Thursday Thirteen…

28 06 2007

…My Favorite Foods.

I’m Samoan and one thing Samoans love is…food. And so this week, I’m goign to be listing my favorite foods because well, I’m hungry right now and I’m waiting for lunch time to come around so that Mulu will finally get here and we can go and do the damn thing and eat already…sheesh.

Here are some of the things that I absolutely love and hope to be eating during lunch time.

1. Spam Musubi.

This is spam, rice and a dash of teriyaki sauce wrapped in some seaweed. It’s the bomb, I remember when Maui Boy was open down the street from my house, that was where we got our spam musubi from but then they went out of business and we didn’t get any spam musubi for a while, but then…The Loft opened up and even though their spam musubi isn’t as good as Maui Boys, it’s still friggin’ fantastic!

2. Cabbage and Pisupo.

When I was little, one of my favorite things to eat was my Dad’s cabbage and pisupo, pisupo is Samoan for canned corned beef. But it’s gotta be the cans from New Zealand, the one with the ox on it or the one with the crown on it, those are the best canned corn beef, ooh wee, especially if you cook it up with some cabbage, takes me right back to when I was little and my Dad would make that for the mid week meal, I wish he still made it…I loved that stuff!

3. PankekeSamoan Pancakes.

I can’t find a picture of these things but trust me, they’re the bomb! My friend Theresa, her Mom makes the best Samoan pancakes. They’re not your regular pancakes that you see in IHOP. They’re balls of dough fried in oil. It’s the bomb when it’s piping hot fresh from the pot, I eat them just with a cup of palagi cocoa (regular hot chocolate), I can’t get down with the Samoan cocoa, ask my friends. But Theresa’s mom makes them all special, she doesn’t use a spoon to scoop the dough into the pot, she uses her hand and squeezes the dough out from her one hand and it’s a technique that nobody can duplicate but she makes perfect round balls and man, I just love them! Brings back memories of my childhood…

4. Theresa’s Grandma’s Chop Suey.

Oh man, this old lady can cook. There’s nobody on God’s green earth that can make a better chop suey than Sis. Niko. It’s my absolute favorite and Theresa knows to save me a plate of Chop Suey when they’re serving it for dinner at her house. It’s that good.

5. My Dad’s Coco Rice.

I guess a lot of my favorite foods are Samoan goodies because this another one. My Dad used to make coco rice for me and my younger brother, Pete when we were little and on the mornings that we would wake up to smell coco rice being made, me and Pete would make sure we were at the table before it was time to leave for school, because my Dad’s cocorice is so the bomb. And it really is just coco and rice, but blended together with some coconut milk and it’s just the frickin’ best breakfast, fit for Kings…haha.

6. Peach Cobbler.

I don’t remember when the first time I had peach cobbler but I do remember the first time I ever made peach cobbler. It was for Thanksgiving in ’04 I think it was and man it’s been my favorite dessert ever since. I’m not even a big fan of pies but man, I can get down with some peach cobbler, warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream? Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about…they also got good peach cobbler at the #1 Samoan hot spot….Hometown Buffet. LOL.

7. My Maui Wowie Cake.

This is a trifle thing that I make a lot and is really popular among my friends and family. A few summers ago, I sold Maui Wowie Trifles and they were our best sellers for the fundraiser that we were doing at Church. It’s a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of chocolate pudding, a layer of cool whip, then a layer of toffee bites sprinkles and then another layer of chocolate cake and you just repeat until you get to the top. It’s great stuff and I’m making it this weekend for Break the Fast and I can’t wait cause I already want some. This is a picture of what it kind of looks like but mine are way prettier…but yeah well, you get the picture right?

8. Ceviche.

Is that how you spell it? We make our own version of this without the fresh fish in the mix but man, I can eat an entire container of my sister’s ceviche, this crap is the bomb! It’s a punk to make but when it’s all done and you’ve got everything cut and you’re putting it on the tostada thing, HEAVEN, especially in the hot summer! Nobody has a picture that’s close to my family ceviche so I’m leaving this one pictureless, sorry.

9. Blanche’s Chicken Divan.

This is another family favorite. My sister Blanche never fails to frickin’ make the best Chicken Divan, a lot of people have their own spins on this recipe but my favorite of the bunch is Blanches, not that I don’t enjoy the other ones, I love this thing however its made but Blanche has a unique way of twisting a recipe and making it so much better. This is one of them. I was surprised to see that on Brenna’s ME book for school, she listed Chicken Divan as her favorite food, she even spelled it right too. haha.

10. Chinese Chicken Salad.

I love this crap. It’s my absolute favorite salad, EVER! I can get down on this salad, not only can I make it the bomb but I love to eat it from the store too…my favorite spot that makes great Chinese Chicken Salad is Rascals it’s just great great stuff! My Mom used to make this and my sisters have perfected her recipe and want to keep the recipe in the family, the recipe we use for the dressing my Mom thinks it’s HER recipe but dude, it’s SO NOT, its her recipe PERFECTED! LOL.

