’s book, I hear it’s not as good as the other books and now I’m all scared to read it, but oh well, it’s part of the series and I will finish out the series, it’s what I do. Anyway, after I called Ames at work to bug her and get the name of the book since I was unsure of which books I had, I bought the book and then we were off.

The food was great Therese, ya’ll should definitely pat yourselves on the back because that barbeque sauce was off the heezie fo’ sheezie good! The ribs were the bomb, even if they did mess me up and make me want to do the dump dance like crazy! But still, I loved it! And that mango drink that you have, the Sunny Delight one, man I need to find that because it was the bomb, where did you get it? Food for Less? I’m gonna have to ditch Ralphs and go there and get one, I love that drink!

And the faiks was the bomb…only Miah can know that much drama and share all with us, I still wanna know what the shady business was but whatever, I loved it! Gotta love Miah and his motor mouth, hehe…

After we left Theresa’s house in Compton, we drove over to our friend Justin from Church’s house for Family Home Evening…dude, Justin’s house is sick with it. He’s got a tri level townhouse and it’s got everything you’d ever want in the house, including the Nintendo Wii, a pool table, a ping pong table, a foozball table, it’s a total bachelor pad, done out in style. You walk in on the bottom floor and that’s his roommate’s domain, then you go upstairs to the second floor and that’s the loft where everything is, the entertainment section of the house. That’s the part of the house that be on and poppin’ like Chris Brown sings about in his song.

It’s like a modern bachelor pad for the rich peeps, it’s got everything you could possibly want to have and it’s just fabulous! It is our official party palace and we will be going back there for sure.

Over there, we shared more laughs, ate some more food and played on Justin’s differnent toys, his computer, his lap top, his Nintendo Wii, the pool table and just errthang, it was a great way to spend a day off from work…and it was Justin who introduced me to my new addiction for listening to music at work…Imeem. You can make playlists, make new friends and share music all over this website and it’s just a fun little site to play around at. Mulu is all about the Bebo, so I’ve checked that site out, which is like New Zealand’s Myspace but it’s just too hot damn confusing so I think I’m just going to stick with myspace, atleast for now. So yeah I had a great time this weekend, what about you guys?

…so now that you know what I did, what did you guys do?

*the picture was cute and my friend Ralph played volleyball yesterday so that’s where that came from*




3 responses

30 05 2007

I went to see POTC3!!!!!!! But you knew that already. LOL.

We cleaned…a lot.

30 05 2007

We chilled out at home. Had a bbq at my parents. Then monday we had lunch with his. I wanna see POTC3.

30 05 2007


Yes I did know that and I do know that you loved it loved it loved it! =) You’re so cute!


How was the lunch with his parents? Any good stories to share?

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