Thursday Thirteen….

27 09 2007

…why I’m lucky to have the family that I do.

1. Because I’m never alone, even when I want to be….and probably shouldn’t be.
2. Because Brenna loves me even when I’m mean and forget things.
3. Because only I can come home to a kid’s choir, singing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s song, I’m Gonna Love You from that one Hunchback Disney movie, the second one. All kids are singing off tune and really loud, and they’re singing the song, over and over kind of like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, you know the book that never ends, this choir never ends either. Too cute.
4. Because I have a Chasey boy who tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m toe the hell back and looking like ass warmed over.
5. Because little Makaela is my best friend and I’m hers.
6. Because Meghan and Makenna are always so happy to see me as I am them.
7. Because I have an Uncle Party and an Uncle Happy in my family.
8. Because my brother Pete can beat anyone in a dance off and never fails to impress me with his Stomp the Yard skills.
9. Because Chloe and Chelsea make me laugh when all I want to do is cry.
10. Because I have the Dad that I do.
11. Because of my Sister Dinners.
12. Because our family functions are always loud and chaotic and…perfect.
13. Because I have little Ahbrey in my life.


The Hills: Season Three…

21 09 2007

…so I’ve been habitually watching The Hills every Monday night since the second episode of the season because I’m totally addicted to this show and have been since I watched the first episode of the first season.

It’s just one of those shows that I can’t get enough of. I love Lauren and always have since she was on Laguna Beach and getting dicked around by stupid ass Stephen and feuding with slutty tramp Kristin.

Now Lauren’s in her third season of The Hills and the drama from last season is still running wild all over the Hollywood Hills.

This season, Lauren has a new roommate, Audrina and Heidi moved in with Spencer. Lauren and Heidi are no longer friends and this season documents their whole feud, through trips to the bar, restaurants and just when you think things can’t get any worst for Lauren…her evil ex, Jason Wahler comes back into the picture after being out of commission and in jail and rehab.

Things are heating up in the Hollywood Hills and its making for some great television. I love all of the drama that is surrounding Lauren and Heidi and I can’t wait to see more…but my favorite scene of all is when Spence broke up with Brody because Brody showed no loyalty to Spencer because he’s hanging out with Spencer’s enemy. I so effing loved it when Brody gets off the phone with Spence and is all irritated and says, “Bitch” while he looks at his phone all bewildered….me and my sister were laughing so hard at that part.

I lub it!

Audrina’s boyfriend is a total tool. I mean, why would you want to call the guy who wore combat boots to a beach party your boyfriend? Seriously…he’s an immature jerk who doesn’t deserve someone like Audrina but he must be doing something right because Audrina is still sprung on his ass but hey, toot that thang Audrina…whatever rocks your socks!

As far as Lauren goes…she’s not really up to much besides getting her life back in order and I applaud her for that. Regardless of what’s going on with her and Heidi and her lack of a lovelife, Lauren is living things up and tworking things out. Things are starting to look up for her at work, she’s actually doing big thangs and I still think she’s pretty awesome! I love that she can hook up with whoever she wants to hook up with and I just love that she’s doing her thang…handle your scandal, Lauren..don’t let sneaky, coniving little bitches get you down, you’re so much better than that!

Heidi and Spencer just need to jump off a cliff and get lost at the bottom of the ocean…cause I really don’t care about them.

I love that Jason is back on the show but I’m hating that he’s back with a new girlfriend/fiance. I’m so bummed that things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to with Lauren and Jason but that just opens things up for Lauren and Brody…let’s see how that turns out. I’ve got my fingers crossed for that since things with Jason didn’t turn out well…sheesh.

Gosh I love this crap, don’t you?

Just Testing Something Out…

18 09 2007
…so it really sucks to be me because my work has blocked blogger on the computers over there so I can’t blog anymore from the office. And that’s where a lot of my blogging was done.
So I just wanted to test something out because I’m emailing in my posts so yeah, just bare with me…while I test some things out.

Prison Break: Season 3, Episode 1.

