13 07 2007




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13 07 2007

So are you going to go to some of his games?

13 07 2007
Karen Scott

I saw the reception he got on the news. I hate that he’s been hyped so much, and I’m cynical as to whether the people who claim to love David Beckham actually know what kind of a footballer he is, and what his contribution in a match will be.

He’s not a goal scorer, he’s a goal provider, and a free kick specialist.

13 07 2007

OH you know it, Iz!!! =)


Oh goodness, it’s funny you mention this because I got into a really big argument with a friend of mine last week about this very topic. He said that he doesn’t know why Beckham is being hyped up so much, it’s not like he leads any league in goals scored and I just looked at him like he was dumb. I go, “Do you know what position Becks plays? He doesn’t score the goals, he sets them up and he’s a genius at doing it.”

But of course, nobody out here really knows much about Beckham and what he can do on a soccer field (sorry I know you guys call it football, but here in the states it’s soccer) and it makes me mad because they’re so quick to bad mouth him and they don’t even know much about him or his game.

So I totally know what you’re talking about, Karen…but aside from all the crap that I hate hearing about him out here from people who think they KNOW what Becks is capable of, I’m so effing stoked that he’s finally here and will be playing at the Home Depot Center that is not 15 minutes away from my house…SQUEEEE!

13 07 2007

Dude sold out Galaxy tickets for July 20. *Sigh*…. let’s try to win some on the radio.

14 07 2007

I’m all about it, I’ll start calling, do you know if they’re giving them away on KIIS or something?

15 07 2007

Ro, heard your squeal all across the Pacific, girl. Can’t really blame you now, can I?

15 07 2007

No, you can’t…because, HE’S HERE KOOKIE, HE’S HERE!

16 07 2007

LOL!!! I’m thinking he’s going to need a restraining order soon. 😛

17 07 2007

I REALLY want to go see him play when they play the Crew here in Columbus. Unfortunately none of my friends like soccer. Sigh.

17 07 2007


I heard on KIIS this morning that Ryan was giving away tickets, but I couldn’t find my cell phone until it was too late, I forgot what time he was giving the tix away though, dangit!




I’d go by my dang self if I had too, good thing I have Daphne to go with…=)

17 07 2007

Ro, where are you?!?!?

17 07 2007

Keep trying. I’m gonna ask my boss to hook me up. That fool’s got season tickets.

18 07 2007

Hey Ro! Did you see the Victorian Beckham in America show the other night?? There were some mighty fine shots of the man…

24 07 2007
Charm School Reject

Phew. I found you 🙂

24 07 2007

OK you need to come back like NOW!!!! 😦

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