Check It Out…

31 07 2007

…this is me being silly at Target on Saturday. I found the man of my dreams, seriously! And I’m not letting him go.


He loves me, I just know he does….=) Thanks to my homie gee locc, RoRo for taking these lovely pictures! It was funny because I saw the poster right when RoRo and I walked into the store, Mulu and everyone else rushed in trying to grab stuff they needed for home so me and RoRo were just browsing around, since we didn’t need anything.

I saw this poster and immediately snatched it up and the entire time that we were in the store, I carried Becks around, close to my heart. RoRo and Therese thought it was beyond hilarious, considering I was “scratching” his back, just like me and Mulu wish someone would scratch ours and there were a few old ladies that approached me, asking me if I was going to take good care of Becks while he was here in the states.

I told her, “Oh you know it, he never wants to go back to England, thanks to me.”

After she finished laughing and after I finished serenading Becks, I’m Never by Aaradhna, she told me to, “Handle that sweetness!”

To which, I replied, “Already on it, hotcakes, already on it.”

It was too funny and RoRo loves us for being so silly all the time, having fun doing absolutely NOTHING, it’s the way to keep the party going, ya dig? haha.


How Was YOUR Weekend?

30 07 2007

Hey ya’ll!

My weekend was filled to the brim with lots of fun activities and I had a great time doing it all. I haven’t really been up to much but Church stuff and hanging out with the homies (yes, Cool Guy included).

I spent my friday night with my family at Chuck E. Cheeses’ celebrating my nephew Chase’s 5th birthday. He had a Pirates of the Carrebean themed party with Chuck E. Cheese dancing with him to the Happy Birthday song, you know, now clap your hands (clap clap clap) and stomp your feet (stomp, stomp, stomp) and Happy Birthday and blah blah blah, you know that song? Well anyway, after we ate the cheap pizza, greasy wings and sang Happy Birthday to Chase, the real fun began. Chloe, Chelsea and I took our everytime we go to Chuck E. Cheese we have to take a new picture of the three of us for our wall in our rooms and my office. After we took our twenty pictures at that little sketch booth thing, the tournament began…

…and can I just tell you that I am the champion of the Dance Dance Revolution thing? Okay, not really since Chelsea kicked my tail in that game, but against who it counts, I BEAT HIM! I BEAT PETE at Dance Dance Revolution, it was so funny trying to beat Pete because my older brother, Henry was trying to coach Pete along on the sidelines and watching him jump up and down while he told Pete the correct way to hit the back and top to get the point had me in fits of laughter and almost had me losing to Pete.

That wouldn’t have been the business, at ALL. But man, I had me a good ol’ time messing around with my brothers and my nieces.

Good times with us that’s for sure…good times.

Chloe had to leave the party early because she had some team bonding crap she had to go to with her softball team so me and Chelsea had our own bonding adventures at home, while I talked to Cool Guy on the phone and while we (me and Chelsea) played dumb pranks on each other. We chatted with my friend Juju and Ames for a while but then Juju was busy so we ended that conversation and I just spent the night, laughing and joking around with Chelsea and talking about everything and anything with Cool Guy.

Things between me and Cool Guy have totally cooled down. We’re totally just friends right now because well, stuff. But, it’s a good thing and I’m really just enjoying my friendship with him and we’ll see what happens down the road, if anything.

I didn’t get off the phone until about 3:45 the next morning so it was no surprise that I woke up the next afternoon at noon. I took a shower to start my day and had planned to go to the beach with my brothers and nieces for a couple of hours but was pleasantly surprised when Cool Guy called and asked if I wanted a Jamba Juice.

Me, turning down a Jamba Juice? NEVER THAT.

He told me he was down the street from my house so if I wanted a Jamba Juice I had to come with him so I rushed through getting dressed and after we got off the phone, he was at my house real quick like, so I had my brother Pete entertain him while I finished calming my naps…haha. We went to the mall, picked up a Jamba Juice (woo hoo, that’s two mango a go go’s this week, YAY ME!) and then were heading to my work to pick up some stuff from my friend Nicole, who was there waiting for me.

Before we went to my work though, my friend Braxton called and we went and picked him up since he’s part of our little Torrance crew. Everyone else that we hang out with live in Compton and we’re the only ones that live in Torrance, so it’s always me, Cool Guy and Braxton. So we go to Braxton’s house, pick him up and then head over to my work and then we went to get some lunch because Cool Guy was hungry.

While we’re eating lunch, I get the text from Mulu alerting me that she’s on her way to my house, so I end things with the guys, I told him to drop me off and then I barely had time to do anything before Mulu was texting me telling me she’s outside, so after she came and got me, we went by RoRo’s house and picked her up and then headed over to the luau that we had planned for that day.

