Damn…They Can Dance.

13 08 2007

So I haven’t been watching this season of So You Think You Can Dance all that much mainly because I haven’t been around to watch it but I was trying to catch up on some performances from the likes of Neil, Sabra, Lauren, Pasha and Dominic because I remembered them from the episodes that I did watch and enjoyed their performances…

…so anyway, I’m totally blown away by one performance that I saw on Friday. It was totally reminiscent of my absolute favorite performance on LAST season’s SYTYCD, with Ivan and Alysson. Remember, this performance?

Sexy Love by Neyo?

Well this season, Dominic and Sabra performed to my frickin’ jam by Neyo….Make It Work. Check it out:

Goodness, I effing love hip hop dancing and this new one, choreographed by Shane Sparks totally takes the cake. I love Ivan way more than I love Dominic but Dominic totally tworked it out. It was great and I had to post these videos on my blog to immortalize them on here because hot damn, I LOVE IT!




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14 08 2007

I love watching people dance but I HATE most reality tv so I’ve been torn on this one. Plus I always forget. LOL. I’m going to do a post soon about shows I do love or watch from time to time.

14 08 2007

P.S. Henry Cavill is the hot shit!

I just had to say that. 😛

14 08 2007

I haven’t watched this season either, but man I wish I had skills like these dancers.

15 08 2007


I’m a reality tv junkie, this is the kind of stuff that I absolutely love..the dance shows, like Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol? I watch them all the time! haha…

…and yes girl, Henry Cavill is hot crap which is why he’s my TV Boyfriend…=)


Me too, sweets, me too…I want to learn that routine something fierce!

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