Guess What?

14 06 2007

I missed the season finale of One Tree Hill last night, oh the shame! I went dancing instead and had a complete blast so I have to watch the season finale online today and I’ll post my thoughts on the show just as soon as I can…so no worries!

So if you’re wondering where my post on OTH is, I can’t do it yet so I’ll have that up soon.





3 responses

14 06 2007

I thought the Season Finale was when Karen collapsed and the gun went off. Imagine my surprise when I saw the beginning of last night’s episode. Then I realized I missed the one before that. So I still have 2 more episodes to watch! Squee!!

14 06 2007

Ooh, no that was the episode that was written like it WAS a season finale but it wasn’t…last night’s episode was the finale BUT I just got a text from them (yeah I’m fanatical, I know) saying that they’re going to show the finale again tonight, woo hoo for me! =)

15 06 2007

It was a brilliant finale.You’d have loved it 😀

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