Cool Guy was on his way to work and we talked on the phone while he filled me in on some friends business and I laughed and teased him until he went to work. I had a good time at the luau, but that’s to be expected when you go out with frickin’ Mulu and the crew.

The show was really good, a little cluttered but for the most part, enjoyable. There are aLOT of dancers in this dance group and it got to be overwhelming at times but still, the show was good but the best part of the show came when they did audience participation…


She made the entire show worth paying the $20 for because her and Ralph totally twork’d it out, I was rollin’ and just as soon as RoRo uploads the video to Youtube, I’ll be putting it up on here because I was laughing so effing hard because Mulu reeled Ralph in like he was a fish and then she freaked the hell out of him while she did her Beyonce’ booty shake and errthang, it was the bomb!

Edited to add: HERE’S THE VIDEO, the laughter in the background? Yeah, that’s ME! I was laughing so hard while RoRo was trying to video tape the whole thing on her camera, she was trying so hard not to laugh and I was laughing my butt off, this is my best friend ya’ll!!!


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I spent yesterday in Church, learning about great things. My favorite Miah taught the class and it was a really good lesson and I swear, Miah’s personality is one of the best out there, if you think I’m all sunshiny and everything that’s nice, you haven’t seen anything yet, because Miah is the absolute bomb! I spent last night where we always spend the night…in Compton and we had fun over there so it was good to just chill with the homies.

We got plans for next weekend so it should be good times! =)

So, really…what did YOU guys do yesterday?

Alright, Alright….

27 07 2007

….I’m updating, yeesh!

It’s so nice to feel the love around the blogosphere when I’m not around. I know that I haven’t been updating as much as I usually do and I keep apologizing about it but I guess because I’m spending so much time hanging out with friends in the summer sun and just living life, blogging has totally taken a back seat and I’m sorry if some of my favorite readers are feeling neglected, so with renewed force, here I am…blogging just for you guys!

I posted some of my favorite Eye Candy Menz that I started yesterday so you guys can enjoy that yummalicious post! =)

I’ve got a lot of things going on for this weekend, my favorite Uncle Party is dancing in a luau tomorrow that we’re dragging our friend RoRo to. It should totally be fun and so you can get a feel of what kind of show we’ll be enjoying tomorrow, here’s a little clip of our favorite Uncle Party Ralph Lauren doing his thang with Mulu’s loud ass mouth laughing like a hyenna in the back….haha.

In that second video, you can totally see Mulu walking up to give him money, haha…Mulu’s on YouTube, haha…she’s the tall skinny Samoan girl with the grey shirt and black long sleeve underneath, haha…that’s my best friend!

Moving on to other news, I’ve been given the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award by my homie gee locc, Izzle my Nizzle and Mailynzzle…=) And dude, I totally have to thank Izzy for changing my URL address because I called her in a panic when Juju was being a jerk and copied and pasted everything that I said about Cool Guy and teased me relentlessly, texting me snippets of my blog, calling me and reciting my blog back to me and then even, BLACKMAILING me, it was all done in good fun and though it was mighty embarrassing for me, I could laugh about it now.

I love Juju, he totally rocks my socks and I really hope that he finds his eternal companion soon, does anyone want to apply for the position, because I’m totally accepting applications on his behalf, haha. Oh yeah and he’s totally a sexy beast! haha….if you go to my myspace, he’s Dirt McGirt, don’t ask me what that means cause I don’t know, he won’t tell me either.

Stop the press, ya’ll, stop the press! Check it out…I’m a…

Yeah, aren’t you just pea green with envy? Huh, huh? You totally should be since according to not one but TWO people, I totally rock socks, I’m just totally fantabulous like that, hehe…and since I’ve been given this award TWICE (not that I’m tooting my own horn or anything like that, haha) I’m going to give this award out my danged self. =)

And the peeps that I totally love and all that good stuff are:

1. My girl, Isabel I Know Her Last Name.

This is my ro’ dawg. Is that how you spell it? I love this girl, I’ve known her for a lot of years now (I can’t seem to remember how many though, just know that I’ve known Izzy since BEFORE Joey, that’s a long time dammit!) and she’s one of my down ass bitches, she may be on the shy side but you can count on her to do just about anything for you…I love that about her, she’s smart, beautiful and the girl is funny…she’s just low key and it’s those low key girls you gotta watch out for, haha…her blog is a must read for mine and I just love being all nosy up in her life…haha.

2. Mailyn.

I’m telling you, Mailyn is hands down one of my most favorite bloggers, EVER! I’m so happy that I found her blog (I forget how I found it, maybe she found me, whatever, I’m so glad I know this girl now) because this girl is as real as real can be. She doesn’t like something? You don’t have to worry about Mailyn not speaking up on her behalf, she’s another ride or die bitch (I mean that in the most greatest of ways, Mailyn, seriously! =)) that I absolutely love and her blog never ceases to pull all of my emotions out, whether it’s outrage on an animal, laughter at her vents and then lust with all of the scrumdiddilyumptious prettyful menz on her page, the girl knows how to find the hotties all over the world and for an eye candy expert, I totally appreciate her art! haha.