18 09 2007
Alright ya’ll, its that time of the year when fall is here and our favorite shows are coming back on the air with brand spankin’ new episodes…and last night was the first episode in the new season for one of me, Izzy and Grace’s favorite shows, Prison Break.
Last night we got to see Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and the rest of the crew (well the ones that are still alive and kickin’ that is) back on the small screen and boy was I one happy camper.  I had forgotten just how hot Wentworth Miller and I had forgotten just how much I loved me some Michael Scofield.  And Dominic Purcell? Holy hot damn, that man is lookin’ good too…where have I been?
Not watching TV that’s where.
But you can bet the farm that I will be watching TV from now on.  No more FHE’s for me, I’ve got to stay home and do the family FHE and then I’ll be watching Prison Break because holy hot damn, there’s going to be so much stuff that I’m going to miss if I start going out again.  So I’m going to try very hard to stay home and catch up on my shows.  Because, you know, TV is where my heart is. =)
Anyway, on to last night’s show.  So last season we had Michael and Lincoln out of prison and on the run, still determined to clear Linc’s name and get that pardon that will get them out of this mess and out of hiding.  So much drama went down and at the end of the season, Lincoln is a free man, Sarah’s free but Michael, well, Michael is back in prison in Panama and something else is brewing in the air, with Michael Scofield in the middle of everything once again.
Last night’s season premiere starts off with some chick covering up deep scratches on her face, who she is? I aint got a hot damn clue.  Then we see Lincoln trying to beg the peeps at the Embassy to get Michael out of Sona (the name of the prison he’s at) and they’re telling Linc that the only way anyone makes it out of Sona is in a bodybag.  Linc is not too happy about that and then we see a horrified Michael witness just how the guys at Sona get down…fighting to the death.
It’s been awhile since I’ve watched any Prison Break so my mind was fuzzy on details from last season but I’m up on my game now so I think I’ll be straight, or as straight as I can because a new season of what if’s and is Michael going to come through in the nick of time is just what I need to keep coming back for more Prison Break.
First of all, can I just say that I heart Michael Scofield because he is super duper frickin’ hot! He’s such a stud and now that that’s out of the way, I can’t wait to see this new storyline unfold…just who is the guy that Michael is supposed to break out of prison so that he can save the lives of LJ and Sarah.  I want to know if Sarah really is coming back to the show after her maternity leave because I heard conflicting stories, that yes, she is coming back and other stories that say she’s not returning to the show and if she doesn’t return, I’m going to be hella mad because seriously????
SHE HAS TO!  She’s Michael’s lobster, they belong together.
I knew some monkey business was up when Lincoln was hearing all of this good news about Michael being able to walk out a free man and get transferred to a better and safer prison.  I knew that there was a reason Michael is in there and at the end of the episode, we find out what Michael’s role is.  His new role on the show is to get someone else out of prison but what I really want to know is…who is this guy and what is he doing behind a wall?  What is his significance to anything? Is he related to the whole President thing or is this guy totally new to everything?
What’s really going on?
And while Michael is trying to find a way to break out the secret guy, in a week to boot, what the hell is Lincoln going to be doing? Twiddling his thumbs?
Goodness, so much to wait and see this season on Prison Break and for like the fiftieth time, WHY THE HELL IS T BAG STILL ALIVE?
Somebody kill that man already, he’s tainted the small screen for too long on this show and I’m just waiting for them to kill his ass off.  And what’s up with C Note? Do you guys think that he’ll back? I mean, he’s got to come back for Mahone’s trial but do you think we’ll see him before all that?  And dude, it’s weird not having Kellerman on the show, I mean, I know he’s not coming back because he’s on Addison’s new show, Private Practice. But dude, I miss that sorry fool.
Anyway, Sucre, I’m kinda over him…the only person or people I should say that I actually want to see every week is Michael, Linc, LJ and Sarah…so they better bring Sarah’s ass back or I’m going to be one pissed off viewer! And dude, who the hell is home chick with the scars on her face and well, you know …all that?
So much to look forward to and so much to remember, HOT DAMN I CAN’T WAIT!!!
Welcome back, Prison Break!

Thursday Thirteen….Heroes I Want To Do…

13 09 2007

….over and over again.

