I’m a Dirty Dirty Girl…

26 06 2007

So Holly and I are being bad right now. Instead of working, we’re sitting here talking on the phone and blog hopping.

We blog hopped onto Marg’s blog and checked the rating of our respective blogs….Holly’s personal blog is Rated R, our book blog, Book Binge is PG-13 and MY PERSONAL BLOG, THIS BLOG IS…

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

ass (7x)
crap (4x)
sex (3x)
pissed (2x)
piss (1x)

Oh goodness, I’m rollin’…like seriously laughing really hard right now.




18 responses

26 06 2007

You are SUCH A dirty, dirty girl. LOLOL

26 06 2007

Mine is rated G. I’m a disney movie! ha ha.

27 06 2007

LOL 😀 the worst is that I’m sure those words come up even more often then what it appears!

Obviously, my blog rated G LOL 🙂

27 06 2007

LOL. Mine is rated a PG.

27 06 2007


I had no idea! Ugh.


You typed in a different url, huh? I know you did, stop lying! LOL.


Man, am I the worst blogger out there then? Ugh.


welcome back to my blog…good to see you around here sweets and PG, so my daughter could read your blog with no worries, dang.

27 06 2007

HA! I got a pg-13! WHAT?! With all my Lora Leigh butt luvin’ comments??? I deserve an R at the least! hee hee

I think i’m gonna go post a bunch of cuss words and see if THAT ups the anti!

27 06 2007

Hey! :::looking around:::: You changed again!

27 06 2007

Oh goodness, I guess all of my ranting and venting on here as made my blog an “adult” blog…damn.

And yes I’ve changed again, it was time for something different and plus the other template, I couldn’t see at work and it was driving me batty.

27 06 2007

LOL – mine was an R. I don’t get it. We’re such innocent fresh faces over there. Hmmm…

And I love the new look!

27 06 2007

*cough* I’m an NC-17 and I didn’t use the word piss once! I’m thinking I’m in good company 😉

And I so love these templates!


27 06 2007


I can’t believe that either…man, I guess all those rants, what words were given with your blog?


Thanks, I’m glad I’m in good company.

27 06 2007

Shame, shame, shame! You better clean up your act, young lady!!!!
I love your new look. Very snazzy!

27 06 2007

I’m NC 17 as well Ro!

28 06 2007

Hi Rowena, thanks! Ooh, it’d be nice if your daughter reads my blog! I’ll make sure my blog will…ahem…keep it that way. Hehe. ;P

28 06 2007

Rowena behave yourself LOL

like your new look!

28 06 2007


Thanks sweets and shame? me? don’t tell my parents! LOL.


I’m in hecka good company then, Mailyn! YAY US! And thanks!


LOL, yeah keep it that way that way I can read your blog without having to worry my daughter will read something over my shoulder that she shouldn’t be reading. LOL.


I try but sometimes it’s very hard! LOL. Thanks, I like the new look too!

28 06 2007

I’m laughing pretty hard right now because of your description of yourself at the top right of your blog (I went to BYUI when it was Ricks for a year and that was the end of it for me…). My blog, though, is G. I’ve been trying to think of ways to make it racier, but apparently I’m boring. 🙂 thanks for coming by my blog earlier.

2 07 2007


I KNOW! I’m so surprised that my blog is that racy???? LOL. Good luck spicing up your blog, if you want some help you just let me know, I’m all kinds of racy as you can see…LOL.

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