3. Mollie.

Mollie is a new to me friend who I’ve had the pleasure of reading for the past few months. I just started reading her blog not too long ago and I totally love it! She’s funny, witty and she works at a frickin’ library, one that got one of those really cool awards for being like the best libraries in America or whatever, I’m totally hating on her because she gets to be surrounded by books all day long and get paid for it too, man and she reads a lot of cool books, I love it and you totally rock, Mollie!

4. B.

The Tabloid Thursday Queen! I’m so glad that she found my blog because I totally love going to her blog to visit and just read all about the celebrities dirt over there. She totally rocks my socks and she is such a pretty lady too, you lucky tramp…she also just got back from Malta, JEALOUS THATS ME!!! =)

5. Daphne.

I can’t forget my little homie gee locc from across the way…=) Daphne is one of the most kind hearted, funny and witty girls I know. She is such a small little thing but man is she so much fun to be around, she says some of the funniest things that have me in stitches laughing, she’s so refreshingly honest and candid and I just totally love this girl, she totally ROCKS!

There you go, there are so many other blogger women that rock my socks but I’ll be here all day if I listed them all…if you didn’t get mentioned, that doesn’t mean that you rock, it just means that I’m a crackhead and need to catch up on my sleep instead of staying up late every night talking on the phone to cute boys that I like to kiss! =)

To end off this post, I don’t mean to be mean or anything but dude…DID YOU GUYS SEE BEYONCE’S FALL? My side STILL hurts from laughing so frickin’ much with my friend, Miah…man that fall should go down in the books as best falls in a live concert, EVER! haha…I love it!

There you go, I’ll try to start updating more often but dude, laugh with me it’s great! =) And have a good weekend ya’ll!!! =)

Thursday Thirteen….My Favorite Celebs.

26 07 2007

One thing about me is I love me some hottie eye candy and so what better way to spend this week’s Thursday Thirteen by listing some of my favorite eye candy mens….watch out now!

Here it goes:

1. David Beckham.

2. Wentworth Miller.

3. Channing Tatum (this one’s for you, Ames and Grace)

4. Justin Timberlake.

5. Dan Carter.

6. Henry Cavill.

7. Matt Leinart.

8. James Franco.

9. Paul Walker.

10. Josh Duhamel.

11. Eric Dane.

12. Ryan Phillippe.

13. Brad Pitt.

Now ladies, pick your mouths off the floor and wipe the drool off your faces, it’s not becoming of you…hahahaha, HAPPY THURSDAY!!!

13 Things That I’ve Been Up To…

19 07 2007

…instead of blogging. LOL.

I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately that I have decided that today, I was going to put something new up since I’m totally slackin’and I can’t seem to shake this crapstatic habit I have of not updating my blog enough…I’m so sorry to my faithful readers out there, but hey, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to.

1. I’ve been going to Church.

With the exception of the Sunday during my family reunion, I have been to Church each and every single Sunday. My Sunday’s aren’t complete without going to Church. I have so much fun at Church and I just totally love my Single’s Branch, we’re all friends and we all have so much fun hanging out and chatting after Church while we Linger Longer…I swear, I’m gonna get my friend Ayu to linger longer more often, I love this girl! And for those of you that go to Church with me and read my blog, the Church is true! =) Believe it, know it and love it! I do! Not only do I love hanging out after Church, chatting with everyone, I also love our lessons, we have the best Sunday School Teacher in my friend, Ayu…she never fails to amaze me with how knowledgable she is of the gospel and seriously, I love the things she challenges me to think about each and every week.

2. I’ve been salsa dancing.

Every week, there’s a dance class thingy in Santa Monica that me and my friends try to make it to. We went last night and I had an absolute blast, dancing with all those cutie patootie guys from the Santa Monica Stake, I don’t remember everyone’s names but I had so much fun dancing the cha cha and battling with Mulu across the dance floor, my one partner named Tommy told me that I was his best partner of the night, can you blame him, I mean seriously? LOL. So much fun.

3. I’ve been hanging out with Cool Guy.

Yes, I’ve been hanging out with Cool Guy, doing cool things. =)

4. I’ve been planning more hang outs with my friends.

We’re in the process of putting together a lot of cool things for us to do during the summer and seriously, I can’t wait…we have such a cool group of people in our little group now and me and Mulu are exstatic over that mess.

5. I’ve not been a human being having spiritual experiences but a spiritual being having human experiences.

LOL, sorry inside joke and well, yeah….shhh, Therese! haha.