Alright, so it’s no surprise that I read a lot. I love reading romance novels and it’s one addiction that I have no intention of ever trying to stop or curb or whatever, it’s here to stay dammit…and because I’m boy crazy (always have been), it’s also no surprise that I love me some yummalicious heroes and this week’s Thursday Thirteen is about the heroes that I absolutely love so much I wanna do them over and over again, just because I’m a slutty tramp.


Facts are facts…=)

Anyway, on with the list…

1. Sam Starrett. (Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann)

I love me some Sam Starrett and I don’t care how many women out there hate his ass, I love him enough for everyone out there. Him and his cursing ways….=) Alyssa aint got nothing on my love for this man. Word.

2. Dageus MacKeltar. (The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.)

What’s not to love about Dageus’ fine ass? I mean, he’s got the long locks (that I didn’t even know that I liked), he’s got that killer accent that melts my panties right off of me and he’s got them weird cat eyes that can scorch my insides and probe m, well you know…LOVE ME SOME DAGEUS and I wanna do him all night long…

3. Ben Lewis. (Heart of Fire by Linda Howard.)

That waterfall scene, remember? Yeah, I wanted to do him IN that waterfall, I’m horrible, I know this…

4. Cam Quinn. (Seaswept by Nora Roberts.)

Because he loves driving fast and is super hot and he looked hella hot in a kitchen apron while the suds from the washing machine flooded the house, hehe….

5. Cal Morrissey. (Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie.)

Because he loved Minn Dobbs just the way she was and didn’t care if she spread, as long as she was spreading for him….hehe.

6. Cosmo Richter. (Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann.)

Because, he’s a sexy beast and he’s got those bluish/greyish eyes and is mysterious…I wanted to do him on the net thingy in Into the Night, when Muldoon was trying to impress Joan, that’s how long I’ve wanted to do this guy…wayyyy before his book.

7. Kevin Tucker. (This Little Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.)

Because he’s Benny the Badger…that’s why and because he’s so hot damn hot, with his quarterback fine self and because he loved Molly, red hair and all.

8. Zarek of Moesia. (Dance of the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon.)

Because even though he was kicked and spit upon, when he met Astrid, I wanted to tame the wild beast in him…stupid broad beat me to it! LOL.

9. Connor MacAllister. (The Wedding by Julie Garwood.)

Because I want to be able to hear him say, “Nay, lass, Connor.” 😉

10. Cian MacKeltar. (Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.)

Because I want him to use the “voice” on me. And that sexy Scottish brogue? Yeah I’m totally all about it!

11. Luc Martinaeu (See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson.)

Two words….THAT TATTOO!

12. Zack Benedict. (Perfect by Judith McNaught.)

That letter….AWWWWWWW, if that doesn’t scream DO ME, I don’t know what does!

13. Jordan Townsende. (Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught.)

Because he’s the man who started it all…the man I wanted to do from the jump!

Alright, so there’s my Thirteen…where’s yours?

Britney Is NOT Bringing Sexy Back…

10 09 2007

….I stayed home Sunday night because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss Britney’s performance. I wanted to see for myself, if Britney really had it in her to make a comeback and what I saw was not her best. What I saw was Britney wearing shoes that were too high and very uncomfortable to dance in and what I saw was her badly lyp synching to her own song. She didn’t look like she was happy to be up there, she didn’t look like performing was her life, she looked like she trying really hard to be something, she’s not.

It wasn’t pretty.

But man, did my menz Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown get dizown.

Holy smack, Chris Brown’s first performance on a VMA’s was off the chains good and Justin Timberlake and all of his performances with Timbaland, with Nelly Furtado and most especially with 50 Cent was just fanfrickin’tastic!

As a whole, the VMA’s this year wasn’t so bad. I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen boring VMA’s, stupid VMA’s and this year’s VMA’s besides having the wackest most not funniest host ever, was still pretty cool. I was digging all of the performances from the other suites and rooms and all that ish, it was cool.

But really, what did the whole show for me was Chris frickin’ Brown and Justin flippin’ Timberlake.

Have ya’ll seen his HBO Concert from Labor Day? DAMN BUT MY MAN IS FINE AND CAN DANCE…

So yeah, Britney sucked, my menz rocked it out and everyone else did good too. LOL. But did ya’ll see Kanye West bitchin’ about Britney? All I heard was, “Tell them what I said, ya’ll….MTV, tell them what the hell I said!” Oh gosh, he irritates me.

