One Tree Hill: Season 3, Episode 2nd from the Last.

7 06 2007

It’s been a cool minute since I’ve actually remembered which episode number we’re on and so let’s just remember that this is the second to the last episode of the season, kay?

Last night’s episode was a good one, not an explosive one like last weeks because unfortunately Dan is not dead and Lucas wasn’t trying to kill him because he told Dan after he shot the wall, “I missed the first time, I will not miss again” and the way he said it, was supposed to make you think that he meant business but really he sounded just like, “don’t make me do it, I don’t want to be a killer but you might make me turn into you, you rat bastard!”

And before I continue on with my recap of last night’s show, I really have a bone to pick with Chad Michael Murray or whoever it is that cuts his hair and dresses him for the show.

Whoever they are should be fired! The boy needs a hair cut, the boy needs to dress better but most importantly, HE NEEDS A DAMN FRICKIN’ HAIR CUT! He looks like a bum and not anyone I’d want to be seen with, yeah yeah we all know that looks aren’t everything but hot damn, Lucas…CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR! I hate his hair and he reminds me of Psycho Derek and he needs to go back to the look he sported in the earlier seasons…you know how you’re supposed to look better as you grow older, like Peyton? She looks TEN TIMES better now than she did when she the show first started airing, well not her clothes but I can look past the clothes because she’s got great hair. Brooke? Yeah, she looks great and don’t even get me started on Haley…Haley gets the most improved in looks on this show.

While the boys, because even Nathan needs a damn hair cut, with his long hair and his pale skin he looks like a friggin’ vampire, it makes me want to choke someone out watching these two, would be hot guys if they’d get a damn hair cut.


Anyway, moving on to the show…I really enjoyed watching Deb slap Lucas for stealing her gun and then joining forces with him against Dan, it only makes me curious to see what she’s going to do next. Did anyone laugh when she was like, “I promise you, justice will be served!” Like what is your crazy ass going to do? Kill him? You already tried and failed that you dumb broad, haha, Deb makes me laugh …a lot.

But dude, Nathan’s reaction to the whole thing made me laugh a lot. Nathan looks much more sincere when he’s being a dick to everyone, that seems so natural for him but when he’s arguing with his Mom about his Dad’s innocence and then when he’s yelling at his Dad about his guilt and when he’s kicking his Dad out of his life and telling him to stay away from his family because the day that Keith died, he died. I was all, poor Nathan, he’s better when he’s mad or something…I didn’t really buy his grieving son thing but man was I happy that Haley did whatever she did so that Nathan can have his shot at his dreams of playing basketball. I’m glad that Whitey is going to be his coach and I’m just glad that his fire isn’t going out like Haley said.

Peyton and Lucas, well now that they went through all of that drama of being together, they’re hardly EVER together now. I mean, he spent more time with Peyton when he was with Brooke. Does he still want to be with her or what?

Then there’s Beven and Skills, haha…those two always make me laugh, on their own and together, they’re just a barrel of laughs.

The whole Brooke thing, I thought was really stupid cause had that happened in real life, Brooke wouldn’t have graduated, she would have had to take the calculus test again and we all know she would have failed it and she wouldn’t have been walking with the rest of her friends, she’d be taking adult school classes to make up Calculus and then she would have gotten her diploma in the summer if she would have went to the classes to make up the credits. But oh no, in true tv fashion, they just breezed right over all that crap and made it seem to all of the other high schoolers out there that a little cheating never hurt, as long as you come clean, you can still graduate with the rest of your class.

Yeah, the hell right.

Oh and now she’s all in love with Brooke when just last month she was head over heels in love with Lucas and hating her best friend because she loved him too?

I have no idea why I love this show so much because if you take it apart, it’s pretty dumb. Like what they’re doing to Dan’s character, is this all a charade and is he going to dick everyone or is he going to kill himself next week because Karen flat lined? Man, did they really kill Karen? And is Lucas going to be a single father to his little sister and is Peyton going to go to L.A. for the internship or stick around Tree Hill and be a mother to the baby Karen left behind? Are they going to last or what?

Man, so many things to look forward too. What the hell is Deb going to do? Is Haley’s baby coming early or is she supposed to be having her baby at graduation? And was that speech not about the cheesiest thing you’ve ever heard?

I mean, I liked the show last night, I was happy with it but thinking back on it, it’s pretty stupid. And did anyone else think that Dan was going to kidnap the baby? I did but man my favorite thing about last night’s episode was when Lucas told Dan about himself. Ehh, I don’t remember what exactly he said but Dan was all, “So that she can raise the baby all by herself with no father, just like you?” and then Lucas was all, “I had Keith, until you took him away from me and the baby will have me. You may never pay for what you did, but my Mom will know the truth of what you did and she’ll never forgive you.” or whatever he said…but what he said, I was loving it..

..the best part of the show, IMO.

Next week, is the last episode of the season and it’s packed with lots of stuff so be sure to watch it, you know hot damn well I’ll be watching it because Rachel’s skank ass is back and there’s a big party and was it Haley I saw over there? Partying it up, I’m not sure…but whatever, lots and lots of drama still to unfurl, don’t miss it….

…Until next week.




3 responses

7 06 2007

You love tv like I love a Tabloid Magazine:)

I feel so lost I don’t know any of the shows you mention. I am on the damn computer too much that’s probably why.

8 06 2007

I love the way you interpret things:

“I missed the first time, I will not miss again” and the way he said it, was supposed to make you think that he meant business but really he sounded just like, “don’t make me do it, I don’t want to be a killer but you might make me turn into you, you rat bastard!”


8 06 2007


I know, I’ll have to remember to go to your blog EVERY THURSDAY because I love your Tabloid Thursday posts, haha…great stuff, but for me, it’s all about my tv shows! =)


What? Thats how he sounded, more like a whiny baby and not a manly man out to protect the woman’s virtue from the evil villain! hehe.

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