One Tree Hill: Season 4, SEASON FINALE!

15 06 2007

…or should I say Series Finale?

I know this is a day late and I apologize but better late than never, right? Anyway, on with the post. So, was it me or did last night’s One Tree Hill, feel more like a series finale than a season finale?

I totally got scared for a moment thinking that this was the last episode ever because of the way everything went down, from Karen’s little foray with Keith to Dan almost killing himself, WHOA did anyone see that coming? Too bad he didn’t succeed. It was a great episode but it still scared the bejeezus out of me with all this tying off of loose ends. Made me throw up a little in my mouth, thinking that I’ve been lied to and that this show was ending…

…but you can take comfort in the fact that Sophia Bush has confirmed that there will be a fifth season and she’s very excited to start working on Season 5 because they have a lot of things that they’re going to be exploring and it’s going to be a great season, bigger and better than Season 4 so seriously, YAY!

Anyway, on with the season finale…as season 4 came to a close I reflected back on the entire season as a whole and I’ve got to admit that this season was REALLY good. I enjoyed the entire season and cannot wait for more in Season 5. I’m really anxious to see what the writers have up their sleeves for us next season, with the kids all growed up and back in Tree Hill, it’s going to be interesting to see what becomes of all of those Tree Hill High School kids.

In this episode, we come full circle from where the show began 4 years ago. All the questions we had throughout the season were answered in the finale and everything ended real neat and real tidy and I cannot complain because I ate it all up. I loved it all!

I was diggin’ Deb’s great turnaround in her lifestyle and her sense of humor cracked me up. Especially when she told Nathan and Haley to go to the party and have fun, then bring home some drugs for her. Haha, Deb you’re a barrel of laughs, really you are.

The feud between best friends Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis was officially laid to rest and Brooke told Peyton that she loves her, P. Sawyer. I can’t tell you guys enough how nice it is to see these two acting like best friends again. It was a long time coming and last night you really felt like everything that happened in the past between these two were laid to rest, they were locked in the closet from the past and staying there and it’s good, it’s good for my heart and good for these two because I like this Brooke (even the cheesy, turn myself in the day of graduation and still being able to graduate Brooke), this is the Brooke that I was so proud of last season and this is the Brooke that I hope will conquer the real world.

Having Rachel back was meh for me, didn’t really give a damn. So she graduated from high school thanks to Brooke, I’m still not caring. So Mouth was really glad to see her, I’m still not caring. The same can be said for Clean Teen chick, so she came back and made nice with Mouth, I’m not really caring about her, she didn’t really stick out in my mind and personally, I thought Mouth could do better, I like Gigi for him, not some slutty leather mini skirt clad fake clean teen wannabe chick who has cutie boys taunting her sluttiness around the party.

And Mouth sweetie, that skirt that she was wearing was anything but cute. Her skirt was just as cute as frickin’ Lucas and Nathan’s hair….crap in the face that still bugs the snot out of me. I wish that somebody would take a pair of clippers to their heads and just buzz buzz buzz that crap right off. But I guess it’s too much to ask because week after week, I’m subjected to BAD HAIR DAYS for the Scott boys.


But wow, Lucas as an assistant basketball coach for a college. Really? I don’t know how I feel about that, I guess, hmmm…I mean, a coach? Is he not going to go to school? Is he not going to write the next great American novel? I mean, Lucas was destined for greater things just as much as the rest of those kids and he’s going to be a coach? I know that his dream was to play basketball and since he can’t do that, those that can’t play, coach but seriously…I thought he was going to pursue the whole writing thing.

I was really looking forward to seeing Lucas write something. Maybe he still will, who knows. Cross your fingers with me, will ya?

I really enjoyed this episode, I was saddened just like Brooke was because they are no longer students of Tree Hill High School, they are no longer Ravens and just like Brooke, I wasn’t ready to move on from that yet, but I guess I’ll have the summer to get over that, huh?


The whole Karen almost dying and then coming back to raise her and Keith’s daughter was blech for me, but man when she went and saw Dan and spit on the window, causing Dan’s balls to just shrivel up and choke him out was just about the greatest thing about the whole show. That was great TV crap right there. I effing loved it!

