Army Wives: Season One, Episode Two.

11 06 2007

Alright, so last week’s premiere was a fantastic show and this week’s show was just as great. I was just as wrapped up in this week’s episode as I was in the previous show. I really like everyone’s storylines, even the really lame ones like Pam’s storyline, I even like her storyline but I’m thinking because I think her husband is so effing hot.

My recap of the episode:

Roxy– Roxy still remains my favorite of the army wives, this woman is just the effing shiz. She knows what she’s about and she aint going to no ish from anyone and she’s down for her girls too. That’s what cracks me up about her, she’s got so many things going on in her life but she’s still going to make time for her friends who need her. Denise? Yeah, she probably needs her the most with her son beating her and everything, Denise needs Roxy’s help to stand up for herself and I love that Roxy is teaching Denise how to fight back. I also love the friendship that is blossoming between Roxy and Pamela. These two are the ones that don’t fit in the most and they’ve bonded together, it’s really cool for Roxy to have someone be there for her when she needs to vent and gush and just everything. I continue to love Roxy’s husband, Trevor. He is so sweet, so cute and he’s just so good with her kids and with her. They’re just so cute to watch, they’re like the Naley of this show and I just love it to pieces!

Denise– I like Denise, I’m really pulling for her to get strong enough so that she could lay her stupid woman abuser son out. She needs to put a stop to her son’s behavior and she really needs to fill her husband in on what’s going on at home while he’s away. I’m loving that she’s learning all she needs to know about defending herself from Roxy. I really like Denise, she’s nice and caring and just sweet. She doesn’t deserve to be beaten or manhandled the way she’s been getting lately and I love her husband. You can tell that he really does love oher and the love she has for him is just as strong. I can’t wait for her to get stronger and kick some ass, bring it on Denise!

Pamela- Okay, first off, can I just say that Pamela’s husband is hot stuff? I love her husband and Roxy’s husband, but holy wow Pam’s husband makes me want to lick him right up! =) Even though I really like Pamela and her hunky husband, I think her storyline is really stupid and lame. I mean, she didn’t need to tell everyone that they were hurting for money which is why I think it’s so lame, all she really had to do was just say that she was a surrogate mother for a couple who couldn’t have kids all on their own. She didn’t have to tell them crap else but that and she could have been able to play out the whole my husband keeps spending money we don’t have but I don’t know, I guess they needed more drama or something.

I really like that the characters in this show are normal, everyday people. They’re not uber rich people who are sleeping around and partying all day and just making big asses of themselves. I really like that these characters are everyday people with everyday problems and everyday struggles, I can connect and relate to most of everything that goes on in this show and it’s just such a great frickin’ show.

Now on to Roland- I don’t know what to feel about this storyline, I think his wife is frickin’ crazy but can I blame her? Not really, who knows what she saw and did over there in Iraq and who knows what she can’t live with now that she’s here in the safety of her home. She says that she can’t stand that she doesn’t have her M4 in bed with her and she hates that she has to wake up with her husband next to her and not her M4, that’s some really hurtful things to say to the man you love, don’t you think? But the only thing I can think of is that she’s hurting and she needs to work her way through all the madness, do you think this marriage will survive it? Let’s hope that Roland’s new Army wife friends can help him save his marriage, if he even wants to save it…I mean, I hate that Joan isn’t keeping her word to Roland about retiring and them having kids but I guess going to war can change your feelings on living the home and family life, huh? Ehhh, who knows, I’m anxious to see what happens though.

Goodness, I can’t wait to see next week’s show, Claudia Joy’s husband is going to kick Denise’s son ass, WOO HOO, that’s a long time coming and I just can’t effing wait…

…who watched it and who’s all excited about the show? Until next week..




4 responses

12 06 2007

I watched it last night. 🙂 Joey even got into the story. Once homegirl mention her M4, Joey was all “Cool!” dork.

I feel bad for Pamela. But yeah, she could have said she’s a surrogate mother and it would have probably been left at that. Hmmmmm.

Roxy is cute and I like how she tried to shop for her hubby and she got everything wrong. That would be me right there. lol.

Denise, girl needs to tell her hubby. What kind of boy hits their mom??? Joey said both hands would be broken if it was his son.

13 06 2007

LOL, really? I’m glad you checked it out and I’m glad that I finally have a Army Wives buddy with LindaLou…

I know, I mean yeah the women were talking about her but just explaining what she was doing would have shut them up right quick. But hot damn, isn’t her husband a hottie?

I see a lot of myself in Roxy too except I only have 1 kid and I’m not that hot, LOL. But I would have gotten everything wrong I’m sure of it and she makes it all look so cute and funny. Her husband is a cutie too!

I know, but isn’t it cute how much her husband loves her? And seeing the kind of husband she has, can you imagine what the husband is going to do to the son once he finds out? He’s not going to be alive to make it to West Point. LOL.

13 06 2007

I’ve seen the beginning of the first episode and the ending of the second episode. I have to find some time and watch the entire episiodes online. What I’ve seen, I’ve liked, def have to watch it! Although, the actress that plays Pamela also played a killer on a few episodes of CSI, I keep expecting her to whip out a knife and start hacking people up ;)!

13 06 2007

LOL, Pamela was on CSI? Which one? And she was a killer? Holy cripes! She’s very nice in this show. haha.

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