Thursday Thirteen….My Favorite Songs…

21 06 2007

…for the Summer.

Summer is here and there are so many great tunes out that have me rockin’ out and just flat out make me want to be out in the sun and getting my tan on. Here’s a list of the songs that I’m listening to this summer…

1. Push the Button by Sugarbabes.

This is me and Mulu’s summer anthem as of right now, this is the song that we’re banging in the car EVERYWHERE we go, even when we’re going to Church. It’s just an upbeat, get your groove on kind of song and is perfect for us. I love it!

2. Freaky in the Club by R Kelly.

This is our new jam, R Kelly always delivers the best get down with your bad self songs that have you groovin’ everywhere you go whether it’s on the dance floor at your favorite club, in your office, in the privacy of your home, it don’t matter, R Kelly knows how to sing a damn song and this one, I hecka love and am going to play out real soon. LOL.

3. Do You Know by Enrique Iglesias.

This song is me and my niece Chelsea’s song. It’s the song that we’re blaring through the house while we clean the house on Saturdays. It’s the song that I know all the words to and that I’m singing in my head when away from my ipod and the song…I just love it to pieces!

4. Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie.

Another one of me and Chelsea’s songs. I’m not a big Fergie fan, I’ve enjoyed some of her songs but I don’t own her CD, I don’t really care for her aside from the fact that I care very deeply for her hottie boyfriend, LOL….but this is a good song and I love singing along to it even though I’ve never had a blanket as a kid and I wouldn’t miss a boyfriend more than a blanket.

5. You Give Me Something by James Morrison.

This is a new to me musician that I found on myspace and have enjoyed for a few weeks, I downloaded his CD on Itunes and this gets a lot of playing time because I love Jame’s voice and the song is catchy and just all out fun to sing.

6. Wind for Me by R Kelly, Sean Paul and I think Akon.

I’m already bobbin’ my head while I sing this song in my head, my brother Pete showed me this song and it’s one of my ringtones and I hella love it, I love dancing like Shakira to this song too, it’s so much fun.

7. Little of Your Time by Maroon 5.

This is my song, it’s a good, up beat song that never fails to have me getting all giddy to get my dance on…I just love Adam’s voice too, so damn sexy…I just need a little of your time, a little of your time and it’s very fun to sing along too…

8. She Took the Train by UB40.

This song is my favorite UB40 song, I know UB40 isn’t popular at all and I know quite a few people actually hate these white boy reggae guys but they are popular among the islanders and my family especially…so I grew up listening to them and love them and this song in particular.

9. Pop, Lock and Drop It by Huey.

I sing a part of this song a LOT, so much in fact that my friend Miah already knows what I’m going to say to him before I even say it….”Toot that thang up shorty!” LOL. Great summer song. I so want to learn how to pop, lock and drop it, I don’t think I do it right!

10. Valerie by Amy Winehouse.

This is a lesser known Amy Winehouse song but I do enjoy it quite a bit. It’s very catchy and upbeat and it never fails to bring a smile to my face and a groove to my shoulders, haha. Great summer song.

11. Let it Go by Keisha Cole.

My friend Nicole from work and I have a fight going on between us about which song is going to be the best summer song, she thinks this song by Keisha Cole is going to be the summer song of ’07 but I think it’s going to be the R Kelly song up there, but even though I like the R Kelly song better, I do enjoy this song as well..especially the beginning of the song, “You need to get up something something…” LOL.

12. Annonymous by Bobby Valentino.

Love this song. No seriously, I LOVE THIS SONG. Very poppy and very just great dance material, makes me want to do a sexy jig, I can do the Justin Timberlake My Love dance to this song and that’s why I like it all the more…great great summer song.

13. Over You by Daughtry.

A lot of the songs that I love right now are more R&B and Pop influenced but this song right here, I love to pieces and I listen to it a lot and look forward to listening to it more as the summer breezes by.



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13 responses

21 06 2007

cool songs! it would be nice if u could embed the songs…but this will do! great list!

21 06 2007

I’m so old, I only recognize a couple of those songs. Happy TT, mine is up @

21 06 2007

I’ve only heard a couple of those songs. I’ll have to listen to them later.

21 06 2007

Hey Jenny and Chris,

Welcome to my blog and yes these are fairly new songs for the summer of ’07 cd that I’m going to make this weekend!


Make sure you really get the R Kelly song that’s the jam right there!

21 06 2007

I love fergie’s new song- I kept turning up the volume when it played this week while with my boyfriend- I had to assure him I just liked the song and it didn’t mean anything LOL

21 06 2007

I’ve only ever heard of a few of those. Um, don’t care much for R. Kelly anything.

Oh well, Happy TT13 – mines up at Any Apples.

21 06 2007

See, this title here “Push the Button” makes me think of something naugthy. Then again, most things make me think of something naugthy. 😛

Dude did you watch the Tudors finale?!?!

21 06 2007

I am not real familiar with those songs since I am older than you! I do know who Daughtry is since I am a big fan of American Idol!
I love your name, it’s my mother’s name as well. It is not a name you hear very often.
My T13 is up.

21 06 2007

LOVE UB40! And General Public, and The English Beat…heck even Haircut 100!

Great TT, mines up too!

22 06 2007
Lady Jane

I think I have heard a few of those. I am more of a country fan (oh, and Josh Groban!).

My list is here.

22 06 2007

I scored one out of 13, thanks to UB40. Does that make me old or what? Great TT, though!

22 06 2007
Charm School Reject

I freakin’ l-o-v-e UB-40. Who can hate on them? Seriously.

Anyway, that is the only song on your list that I know. The only other one I’ve heard of (through Nicole) is Big Girls Don’t Cry but I haven’t actually ever heard it! lol

And I THINK I know the song “Valerie” bc that is my sisters name and I’m sure I had to have heard it at some point.

22 06 2007
Charm School Reject

Nope. Never mind. Just downloaded it. Never ever heard it before (Valerie)

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