My Honey Baby….Chase…

20 08 2007

…started Kindergarten today.

The above video is a video that we took of Chase, leanin’ wit’ it and rockin’ wit’ it to Walk it Out in the car on our way to something, I forget what. But we took it on Chelsea’s camera phone so it’s all fuzzy but it was too cute.

I can’t believe he’s already in school, it seemed like just yesterday that Chase was 2 years old and almost getting my brother, Pete arrested for child endangerment. LOL. But my little Chasey boy is a grown boy these days and pretty soon he’s going to be ruling the school, just like the Seniors at Rydell High did in Grease.

As he was getting ready for school today, you can hear the excitement falling through his words and man, it was just so effing cute.

And as I was talking and listening to him this morning, so many incidents over the years went through my mind and I was like, “I’m blogging about Chase today” …so you guys can fall in love with him just a little, the way I do everyday.

When Chase was born, I was his nanny when his Mom went back to work. I watched him for the most part, but my brother Pete was the one that was really close to him because not too long after Chase turned 1 did Pete start watching him because I started working here at my current job. So, he’s really close to my brother. He idolizes him and just thinks the world of him, it’s so cute to watch Chase trying to mimick every little thing that Pete does, it’s the best.

Anyway, the other day Cool Guy came over to my house and we were outside playing with the kids and just having a good time. Chase was riding his bike around the block, Brenna was on the scooter, riding alongside Chase. Chloe, Chelsea and my cousin Braxton were playing volleyball in the street and me and Nathan (Cool Guy) were just hanging out with my baby, Aubrey. Aubrey’s Mom had just pulled up and she took Aubrey from me when Nathan was sitting in his car, changing the song, said something smart to me and I reached in through the window and tried to smack him (playfully of course) like I always do and instead of hitting him, I pinched him. Well, before I could take my hand away, he rolled up the window, pinning my arm inside his car and though it didn’t hurt bad, I was laughing and yelling at him to knock it off, Chase saw what was going on and he jumped off his bike and came running to my rescue.

It was the cutest thing.

He was yelling at Nathan to stop hurting me or he was going to punch him really hard. I thought he was the most adorable little 5 year old boy in the world.

The following conversation took place:

Chase: That’s it, I’m going to punch you in your face. It’s going to hurt really bad.
Nathan: *kneeling beside him* Give me your best shot.
Chase: *rolling up his sleeve and warming up his pimp hand* Shaking his head, don’t ever hurt my Aunt again or you’re going to pay.

Nathan laughed and shook his hand, telling him that he’s a good protector. And then a little while later, Nathan and I were once again, playing around and the window got rolled up on my arm again, with Nathan laughing his guts out and me screeching for him to quit it.

Tiffany (Aubrey’s Mom) and Aubrey are sitting at the little wall on the side of my house, playing around when Chase runs over to Tiffany and tells her (this is what she told me happened).

Chase: Tiff, call Pete and tell him to get over here right now, Nathan is hurting Aunty Wena again.

It was so cute!

Tiffany was telling Pete all about what happened and how cute Chase was trying to protect me from Nathan that he called me and asked me what happened. So, I told Pete and then I started laughing because I’m like, “Did you really think Nathan was hurting me? Were you trying to find out if you were going to kick Nathan’s ass or what?”

Pete just shrugged his shoulders and was like, “I’m just making sure, Chase was worried, I wanted to make sure that he was worrying for nothing.”

*rolls eyes*

You just gotta love my protectors.

So I was telling Nathan about it yesterday and we shared a laugh about it and then he was like, “So Chase doesn’t like me? Damn…fix that because I love that little boy.”




8 responses

20 08 2007

awwww, that is too cute with him looking after you. How did his first day go?

21 08 2007

freaking cute!! LOL 😛 So Chase is your nephew? Starting kindergarten is cool and I remember being excited as well LOL… cos it means you’re a big kid now 😛 Let see when it comes to other grades LOL 😛

21 08 2007

That’s just so freaking cute! Ohhh we have a name…Nathan!!! Dare we hope for a picture? Mehehehe.

21 08 2007

You did it. I’m in love with Chase too!! What a cutie and Nathan better watch out because those dancing moves in the car alone look like they could take someone out!!


21 08 2007
Charm School Reject

Oh man….how adorable. I don’t know how I’m going to survive Travis’ first day of school next week. Ugh.

You’re so lucky to have such a big strong man to step up to the plate for you!! lol

21 08 2007


His first day of school was really good. He enjoyed it and met some good friends and he loves his teacher, who also happens to be Brenna’s kindergarten teacher, cool huh? He’s such a little cutie.


Yeah, Chase is my little nephew that loves me mucho! haha. Yeah, I’m dying to see how he does in the academics department this year, he’s going to be a jock, I know that, he’s good at all sports.


As soon as he takes a good picture, I’ll put up a picture of Nathan and yes, that’s his name…Nathan. I saw that I had already mentioned his name on this blog (Elliott Yamin concert post) and so I thought, oh what the hair, just do it!


You’ll be great when Travis goes to school, I know you will be because I have faith in you! =)

LOL, I’m glad because Chase is just too cute not to love and Nathan is warned, he doesn’t want to get the smack down from Chase, he brings the big hurt he says…haha. And I know just how lucky I am to have this strong champion on my side. =) haha.

24 08 2007

How adorable. Chase is such a cutie and you know he’ll treat the ladies well when he grows up. 🙂

25 08 2007

I can only view part of your blog right now as I am at work but i see in your side bar you are reading eclipse I was gonna buy that let me know if it’s good.

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