Check It Out…

31 07 2007

…this is me being silly at Target on Saturday. I found the man of my dreams, seriously! And I’m not letting him go.


He loves me, I just know he does….=) Thanks to my homie gee locc, RoRo for taking these lovely pictures! It was funny because I saw the poster right when RoRo and I walked into the store, Mulu and everyone else rushed in trying to grab stuff they needed for home so me and RoRo were just browsing around, since we didn’t need anything.

I saw this poster and immediately snatched it up and the entire time that we were in the store, I carried Becks around, close to my heart. RoRo and Therese thought it was beyond hilarious, considering I was “scratching” his back, just like me and Mulu wish someone would scratch ours and there were a few old ladies that approached me, asking me if I was going to take good care of Becks while he was here in the states.

I told her, “Oh you know it, he never wants to go back to England, thanks to me.”

After she finished laughing and after I finished serenading Becks, I’m Never by Aaradhna, she told me to, “Handle that sweetness!”

To which, I replied, “Already on it, hotcakes, already on it.”

It was too funny and RoRo loves us for being so silly all the time, having fun doing absolutely NOTHING, it’s the way to keep the party going, ya dig? haha.




6 responses

31 07 2007

Haha, you crack me up. That’s awesome.

31 07 2007

I know, you should have seen me, it was the bomb!!! I had everyone laughing, hehe.

1 08 2007

you crackhead! lol. Although, i did the same thing with a picture of wentworth miller once. lol.

1 08 2007

Ooh, the pics of Went at The Gap? I would have molested that picture if I could get to it…LOL.

2 08 2007

Just came back in to take another look. Damn he’s fine.

4 08 2007

Love you lots for loving our Becks, girl!!! It might seem funny but I would have reacted the same way (prolly more) so I can totally relate. ;o)

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