Oh Wow, Tahitian Hip Hop….

2 06 2007

My friends and I are trying to live healthier lives. We all have things we’re trying to be skinny for and Holly’s wedding is my goal, so I have a little bit over a year to get skinny for her wedding.

So last night, my friends Mulu, Theresa, Beenah and myself meet over at Mulu’s house to get our work out on, the brokeman’s way…in her garage.

We decided on doing, Island Girl’s Dance Fitness DVD, Tahitian Hip Hop and I’ve gotta say real quick that there is NOTHING remotely hip hop about this video.

Does it give you a work out? Oh hell yeah, is there a bunch of Tahitian moves you learn? Darned skippy, but do you learn any hip or hoppin’ about this exercise video. I’m kid you not, coming from L.A. I think I know what hip hop is and unless you count the fa’arapu (which is a type of tahitian shake) hip hop, then don’t count on getting much hip hop from this dance video. But man, the dance routine that you learn in this 30 minute work out BURNS…everywhere! Me and Beenah were dying in the front while Mulu was all into the damn video and sweating up a storm.

It was hecka fun though, afterward we go out for some mini Jamba Juices since we didn’t want to go out to eat and while we were waiting for our orders, we were all doing different parts of the dance to the music playing in the store. The dance isn’t that hard but man it works you the hell out, I know I’m going to be sore in the next couple of days but man, I loved it and can’t wait to do it again!

Has anyone tried this thing out? I wanna look like Kili when I’m done with it…man, she’s ripped! I don’t want her arms, just her stomach, her stomach is sick with it!

Therese! I looked for the Walk it Out Cowboy and check it out…friggin’ hilarious!
You have to watch it until the third contestant gets on there, but it’s so friggin’ worth it. Now you can see what had me and Mulu rollin’ last night…HA! The first girl needed to be slapped since she can’t dance for shit, the second girl needed to buy her some new tights because the ones she was wearing was showing too much of her that America didn’t want to see but the third one? Oh yeah, the third one was off the chains, LOL…he had me rollin’.




3 responses

4 06 2007

at least you got a work and sounds like you all had fun. Now was the garage door open or closed?

4 06 2007

Yep, we had fun and I’m still doing the dance routine and learning Tahitian all over again…it’s good.

6 06 2007

OMG that COWBOY! HAHAHA. So, made my day.

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