Thursday Thirteen….Places I’d Rather Be…

9 08 2007

…than here at work, right now.

1. Home.

There’s really no place like home, Dorothy totally knew what she was talking about…

2. At a Galaxy Game…with Becks actually playing.

I have a life list, things I want to do before I die. One of those things was to see David Beckham play on the pitch, either in England or here in the states, didn’t matter which since, I just wanted to see HIM, in the flesh and not on Fox Sports World or Fox Soccer Channel or whatever, I am totally going to get my chance to see him play because he’s here in L.A. now and my world is going to be sooo complete. =)

3. At a New Zealand All Blacks Game….in New Zealand.

On that same life list, it’s been my dream to catch an All Black’s rugby match on their home turf, Mulu and I have been dying to see them in action, you know with the likes of Carlos Spencer (back when he still played for the All Blacks), Dan Carter, Richie McCaw (is that how you spell his name? I forget), Jerry Collins, Tana Umaga …and lately, we’ve been wanting to see Lome’ Fa’atau, who is a sexy Samoan rugby player but seriously, I’d rather be cheering the All Blacks on instead of filing all these damn papers…*sigh*

4. At a Kenny Chesney Concert.

It’s been a year since I’ve been to a Kenny concert and I miss singing along to him and everyone that comes in concert with him. He’s always got great opening acts and right now as I dance along to the songs playing on my computer, I’m wishing I was chillin’ with my family and Mulu at a Kenny concert, getting down to Beer in Mexico cause that’s my jam!

5. The 7’s IRB Tournament.

In my office, I have random pictures of Brenna, my kiddies and then of me and Mulu at random events over the years…most of those pictures are from the IRB 7’s Tournament here at the Home Depot Center. Man, those are so the bomb diggity and I wish I was cheering along as Manu Samoa cleans the field with some random team…I wonder if Becks would come out to these tournaments since England always brings a tournament, holy wow I can’t wait for next year’s tournament.

6. The beach.

I had a lot of fun this past Monday at the beach bondfire thing we had for our ward. I’d forgotten how soothing the ocean could be and how refreshing it was to just chill on the beach, the bondfire flaring to life before me as I chatted and mingled with everyone around…I really want to be at the beach right now…so I can relax, I don’t even mind that my hair still smells like fire, after 6 washings…*sigh*

7. Samoa.

I seriously want to take a trip to the islands to see where my Dad grew up and where my Mom roamed the beaches of American Samoa…in Tutuila. haha. I want to see for myself, the lands of my forefathers….haha, I only went there when I was about 4 years old and ia, I forgot about it! haha…

8. Greece.

It’s on that life list thing, I’m gonna make it to friggin’ Greece one of these damn days…hottie Greek dudes, here I come…=)

8. Scotland.

I wanna go there too because, duh..hottie Scottish guys in kilts, I’m all about it!

9. On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful…

…you know, like the place that Kenny sings about on his song, I wanna go there dammit.

10. PCC.

That’s short for Polynesian Culture Center. I wanna go there and see the show because I love watching Polynesian shows, they’re so much fun to watch and they never cease to make me so hot damn proud to be Samoan.

11. At Samoan Flag Day…

..I’m dying to go so that I can get some banana pagikeke…cause like Zipso said, ae fia ai ise pagikeke..haha. That’s Samoan banana pancakes, you remember I told you guys in my other TT post of my favorite foods about pankeke, that’s what I want to eat right now.

12. In Colorado.

..with my sister because I lubs her mucho and miss her more.

13. At a Dodger Game.

Just because I wanna do the wave….haha.




6 responses

9 08 2007

You got it, sweetie…I’ll let you know, although the only time we go to a Dodger game is for Mormon Night…haha.

9 08 2007

I’ve always wanted to go to Greece as well! I’ve a friend who lives in Athens and she’s hella cools. ALthough I haven’t heard from her in a long time. 😦

9 08 2007

I wanna go to scotland and flip a hottie’s kilt!

I haven’t been to the beach in years. ugh. I need to go back.

9 08 2007


Hey sweetie….yeah I wanna go to Greece real bad, I’m gonna buy me a toga dammit! haha.


Flip a hottie’s kilt…haha, I wanna go to the Highlands something fierce, yes go to the beach, it’s so much fun, lazing around doing absolutely NOTHING but reading and laughing with friends.

10 08 2007
Kat O+

The haka…it’s hot!

15 08 2007

Kat O,

Yes indeedy, the haka is FLIPPIN HOT!

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