Nathan and Haley can conquer just about any damn thing. As long as their together, nothing can stand in their way, they’re both just hot damn good together and it never gets boring. Those two are just the perfect couple, soaring right over problem after problem and making their marriage work. I’ve never seen a couple who was stronger together than apart on TV and these two are just out of this world great! I can’t believe that they are parents now! No more senior parties, no more high school functions, they are parents now and it’s good to see that they love each other so much that their family comes first, being young and in love, it would have been easy to see them being selfish and not caring about their roles as parents as much as older couples would but it’s such a sight to see these two loving the hell out of each other all the while they’re discreetly calling to check on their baby.

I love this business!

So pretty much everything is done, the past is done and there is so much to look forward to in the future. In the next season, who is going to change the most? Who is going to soar and conquer the world and who is going to succumb to failure, will any of them? How much of the youngsters we know and loved in these past seasons will still be recognized in the young adults that will return next season?

My favorite part of last night’s episode was the ending. It was like watching the first season all over again, seeing the many changes in the characters now from the characters from the first season was so awesome because, when we first met these kids, they were young, cheeky and so lost but they’ve come full circle and they know who they are and they know what they’re about and you can see just how far all of them have come in the past to now and I really do care a lot about these characters, I’m so looking forward to what the writers have in store for us.

I can’t believe it’ll be MONTHS before we get more One Tree Hill but really, all I’ve got to say about all that is, GREAT JOB ONE TREE HILL WRITERS…

…it’s funny how I haven’t had to write a pissed off letter to those guys in a long time, it’s like they’ve listened to my letters and have decided to not piss me off because goodness, did they make me a happy camper tonight. Great show, great finale and so much to look forward to…

…Until next season guys, it’s been real!




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15 06 2007

Well, thank God there will be more OTH. I have to tell you that I’ve been late coming into this show, just recently started watching it from the beginning on Soap network and I absolutely LOVE IT. Thanks for verifying that it is NOT going to be ending. Whew!

15 06 2007

Ooh, they’re showing it from the beginning on Soap Network? So cool, I’m gonna have to start tuning in, I LOVE THESE KIDS!

And yes, they will be starting work on the 5th season, but it will skip the college years and it’ll be 4 years after they left Tree Hill and are back after college.


15 06 2007

Great review as per usual 😀

Leyton just own my soul.These two are so damn supportive of each other.Gah! I loved the car scene.

And I felt really bad for Dan even if for the longest time I wanted him to pay for his deeds 😦 Paul is so hot,he makes it hard for me to hate Dan 😛

I am really looking forward to S5.Too ad we’ll have to wait 7 months for it:(

15 06 2007

I feel you, I really like Leyton together…it’s right and good.

I didnt’ feel bad for Dan, that’s what he gets for everything that he’s done to damn near everyone in Tree Hill…I wish that the sheets would have held him and that he would have really kicked rocks but, meh, I guess not.

I know, but atleast we’re getting another season, woo hoo!

16 06 2007
Karen Scott

I just watched this episode, and I agree with everything you said!

Naley are just the best!

And Mouth sweetie, that skirt that she was wearing was anything but cute.

I just about choked when I read that!

What the programme writers on this show got after the crap that was the second series, was that the audience will not stand to see them messing with Naley, and please for the love of Oprah, don’t kill off any of the main characters (yes I know that Keith died, but can you imagine if they had chosen somebody like Brooke to kill of, like they did with Marissa in The O/C?)

I can’t wait for the next series, and it’ll be great to see them years later!

By the way, ironically enough, my DVD set of the third series arrived this morning, woo, hoo!

18 06 2007

I think my favorite part was when Mouth jumped off the roof and laid one on Brooke. LOL

Did you know that when the show comes back next season, it will be 4 or 5 years in the future?

18 06 2007

And yes you do know, so feel free to ignore my comment. *g*

20 06 2007
Charm School Reject

Well I don’t have lots of time to go through this thing section by section but OMG I was in tears as soon as Lightening Crashes started playing bc (if you don’t know the song) the mom dies delivering her baby and I cry everytime I hear it. Then when L dropped his phone and started running, I was bawling like crazy!!

I heard they aren’t starting back up until January 08 though.

L is staying closer to home to help raise Lily.

More later.

PS: NALEY are doing the devoted parent thing but there was no way two weeks after having Travis I was out at a party, 1) bc I still felt like crap and 2) I preferredbeing home with him, no matter how much my mom tried to get me to go out. (Pssssstttt….not all HS moms suck!! [That’d be me! lol])

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