I’m HURT Ya’ll…

20 06 2007

…so I’ve been out of commission for the past couple of days, why you ask?

Because my ass bit it going down the hill while trying to protect my jail, playing capture the flag with a bunch of friends on Monday night. I’ve got war wounds you guys! My arm is scratched to shit, my hand has a big ol’ hole in it and my foot has swollen up to the size of Antartica!

It was so not the business either, because Ryan witnessed my fall and made quick work of spreading my business around the damn city of Torrance.

It all happened like this.

We played two games of Capture the Flag, the yellow team vs. the blue team. I was on the yellow team and thanks to Ryan and Jeremiah, we won the first round of the game. They found and captured their flag bringing a victory to our side of thngs, so we set up for a new game and switched sides. I was put in charge of guarding our jail by our self appointed “captain” Ryan C. And LOL, I made my prisoners do some pretty wild things. LOL.

I made them sit cross legged on the floor, in the dirt and told them that if they moved a muscle that their food and water would be stripped from them. At one time, I had the prisoners lined up and they had to touch the yellow pole/chain thingy that seperated the sidewalk from the park. Oh man it was hilarious to see them sit there making sure that they touched the yellow pole on my watch. LOL.

So, while I was totally eavesdropping on them wondering where our flag was, Ryan K. (Mulu’s Ryan) came up to me and was dancing beside me while I played Sugarbabe’s Push the Button on my phone. We were rockin’ out to Lean like a Chola when I spotted some people trying to sneak up from the far side of the field we were protecting, I push Ryan toward them and he runs after them, letting his battle cry loose, it was so funny but he was pointing to the girl that was sneaking on the side, while he went after the guy.

So, I take off thinking in my head, “He wants me to catch THAT skinny tramp? She looks like she runs track!” But run off toward her I do. We were right in eachother’s sight when I noticed that I wouldn’t be able to brush her off, so we both dove, she caught me on my leg really hard and I felt a big ol’ twinge in my ankle but she rolled off me and we both rolled to the bottom of the hill.

And while I’m rolling my happy ass down the hill, I felt her jump right up and keep right on running (the tramp, I tell ya!) and my ass was still rolling to the bottom of the hill. LOL. I got up and was dusting myself off when the entire contents of my jail came rushing toward me, some of them really concerned for my welfare, the others shouting, “Check her pockets, she has the flag!” Not caring one bit that I might have been majorly injured or something.

I got no sympathy, the jerks!

They were all moded because I didn’t have the flag and the game ended right then anyway, since our friend, Ty who was on our team captured their flag and our team took the entire game, winning both rounds.

The funniest moment of the night though happened, okay the second most funniest thing that happened that night was when my friend Juju came to the park to find out which girl had the hots for him, the girl that me and Mulu told him all about…the look that came to his face when we pointed her out to him was so freaking priceless! He wanted to kill me right on the spot, it was so funny…but he stayed for the entire thing so he couldn’t have not had that much fun, so it ended well…

I can’t wait to see what Ryan has to say about me at Chuch on Sunday but I’m a good sport, so I’ll just eat up the attention, even though I know he’s goign to do his best to embarrass me. Oh well. His turn will come, I can already feel it.

So anyway, that’s what happened to me. I’m sitting here, with my foot wrapped up tight and elevated and I probably look really retarded sitting at the computer the way I am (cause I don’t have a lap top) but I don’t care, I’m tired of sitting on the bed counting the specks on the ceiling and reading. My eyes hurt from all the reading I did yesterday and Chase is really driving me crazy with his little fat ass…the fool wants to eat every 10 minutes, I need someone to SAVE ME!

Limping or whatever, I’m going out tonight…




10 responses

20 06 2007

Poor bebe!! HUGS

That’s what you get for torturing your prisoners. LOL Sounds like you had fun, despite the injury.

I’m off to visit Nath in 1 hour!! But with the flight and all, i won’t be seeing her for a few more hours after that. LOL

20 06 2007

Can I just laugh at you first? I swear it’s a sympathy laugh. LOL.

But I do feel bad yu are all hurting. That’s the reason me and sports don’t mix. That and the fact that you can’t look fashionable, you sweat AND you may just break a nail. 😛

20 06 2007


Hey you! You’re going to meet Nath today, I thought today was the day you lucky girls get to meet up! Have fun and come back with lots of stories to tell, I’m looking forward to deets Ames, really! Be safe and FUN FUN FUN is the word of the day, kay? So have lots of it, kay?

And yeah, this is probably what I get for making my prisoners do all those really stupid things, but oh well, I had so much fun teasing them! haha.

20 06 2007


I’m not a big sports girl either but I’m not one of those girls that has to look good all the time, I’m all about having fun and even if I have to make an ass out of myself to get everyone to have fun, I’ll do it…Ryan said I made the night memorable so I guess I’m okay with being hurt! LOL.

And go ahead, laugh it up…it’s all good in the hood, I had tons of fun that night so it’s all good!

20 06 2007

Hey hope your feeling better soon!

20 06 2007

LOL! Well at least you had fun before hurting yourself. Hope you feel better soon. And man, I loved playing capture the flag when I was in school!

21 06 2007

Awwww. There’s your sympathy. Hope you’re all that again soon 🙂

21 06 2007

Oh, I’m so sorry for you Rowena! Better you than me though LOL 😀 did you have fun playing the game though?

21 06 2007


Thanks, I’m feeling better but I’m still sore when I walk so my Mom wants me to take one more day before going back to work, why go back to work on Friday though? Because I desperately need to.


I never played Capture the Flag before Monday night and man I had such a good time playing it too, my fall didn’t hurt my fun at all, just my ankle! LOL.

21 06 2007


Thanks so much! I’m better than I was a couple of days ago but I’ll be fine.


HAHA! You dork, yeah I was pretty embarrassed for the both of us so it’s all good and heck yes, I had a blast!

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