Thursday Thirteen…13 Things About Me.

14 06 2007

Alright, this is the first time for a lot of things this week. I’m doing the Booking Through Thursday meme but I’m also going to try my hand at this Thursday Thirteen meme as well. I’ve seen it on a lot of blogs and I want to participate so here I am, being apart of it and trying it out…

Since this is my very first Thursday Thirteen meme post, I thought it would be cool if I did a 13 post all about me. You know, just to introduce myself into the TT world. So without further adieu, here it is.

1. My real name really is Rowena. I don’t know too many people named Rowena and growing I hated my name because I was called it all, Roweener, Roweenie, blech blech blech, but as an adult I actually don’t mind my name so much anymore, I’m not mad at my parents anymore for not giving me a normal name, like Alyssa or Michelle or Brenna…I like that not a lot of people know a lot of Rowena’s and the name suits me, I guess…well at least it better since it’s the name I’m stuck with.

2. I’m 26 years old. And I want to stay 26 forever and ever, at the end of the year I’m supposed to turn 27 but meh, I’m not.

3. I’m #8 in 9 kids. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and then with me, there are 9 of us all together. I’m Samoan and Mormon, makes sense doesn’t it?

4. I live in California. I’m a California girl through and through and this is where I want to spend the rest of my life, I love having the beach not far from me and I’m not budgin’ from my spot because I love this place too much.

5. I have chocolate brown hair and eyes. My friend Theresa doesn’t believe me when I tell her this but I really do. She sees my hair and just says it’s brown, but that’s so dull and I’m far from being dull, so Theresa, get it straight…I have chocolate brown hair and eyes and their rich in color and volume.

6. I’m an Administrative Assistant. When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up and be a teacher but then I got pregnant and had a baby and I had to skip college and get a job to support my baby and then I worked at Wal Mart for a little bit, moved back home and then got this job as an Administrative Assistant and I love it too much to quit it. I’m happy here.

7. I’m addicted to romance novels. This might be much of a surprise to anyone who is a regular reader of my blog or to the new readers who came over here and see all the books I have posted on my sidebar but really, I have so many books it’s not even funny, not nearly as much as my friend Holly but enough to make my sister scowl every time I walk into the house with more books. I love a happy ending and since I don’t have my own happy ending, I’m settling for reading about other fictional character’s happy ending, it soothes me right now.

8. I love to write stories but I have no desire to publish anything. I’ve written some stories, nothing deep or anything, but stories with happy endings, I love creating characters in my head and bringing them to life through words. I only share my stories with 4 of my friends and that’s probably all I’ll ever share them with but it makes me happy and I like having them to reread when the mood strikes, but would I want to get published and on the bestsellers list? Oh no, I’ll leave that stuff to the likes of Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught, Linda Howard and the rest of my favorite authors.

9. I’m not complete without my cell phone. It’s a funny thing, really. I haven’t had a cell phone for that many years and before I got my cell phone, I was more than okay with not having one but now that I have one, I’m lost without it. If I leave my phone at home, I’m grumpy and surly and just not fun to be around, I’ve been known to go all the way back home just to get it, because really, a grumpy Rowena is not a very fun Rowena and well, I’m all about the fun so make sure I have my cell phone with me before we go out or your good time may be in jeopardy.

10. I love meeting new people on the internet and befriending them. For me, there’s no such thing as too many friends. I have more online friends than I do offline friends, but that’s because all of my offline friends are either married or living in another state now. And when they get married, they disappear so it’s just me, Mulu and Theresa….but online, I have met some of the most sweetest and generous people and I am completely blessed to know them and call them friends.

11. My 10 Year High School Reunion is Next Year. I’m still undecided on if I’m going or not, I’m probably going to skip it but dude, 10 years after high school? Whoa. Don’t want to think about that.

12. My favorite ice cream right now is Cookie Dough. Some of my friends already know this but lately I’ve been craving cookie dough ice cream. I haven’t curbed my craving yet, I have no idea why. We bought cookie dough ice cream when we were at the store this past weekend but I didn’t get touch the ice cream and then we left but I really love that stuff. I wish I worked at an ice cream factory and could eat all of the cookie dough ice cream I want.

13. I love watching T.V. I stay at home a lot because I have a young daughter who has projects that she needs to do throughout the week nights and home work that needs to be done so sometimes while my friends are out having late night dinners or hanging out at another friend’s house, I’m usually at home bathing my daughter and watching Lucas almost kill his father, Dan while Brooke is confessing her sins to her principal and still being allowed to graduate with her friends. I love getting all mixed up in the lives of fictional characters because well, not much is poppin’ in my real life and sometimes it just sucks. But oh well.

Alright, I guess that’s it for this week. Come around next week and see what things I get into then. One more day until the weekend, WOO HOO!

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28 responses

14 06 2007

Nice to have you join TT! you’ve put a great list together…btw, I see your tv boyfriend there in the sidebar…Henry Cavill! We recently cut our cable off and I have been going through Tudor withdrawals! lol!!

14 06 2007

I am with you on 9,10 and 13!

14 06 2007

Thanks for stopping jdoriot and Judi! I love Henry Cavill, even though I’m really really pissed off at his character on The Tudors…Tudor withdrawals? I feel your pain, especially since it doesn’t come back on until next year! GAH!


I need my cell phone, I have so many friends online that I feel so popular and TV rocks my socks! Welcome to my blog!

14 06 2007

A very good choice for your very first TT.
I am glad I am not the only one who writes fiction and has not published.