11. Lilocc’s Robert Redford.

Theresa’s Aunt, Lilo makes the best Robert Redford. I don’t have a picture of this but man it’s the bomb. It’s a crust, pudding, cream cheese mixture fantabulous dessert that we absolutely LOVE, I wonder if we can get Lilo to make it this weekend…Therese, hook it up won’t you?

12. Roro’s Moms Chocolate Cake.

Our friend Jessica (we call her Roro because her last name is Rowland and there’s 2 Jessica’s at Church) brings this cake to Church sometimes and it’s so frickin’ good, it’s no joke. It’s rich and light at the same time and man, it’s the bomb. She brought it last night to our Enrichment Night and it was so hot damn good. I’m gonna ask her for the recipe. We like to fight over the last of it so that we can take home. Last night was a fight against Mulu and Theresa…Theresa won. LOL.

13. Bishop Mataalii’s Barbeque Ribs.

Alright, this man isn’t the best cook AT ALL but the man knows his ribs. They’re always tender and smothered in the best barbeque sauce mix I’ve ever tasted…I actually prefer Bishop’s ribs to the ribs at Lucille’s and that’s saying something..this guy can’t make Chop Suey to save his life but his ribs? OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Alright, there it is…my favorite foods. What did you guys do for this week’s Thursday Thirteen?

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22 responses

28 06 2007

I love peach cobbler! I haven’t had that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. Ummm, by the way, were you not supposed to give us a recipe for your mowie wowie cake? Joey is waiting.

28 06 2007

ME TOO! It’s been awhile for me too and I forgot about the recipe for the Maui Wowie, I’ll email it to you when I get back upstairs! =)

28 06 2007

The cobbler looks too divine…

Too bad we can’t email the flavor!

Happy TT!

PS Cedric was on of the hip-hop guys who bends in the most strange ways.

28 06 2007
Rene Lyons

I’m with you on everything but that damned spam. lol

28 06 2007
Nicki Mann

Oh no, ANOTHER favorite foods? I’m getting DELIRIOUS from hunger! Do you guys deliver???

28 06 2007


Doesn’t it though? I really love peach cobbler! I want some really bad…and I DO remember Cedric now, so did he go home?

28 06 2007


Spam? What’s wrong with Spam? with rice, it’s GREAT! =P

Nikki Mann,

Welcome to my blog, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here before but welcome and thanks for stopping by. You too, Slip!

Since I just ate lunch I’m good for the moment, too bad I didn’t have any of my favorite foods! Ugh.

28 06 2007

Some of those look questionable to me, lol, but I’m a picky eater.

And I’m sure I’m one of the crazy ones who doesn’t like peach cobbler, lol. Too sweet for me. 😛

Some of those made me hungry though…

28 06 2007


While I busy myself trying to pick my jaw up off the floor from the shock of someone actually admitting to not liking peach cobbler, I’ll say welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by…holy wow, what are your favorite foods?

Happy TT!

28 06 2007

Oh I love sushi! Vegetarian sushi but yeah, sushi rocks. I love Japanese foof in general. I used to like ceviche when I was young. Then I found out it was raw fish. (X_X)

28 06 2007

Ro, I nominated you for two blog awards. I nominated my blog for two as well. LOL. I’ll tell you when you are approved so you can put the sign on your site.

28 06 2007

Ro, here is your page!!! Scroll to where it says BRAG BADGE: GET CODE and stick it on a sticky post like I did!

28 06 2007


You so rock my socks! LOL…I love sushi too, but what kind of sushi do you eat if you don’t like raw fish? I like california rolls and hmmm, the teriyaki chicken rolls, haha, thats the kind of sushi I can get down with…LOL.

And THANKS for the nomination, what’s it for?

28 06 2007

Where? Where do I look? Did I miss it? I can’t see, HELP ME HELP ME PLEASE! LOL.

28 06 2007

Shit. I’m hungry. You’re a jerk. I want that Chicken Divan. MM said your Maui Wowie cake is DA BOMB. lol

28 06 2007

LOL! I forgot to give you the link. Here it is

28 06 2007

you know, I’m going to sound foreign, but I haven’t eaten many of your favorite food… your maui wowie cake looks delicioous… and spam sushi, that’s weird LOL 😛

29 06 2007

OMGosh – I can’t believe that tin of corned beef – I live in NZ and didn’t know you could still get it. I must go and look in the supermarket! We used to eat it as a kid.


29 06 2007

I love sushi. But looking at that that Spam Musubi is kind of making me queasy!!!! 😉

29 06 2007

tasty foods! I love reading about some of your heritage foods! I am amazed you eat spam…I’ve always wondered who ate spam – no one I know will admit to it. It’s not my personal fave, but someone likes it! Thanks for visiting my TT!!!

30 06 2007

Wow ~ Spam is in everything, isn’t it? 🙂 I never thought about putting it in Sushi ~ although, honestly, I haven’t eaten spam in years.

1 07 2007

Yummm, a lot of those sound delicious!!
Thanks for visiting my random TT. Sorry I’m this late to visit you, had a busy weekend!

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