The Story…

7 08 2007

…of why I had to change my blogging address.

This blog is for my friend, Nets, all the way over there in hottie filled England because she was looking for me yesterday and I wanted her to know why I had to change my blog URL and why she couldn’t find me when she went to my old link…so, Nets sweetie pie, this blog’s for you…=)

A while ago, I blogged anonymously because I didn’t want people to know about this blog, this blog was going to be my outlet for when I was pissed, sad, hurt and whatever else I was feeling at any given moment but the very people that I was hiding this blog from, found it and became my biggest readers and supporters, so I came out of the anonymous closet.

Since, I wasn’t really blogging about anything personal on this blog, I added the link to my blog on my myspace. I didn’t care who read it and I didn’t care if anyone knew about my blog….

..up until I started posting about Cool Guy.

Since it had been months since I linked my blog on my myspace, I completely forgot about the links and everything….

…until my friend Juju decided to actually READ my myspace and follow the yellow link road over to my blog where he read all about my moments with Cool Guy and read enough about my relationship with Cool Guy to put the pieces together and gather enough amunition to razz the hell out of me and blackmail me to keep his silence. I had not yet told Cool Guy about my personal blog, though he did know about my book blog. So, I had to tell Cool Guy that I was talking about him on my blog and that Juju and Miah aka BIG MOUTH were blackmailing me and teasing him about it all.

Now, everything was said in good fun and whatever, but we all agreed that maybe it was a good idea for me to change my URL because a certain person we all didn’t want to be reading my stuff because she’s kind of….well, shady so I agreed to change my URL anyway…just in case because, of all people, I didn’t want her to read my blog, just because, well…I’m not very fond of her.

So, because of all that drizama, I had to change my URL and I’m now tootin’ that thang, here at”. So, I hope you guys all change your URL addresses for my new blog home and I hope you guys will journey with me through all the rest of my drama’s and reviews and what not…

…so change those links por favor and let’s keep the party going, shall we?





10 responses

8 08 2007

LOL! I remember you calling all freaked out. Poor Rowena.

8 08 2007

I’m here!!! But you knew I would be. LOL.

Awww, you went back to Beckham! I’m touched. 😛

8 08 2007

hiya babes,
awwww man, thanks for that I really understand now and feel damn special, my name was in your post LMFAO. I spent 2 weeks looking because although I forget to comment you will always find my name on your “visitors daily stats” HAHAHAHA Oh yes, I’m hooked! But I was getting a wee bit worried. I love what you write about. I also think you may be downplaying the blackmail a little bit, blackmail…that’s just sad! And you don’t know this but everytime I read your blog it makes me want to be more honest on my own blog and be open and say things exactly as they would come out of my mouth…but it was started for family and friends and I’m one of those idiots who care what people say *sigh*…but you’re an inspiration huni! Anyways, better go to bed…and if I meet any Hotties out this way and if they are perfect, I’ll package him up in a bow and send him on through!!
Alofa atu

9 08 2007


Heck yes, that wasn’t one of my finer reminds me of Daph and how she called out to MM for help that was me..Im Daph and you’re MM. haha.


Hey girl, it’s so good to see you around the blogs sweetie…I missed you! =)


Yes girl, you are now famous on my blog because I dedicated a song to you, oh snap my song just came on, hecks yes!!!! If I Was Your Man by Joe? D/l it, it’s the bomb song…haha. Anyway, yeah my friends Juju and Miah are like brothers to me, they treat me like any older brother would treat a sister, they pest me, they tease me and they like to embarrass me, they’re lucky I love them bunches! I’ll totally be waiting for those hottie packages, don’t tease me, kay? LOL…I’m glad you found me now, !!!

9 08 2007

Haha, awwww poor Rowena. It’s okay, as long as we got the new link, it’s all good and we can keep the party going. Love you babe.

9 08 2007

Yeah, the good times keep rollin’ around here, we can toot that thang now…haha.

12 08 2007
Karen Scott

I did wonder why you’d changed. I did wonder why I was getting some weird-assed posts from your old Eggs Benedict URL, LOL.

I’ve updated the links now.

14 08 2007

Good lookin’ out Karen girl…=)

15 08 2007

I was wondering what happened to you. Is it lame to be all proud that I found your new URL? LOL

21 08 2007

LOL, Casee…I do love you sweets! haha.

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