Be well and enjoy the day

14 06 2007

Awesome list! I love your name btw. It was on my short list for my kid.

14 06 2007

Speaking of Cookie Dough ice cream…guess what I found in the back of my dad’s truck on Sunday evening?

Yep, your ice cream. lol

Good TT, babe. 😛

15 06 2007

Welcome to the TT world! I struggle it everyday, trying to get some ideas for TT every weeks. Sometime it hard and other it not *grin*

Like you, I’m addicted to romance novels and TV’s shows as well 🙂 Maybe I be ble to find some good novels and TV shows recommendation from you 😉 Happy TT and Reading! Have a good day!


15 06 2007
Kristie (J)

I’m with you on a number of those.
6, 7,8 10 & 12.
And as for 5 – well – I used to have brown hair. Then it kind of turned grayish – but now it’s red 😉

And wow you come from a big family! You must have great times when you all get together!

15 06 2007


Welcome to my blog! And yes, I like to write stories that make me happy, I’m not trying to be published, I’m not an aspiring author I just like to do it.

So yes, you’re not alone in that! =)

15 06 2007


Thank you so much, that was very nice of you! =) Thanks for stopping by.

15 06 2007


Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by. I love romance novels and if you want to read some really good stuff, me and my friends have a book blog over at Book Binge so you can check out the books that we’re reading and loving/hating over there.

For all your tv show needs, you can catch everything I’m watching and what I’m thinking here at my personal blog with my favorite shows being Prison Break, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, The Tudors, Brothers and Sisters and a whole lot of other shows as well.

Again, thanks for stopping by and feel free to stop by anytime! =)


15 06 2007


Yes, I come from a ginormous family and our family get togethers are NEVER small and ALWAYS loud. My family totally reminds me of the Walkers from Brothers and Sisters (the tv show on ABC) …we’re just as loud and crazy as them and I wouldn’t trade my family for the world. I love them, always good times! =) LOL to the rest of it, I knew that about you with 7, 8, 10, 12 …you’re so cute! I didn’t know that you were a 6 though, I must have missed that.

It’s getting close to your meet up, huh? Gosh I’m so jealous! You guys are going to have such a great time! =)

15 06 2007


Are you serious? So that bag WAS ours and it was in the back of your Dad’s truck all day Sunday? That went to waste and now you just broke my heart…I was so looking forward to that ice cream too, ugh, I need to go buy some right now.

15 06 2007
Kimo & Sabi

We luvs watching TV! And we wants to write a book, but Mommakitty (who has to do da writing fer us, is lazy! We likes to make new friends!

Happy TT!

Oh…and we lives in California1

15 06 2007

great post!

I love your name your the only rowena I know.

I hate the phone- I have a pay as you go $10 thing, my problem is the computer if I could put it in my pocket watch out!

15 06 2007

great first post – glad to meet you.

15 06 2007

Kimo and Sabi,

I have a friend named Kimo and I watch a guy named Kimo on MTV’s Living in Lahaina LOL and I think he totally rocks! I don’t know a Sabi though, sorry…bu thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys join me next week as I explore the recesses of my mind and come up with another Thursday Thirteen post!

One more thing…Southern California or Northern?

15 06 2007


Hey girly, it’s TABLOID THURSDAY! I’m on my way over there to check it out, anything good? Ooh, now I’m all excited! Thanks for stopping by sweetie. And ooh girl, the phone that I have, I can check my email, my blog, read others blogs, girl I can do it all, so yeah…my CELL PHONE ROCKS! =)

15 06 2007

Welcome to my blog sockpocket and thanks for your kind words, I’m glad to meet you too! =)

15 06 2007

Cookie dough rocks and will take over the world soon. I am helping it along. Mehehe.

Nobody has more books than Holly besides Ames. She is like the queen of books or something.

Oh and normal names are so overrated. Your name is unique just like you are. Work it girl! 😛

15 06 2007

It’s funny cause even I hated cell phones at a time and now I can’t live without mine.It’s gone for repair and life sucks without it 😦

I love you for no.10 cause it’s the same with me 😀

I’ve never had cookie dough flavour cause frankly we don’t get it here.Although it does remind me of Lucas & Peyton*sighness*

15 06 2007

Nice TT girl. Maybe I’ll start doing this too. 🙂

15 06 2007

Interesting list. Welcome to TT

15 06 2007


I will most definitely help you with the cookie dough take over of the world, that is so something I could get behind…haha.

I know, between Ames and Holly, they could open up a UBS and make some big bucks!

Thanks sweetie, seriously! =)

15 06 2007


HEY GIRL! Miss you around here and yes the cell phone is such a necessity for me, it’s like my American Express, I can’t leave home without it.

I love you too for #10 because who knew that a blog about Leyton vs Brucas would bring such great people into my life? LOL. LEYTON FOREVER! Did you see when Peyton told Lucas, “I’m going to love you forever Lucas Scott?” I was like, “ME TOO!” LOL.

And goodness, cookie dough ice cream rocks my socks, you should write a letter to your grocery stores and beg them to get it, your life will have new meaning with cookie dough ice cream in it! haha.

15 06 2007

Thanks Iz! You should, let’s do this together next week.


Thanks for stopping by and thanks for actually reading what I had to say! =)

15 06 2007

Wow – I didn’t know you were one of 9 kids!

And, if they would make cookie dough ice cream with a chocolate base instead of vanilla, I’d like it a whole lot more! Just sayin’…

15 06 2007

OOh Lori, you’re so right…that would be good, chocolate ice cream base with cookie dough?


And yes I’m 1 of 9 kids.

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