So Let Me Tell You ….

2 07 2007

….about Cool Guy.

The last crush you guys have seen me write about, his name was Scott and just not that into me because he’s doing some blonde chick on his lunch hour and though we still flirt up the wazoo with each other, I just know that is going nowhere, sorry to those of you who had high hopes for me and Scott. We’re just homie gee loccs. He’s a cool guy but that’s about it. And plus, I don’t think Mulu approves of him so meh, whatever.

Anyway, lately Mulu, Theresa and I have been becoming more and more popular with the peeps at Church, I mean lots of people want to hang out with us and seriously, can you blame them? LOL..just kidding. So anyway, our calendar has been really busy trying to squeeze in time to hang out with everyone and just getting everyone together for dance classes and just hanging out.

Enter Cool Guy.

Every Monday night, we have FHE, that’s Family Home Evening and since I’m in a Singles Ward, we have our own FHE’s instead of having them with our families, a lot of kids are here for the summer with no family here for them or whatever and so we hold these activities every week as a way to hang out and keep our spirituality’s in tact, ya know?

So anyway, we’ve hung out with Cool Guy and Ryan for the past few Mondays and have stayed up laughing and joking with Mulu well into the night.

We’ve gotten pretty close and have loads of fun just hanging out. And well, he finally asked me out this past Friday and…

…we went out!

Deets later. I gotta go right now.




10 responses

2 07 2007

Tee hee. I already know. Tee hee.

that’s awesome girlie and I’m happy for you. 🙂

3 07 2007

Oh reeheeheeheeeeeeely? Deets. Now please!

3 07 2007
Kat O+

Talk about a cliffhanger! I’m curious as to why he’s wearing nothing but his undies. *g*

3 07 2007

Leave a girl hanging will ya? geez

3 07 2007

Details, please 🙂

3 07 2007

We went out AND THEN!? 😉 Very happy for you as long as it was good!


3 07 2007

Happy for you, sweets!

So now give us the details… ;P

3 07 2007

YAY! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

3 07 2007

What?!?!?! You can’t just leave off in the middle of the story!!!! Shame on you woman!!!!!

5 07 2007

Alright, the mystery has been lifted guys, my Thursday Thirteen is all about my date.

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