Thursday Thirteen….about my Date with Cool Guy.

5 07 2007

So, it would seem that I’m being called a tease because I still haven’t made the time to lay out the deets about my date with Cool Guy. I’m sorry you guys, I’ve been busy with other things but I’m here now and I’ve decided that today’s Thursday Thirteen is going to be about my date with Cool Guy and just some random stuff that you guys would like to know about him. (Since it’s very obvious that you guys are dying of curiosity! haha)

Some background deets on Cool Guy. I’ve known Cool Guy since we were little, I’m a couple of years older than Cool Guy but I can’t really care because I think he’s cutie and sweet and all that good stuff. We go to the same Church and we laugh at the same things and well, we just have lots of fun together, sometimes doing absolutely nothing and if you can have fun with people doing absolutely nothing, you tend to want to hang around those kinds of people more, am I right? =)

So anyway, here’s the deets to my date with Cool Guy.

1. We had a moment. He’s part of our Monday night crew and we always stay after FHE and crack jokes and what not, he’s part of that and it was on a Monday night a few weeks ago that we played really nice with him trying to butter him up so that he’d get us some tickets to the Elliott Yamin concert. It worked, but while we were at the concert, Cool Guy and I had a moment. It was a nice hand holding moment, but it was then that I noticed that hey, he really IS a good guy, cute too. That’s what started the whole attraction thing, I felt it but didn’t have any plans on making anything of it.

2. He came to Church. After not having been to Church in a while, he promised my friend that he’d come to Church, he came and that Sunday that he came to Church, we had yet….another moment. Two moments in a week, yeah…there’s a bit of an attraction going on me thinks…

3. It started with a 4 hour phone conversation. Mulu texted him on my phone, I assumed she was texting with Theresa, turns out she was texting with Cool Guy and I called him to tell him I had no idea what the heck he was talking about (Mulu had deleted my logs) and we ended up talking and talking and talking…it was great.

4. I found out we have a lot of things in common. Because of things that happened in our pasts, things that have shaped us into the people we are today, it’s kind of hard to date other members from our Church, feeling the way that we feel and I’ve never felt that anyone has really understood me and the way I see things until I talked to Cool Guy, people may see what I mean or get what I mean, but they never understand what I mean….he does.

5. He’s got some baggage. He may think that he’s ready to move on from the baggage from his last relationship but I’ll be the first to tell you that he’s not and even though I’d like to see where things go between us, I know that it can’t go very far until he fixes all of his stuff, but I’m not in a rush for things to go further, not yet anyway…I can be patient.

6. He called me back. After our four hour conversation, his phone died, he said he’d call me back and an hour later, he really did. We talked for another couple of hours and he turned down all the girls I tried hooking him up with, then told me that there was one girl that I hadn’t mentioned that he might be interested in….I bet you can guess just who that girl is.

7. He got hungry.…and then he asked me to go out with him. By the time we got off the phone, it was after 9:30 but he was hungry. I wasn’t hungry and I had a ton of things to do before bed, because I was babysitting my Mom for my Dad who was out of town. He told me that I still had some time before he got to me and I told him that maybe it wasn’t a good idea and he kept saying, “It’s a good idea, stop making up excuses, come out with me.” So I did.

8. There was a change in plans. By the time he came and got me, I had already had my Mom situated and wasn’t really feeling my best, kept telling him that I was pretty busted (looking really toe up) but he kept saying, “No excuses, you have to come with me.” He told me that we were going over to his friend David’s house and that I had to come, no excuses. I totally didn’t want to go and hang out with his friends. His friends kept calling him to come over and hang out with them and he said, fine but I’m picking up Wena and then we’ll come. His friends are people that I joke around with at Church so it’s not like I didn’t know them but well, I just felt weird coming to their house with him, but it turned out for the good…they were great.

9. He’s a really funny guy. I’ve always known this about him but the kind of funny that he showed me before, wasn’t the kind of funny that I saw on this night. It was just him hanging out with his boys and it was just so much more funny. He’s a very witty guy and the person he shows the world and the person I saw that night are two totally different people and I like all of his “persons”.

10. He’s got broad shoulders. And I’m a sucker for broad shoulders.

11. He’s such a sweetheart. This entire night was spent talking and sort of getting to know the person that the other didn’t see before now. It was by no means, a me listening to him talk about himself all night kind of thing. He asked questions, he listened and he tried to help me with whatever issues I had. He also spent a lot of the night whispering sweet nothings in my ear. And I liked it…a lot.

12. The boy can kiss. *sigh* Yeah, he can.

13. There was a promise for more but we’ll see…yeah, we’ll see.

There you go, your deets post. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on my whatever this is with Cool Guy.




16 responses

5 07 2007

Awww, I like your Thursday 13. Just have fun and see where it takes you. 🙂

5 07 2007

OMG that was so got! Yay Ro! I so hope this works out for you because you deserve it. You are my own Mary Fucking Sunshine and I so love you for it!

But you’re the only one, btw. You know how I feel about the rest of them. LOL.

I am crossing my fingers and hands and legs and everything so this works out. He does sound like a dream. ^__^

5 07 2007


Yeah, I’m just going to enjoy whatever happens, he’s not perfect but that’s okay…who is?


LOL…I do love you too sweets! haha. I’ve got everything including my eyes crossed as well, so we’ll see…thanks so much Mailyn!!!

Hey how’s your Muse? I might not be your favorite person after I send you this email that i keep forgetting to send you….haha.

Love you!

6 07 2007
Kristie (J)

Oooohhh sounds promising! Here’s hoping things work out between the two of you.

6 07 2007

Thanks so much Kristie! =)

6 07 2007

Great idea for a TT13! I’ve wimped out lately and haven’t done it 😦

I will next week!

6 07 2007

Hey Rowena! I enjoyed reading your this week’s TT! This guy sounds great…and I’m keeping fingers crossed that things will work out well for you both!!!

6 07 2007

LOL Ro! Send me the email. But send it to my Yahoo e-mail cuz I never log into my gmail. I always forget. LOL.

6 07 2007
Kat O+

Sounds…goosebumpy (in a good way)! I love moments. *sigh* What a lovely post.

6 07 2007

Awwwww, that is the best! And a promise for more sounds like just the plan 😉


6 07 2007

YAYAY! Ok so this may sound corny but like the ladies in one of my fav movies say…”Let go, let flow.” Enjoy the ride with Cool Guy. 😉

7 07 2007

This Thursday 13 post rocks, sweets! So, so happy for ya…and we’ll definitely would want to know where this goes. Can’t wait for your next Cool Guy post, that’s for sure. 😛

8 07 2007

Yeah for the deets! I hope everything goes great between the two of you!

9 07 2007

Thanks everyone, Cool Guy are just friends but we’ll see what happens, thanks for all the well wishes…=)

9 07 2007

It’s always good to have someone who can relate to some of the important aspects in your life. I’m glad you guys have that. We’ll see how it goes, but I hope whatever happens is for the best.

11 07 2007

Dude where are ya???

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