6. Going to FHE.

FHE (Family Home Evening) is the bomb and I love going each and every week. What’s going on this week, you ask? We’re having a pool party at this uber rich families house in our Stake, sounds promising for real!

7. I’ve been hanging out in Compton.

It’s what we do. After everything we do, we usually end up at the Compton house, it’s a good thing we’re always welcome over there…haha.

8. I’ve been getting lost with Miah and Tita.

Dude, can you tell me how to get to the 91? Another adventure getting lost with two of my favorite people, what a way to spend the night, huh Therese?

9. I’ve been going to lunch with Mulu.

I see this chick every single day now that we work down the street from each other. She’s my new lunch buddy and the good times are always rolling with us.

10. Going to Dodger Games.

Okay so I’m going to a Dodger Game tonight because tonight is Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium and we’re all going, I cannot flippin’ wait…it needs to be 5 o’clock already so we can roll already, sheesh! Lilocc (my second Mom) is going with us and I just know we’re going to have fun, even if Ryan got our tickets so that we have to hike to heaven again to our seats, but I cannot effing wait!

11. I’ve been listening to my summer mix cd, jazzing myself up!

Songs that I can’t get enough of these days are Ciara’s Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone, Chris Brown’s Wall to Wall, Sugarbabes Push the Button and A Teen’s Upside Down, LOL…oh and can’t forget about Ay Baby…hehe, love that song oh and how can I forget about, the song of the summer??? Toot that thang up mami, let it roll…POP LOCK AND DROP IT! =) I’m hella loving my summer mix cd, because I put some Culture Boys on there along with some Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam and The Jets, and well, DEBBIE GIBSON, hehe…Only in my dreams, haha.

12. Going bike riding on the beach with my friends.

Last week Saturday, me and my friends went bike riding on the beach, we rode from Hermosa to Dockweiler Beach and holy crap was it a killer on my legs but I had such a good time being out in the sunshine and chatting along with Ayu, who was protecting me from the big dogs on the beach, because you guys know that I, well, had a bad experience with dogs and am scared of those suckers, even your dogs, Holly….haha. But dude, we’re planning another beach bike ride soon so that should be fun, and this time Mulu will be able to come with us.


It’s sad, I haven’t read anything in close to three weeks, if you don’t count the book that I inhaled last week, but 1 book in three weeks? It’s so not me but I’m just too busy doing big thangs now that I don’t have time to read much anymore, I’m sure as soon as summer leaves us, I’ll be back to reading again…and my summer reading list? Yeah, NOT GETTING DONE! haha.

So there you have it, what I’ve been up to…it doesn’t seem like a lot but dude, it is and I’m just having a blast doing it all, great stuff…

So yeah, let’s keep the party going ya’ll…until next week.


13 07 2007


Get It Shorty…

11 07 2007

…so I know that I’ve been a horrible blogger this week but I’ve been busy with nothing really, I’ve just been given a lot of work that needs to be done which leaves less and less time for me to blog at work, so sorry guys.

But, a quick recap of what I’ve been up to?

Last weekend was my family reunion with my Mom’s brother’s kids. My Mom’s brother, my Uncle Pete (my younger brother was named after him) died in 1991 and since then, we’ve seen his kids only a handful of times and my Mom wanted to spend more time with them so my older sister, Blanche put together a mini family reunion and everyone showed up and we had such a great time.

I am proud to announce that in the family relay races on Saturday, I smoked my brother Henry not ONCE but TWICE, ya’ll…he can’t see me and man I have never laughed so much before in my life as I did with my family over the weekend. I had such a good time with my family and it was just so good to see everyone in real life and not just on myspace. LOL.

My nephew, Jerome (he goes by Lome’) came down with his girlfriend and he’s such a handsome man now, all growed up and errthang and he’s still gifted with a guitar. The boy can play ANYTHING and I totally mean ANYTHING, every song that I requested, he played for me and we sang song after song with Lome’ on the guitar, kickin’ crazy sexy cool.

It was so awesome.

Other things that I’ve been doing is, I’ve been hanging out with my homie gee loccs, Mulu, Theresa and the gang. Mulu and I are planning to go to the Josh Gracin concert this weekend with the tickets that I talked Cool Guy into getting for us. I hung out with Cool Guy last night and we kissed a lot and necked a whole lot too, it was great but that’s about it.

I’m just enjoying whatever this is with Cool Guy, he’s confused but I don’t mind, he can kiss good. LOL.

Hmmm, what else? I think that’s it…oh wait, over the weekend there was this big Polynesian Music Concert complete with Polynesian floor show by a well known Polynesian dance group called Tupulaga and there were Polynesian musicians galore performing as well. I wanted to go but with my family reunion the same weekend I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go but, a lot of my favorite Samoan artists were there and my friend B Nice sang with one of my favorite Polynesian R&B singing groups from New Zealand, Adeaze.

Check her out on You Tube.