I Was Tagged…by Zeek.

3 07 2007

I love Zeek.

Love her to pieces because she always has great topics up on her blog. Well she had that tag thingy where your significant other is supposed to list 8 weird things about you and since I don’t have a significant other, just another half, I told her to do that and here is what Mulu had to say on the topic…

1. You don’t like mayo…but u eat potatoe salad
2. You always push back your glasses when ur NOT wearing glasses
3. You don’t wear shorts
4. You can put your legs all the way back so it looks like your legs are gonna snap.
5. Your toes are all the same length
6. You “pretend” talk on your phone just so you can “look” like your doing
something when you see someone you know and don’t want to talk to them.
7. You still get attacked by LILY (that’s my Mom)
8. After making out with a guy..you act like you don’t know him.

I’m rollin’…




7 responses

3 07 2007

Shoot, I still gotta ask Eric to do this for me. Since Joey still won’t give me his. But ha ha! I love Mulu’s answers.

We have 1, 3 and 6 in common. 🙂

3 07 2007

She’s so your lobster. Y’all are like..soul mates. LOL

MM is working on mine. he’s putting all kinds of thought into it. haha

4 07 2007

#6 – I love it!

4 07 2007

#6 Had me rolling too! (I look at my watch to do the same thing!)

and #8 why you little tease you! 😛

4 07 2007

Number 6 – and all this time I would just avoid eye contact and move past like I didn’t know the person! I’m rude!

Number 8 is hilarious.

As to number one, I hate tomatoes but eat ketchup and spaghetti sauce (when I have to).


4 07 2007

What the hell happened to the rest of the story?!?! I demand an end!!!

5 07 2007

Bwahahaha!! I see you in a whole new light now. :o)

How’s things in Torrance??

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