13 Things That I’ve Been Up To…

19 07 2007

…instead of blogging. LOL.

I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately that I have decided that today, I was going to put something new up since I’m totally slackin’and I can’t seem to shake this crapstatic habit I have of not updating my blog enough…I’m so sorry to my faithful readers out there, but hey, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to.

1. I’ve been going to Church.

With the exception of the Sunday during my family reunion, I have been to Church each and every single Sunday. My Sunday’s aren’t complete without going to Church. I have so much fun at Church and I just totally love my Single’s Branch, we’re all friends and we all have so much fun hanging out and chatting after Church while we Linger Longer…I swear, I’m gonna get my friend Ayu to linger longer more often, I love this girl! And for those of you that go to Church with me and read my blog, the Church is true! =) Believe it, know it and love it! I do! Not only do I love hanging out after Church, chatting with everyone, I also love our lessons, we have the best Sunday School Teacher in my friend, Ayu…she never fails to amaze me with how knowledgable she is of the gospel and seriously, I love the things she challenges me to think about each and every week.

2. I’ve been salsa dancing.

Every week, there’s a dance class thingy in Santa Monica that me and my friends try to make it to. We went last night and I had an absolute blast, dancing with all those cutie patootie guys from the Santa Monica Stake, I don’t remember everyone’s names but I had so much fun dancing the cha cha and battling with Mulu across the dance floor, my one partner named Tommy told me that I was his best partner of the night, can you blame him, I mean seriously? LOL. So much fun.

3. I’ve been hanging out with Cool Guy.

Yes, I’ve been hanging out with Cool Guy, doing cool things. =)

4. I’ve been planning more hang outs with my friends.

We’re in the process of putting together a lot of cool things for us to do during the summer and seriously, I can’t wait…we have such a cool group of people in our little group now and me and Mulu are exstatic over that mess.

5. I’ve not been a human being having spiritual experiences but a spiritual being having human experiences.

LOL, sorry inside joke and well, yeah….shhh, Therese! haha.

6. Going to FHE.

FHE (Family Home Evening) is the bomb and I love going each and every week. What’s going on this week, you ask? We’re having a pool party at this uber rich families house in our Stake, sounds promising for real!

7. I’ve been hanging out in Compton.

It’s what we do. After everything we do, we usually end up at the Compton house, it’s a good thing we’re always welcome over there…haha.

8. I’ve been getting lost with Miah and Tita.

Dude, can you tell me how to get to the 91? Another adventure getting lost with two of my favorite people, what a way to spend the night, huh Therese?

9. I’ve been going to lunch with Mulu.

I see this chick every single day now that we work down the street from each other. She’s my new lunch buddy and the good times are always rolling with us.

10. Going to Dodger Games.

Okay so I’m going to a Dodger Game tonight because tonight is Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium and we’re all going, I cannot flippin’ wait…it needs to be 5 o’clock already so we can roll already, sheesh! Lilocc (my second Mom) is going with us and I just know we’re going to have fun, even if Ryan got our tickets so that we have to hike to heaven again to our seats, but I cannot effing wait!

11. I’ve been listening to my summer mix cd, jazzing myself up!

Songs that I can’t get enough of these days are Ciara’s Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone, Chris Brown’s Wall to Wall, Sugarbabes Push the Button and A Teen’s Upside Down, LOL…oh and can’t forget about Ay Baby…hehe, love that song oh and how can I forget about, the song of the summer??? Toot that thang up mami, let it roll…POP LOCK AND DROP IT! =) I’m hella loving my summer mix cd, because I put some Culture Boys on there along with some Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam and The Jets, and well, DEBBIE GIBSON, hehe…Only in my dreams, haha.

12. Going bike riding on the beach with my friends.

Last week Saturday, me and my friends went bike riding on the beach, we rode from Hermosa to Dockweiler Beach and holy crap was it a killer on my legs but I had such a good time being out in the sunshine and chatting along with Ayu, who was protecting me from the big dogs on the beach, because you guys know that I, well, had a bad experience with dogs and am scared of those suckers, even your dogs, Holly….haha. But dude, we’re planning another beach bike ride soon so that should be fun, and this time Mulu will be able to come with us.


It’s sad, I haven’t read anything in close to three weeks, if you don’t count the book that I inhaled last week, but 1 book in three weeks? It’s so not me but I’m just too busy doing big thangs now that I don’t have time to read much anymore, I’m sure as soon as summer leaves us, I’ll be back to reading again…and my summer reading list? Yeah, NOT GETTING DONE! haha.

So there you have it, what I’ve been up to…it doesn’t seem like a lot but dude, it is and I’m just having a blast doing it all, great stuff…

So yeah, let’s keep the party going ya’ll…until next week.




6 responses

19 07 2007

OMG I was beginning to worry about you and here you are having sex with Cool guy!!! Ok, so maybe you aren’t but I’m hoping you are. Somebody HAS to get laid since I’m not and Holly didn’t get any on her birthday. 😛

Salsa is soooo much fun! I’m ashamed to say that Latinos [especially in the Caribbean] pretty much know how to dance it since they are born [kid you not! I’ve seen 5-year-olds dancing like adults!] but I am not one of them. Sure, I can still move but I usually try to lead and, well, not good. LMAO!

Oh and I’m thinking you’ll like the song I posted on my blog. I was thinking about you cuz it’s all bouncy and happy. LOL.

Glad to see you are OK!!!!


20 07 2007

I went to church in Malta because my grandfather would be upset if I didn’t go- I couldn’t understand anything but I went:) ( I don’t speak Maltese)

pray for me when you go okay!

20 07 2007

Hey suga, Methinks number 3 on the list may be a strong if not the strongest contender as to why you haven’t been reading those books…probably creating your own romance novel…heh heh heh ea, e noyce? choo hoo! 😉
p.s long time no comment a ea?!

20 07 2007

Hi you. Wow you’ve been quite the busy bee haven’t you? I’m glad to see that you’re doing so many fun things, and keeping your faith, family, and friends on your priority list.

20 07 2007
Rene Lyons

You are not allowed to have a life. You must be at the blog’s beck and call. You must be at MY beck and call! hee hee

Love you!!!

8 08 2007

Great list here! It reminds me to go to Church more often 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

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