I hope 50 trounces him in their little record sales competition, well really I hope Kenny Chesney smashes the both of them in record sales but between 50 and Kanye, I want 50 to win and I don’t even like him.

Dude, Daphne Rocks My Socks.

4 09 2007

I hung out with Daphne on friday.

We ate at Red Lobster and we had a good time. I confused the heck out of our waiter and myself. I made Daph laugh and we chatted, laughed a lot and just had ourselves a good time. Daphne is a funny girl, like seriously…she’s funny.

She’s always a delight to be around and I’m serious, Daph…we live the closest to each other, we need to hang out more often. We need to have more Borders “Readings” of the naughty sections of the cook books that catch our fancy and we need to watch more movies together like..Hairspray, because I’m so seriously in love with that movie. This remake of the movie was super duper great! And a review of the movie is totally in the works and should be posted soon!

Oh and guess what else?

Daphne met Nathan.

He texted me while we were eating lunch to make sure that I wasn’t drinking because I promised him that I wouldn’t drink anymore (I asked that he promise he wouldn’t do something for me and he said he’d promise if I promised him that I wouldn’t drink anymore) and he knew that I’ve been stressing out about a lot of personal issues that I’ve been going through and he didn’t want me to regret my actions afterward so after he texted me to see if I was okay and to make sure I wasn’t having anything stronger than a Sprite to drink with my lunch, he asked me what me and Daphne were going to do after lunch. I told him the bookstore, which bookstore and then I told him to come through because Daphne wanted to meet him.

He told me he wasn’t looking his best, that he was going to the gym later and was dressed for it. I told him I didn’t care and he said, “Fine, we’re at Jamba Juice right now, we’ll stop by over there…we’ve got Braxton with us.”

I love Braxton and so was glad that he was coming over as well, he’s like one of my favorite people because he’s so funny.

So anyway, while me and Daph are reading through a naughty book, they show up and I was so happy to see him that I was all anxious to introduce him to Daphne. She was so cute about everything, she said nice to meet you and Nathan’s a really quiet guy around people he doesn’t know so he didn’t really say much but I put him and his friends (and my cousin) to work trying to find the one book that me and Daph went over there to look for…the new RG book, they couldn’t find it, I couldn’t find it and so we all gave up.

Daphne and I had made plans to go see Hairspray and so while I tried to get the boys to come with us, Nathan was like, oh hair no! He didn’t want to see it, so I told him that I’d call him later and then Daph and I were off to see our movie!


I hecka loved it and I totally heart Zac Efron because he was such a cutie patootie in Hairspray and was a great Linc. Tracy, or the girl who played Tracy was fantastic as well…I loved Amanda Bynes, she had me laughing a lot in the movie and John Travolta…dude, he was FAB! I loved him!

I kept getting calls from my house while we were in the movies so I called home afterward and was being summoned home because Blanche wanted to go to Jarred (my nephew)’s football game but didn’t want to take the kids so she asked me (quite nicely too) if I could come home and watch the kids while they went to the game…the kids voted and wanted me to watch them so I went home and hung out with my kiddies that night.

Nathan came by to drop off some movies for me to watch and he played with the kids for a little bit. My little Chase likes messing around with Nathan, it’s so funny when they size each other up for the first few minutes in each other’s company…Chase is still trying to “protect” me but he told my brother Pete yesterday that Nate’s a cool guy, he promises! haha, love my little Chase.

I stayed home on Saturday and cleaned the house and then hung out with Chloe and Chelsea that day. I left my wallet in Nathan’s car Friday night (yes he came back after the kids were asleep and we hung out) so I didn’t have anything on me on Saturday so it wasn’t like I could go out but I was glad that I stayed home because I bonded with my two BFF’s (as they call themselves) and I had a talk with them about boys and the upcoming school year, I hope what I told them really gets through because those two are really boy crazy.

I spent the entire day on Sunday with my brother Pete. I woke up with the intention of going to Church but Church started at 11, I woke up and it was almost 10:20am. I didn’t even shower yet and I just knew I was going to be late. I was irritated with Nathan because he didn’t make time to drop my wallet off because he went to Ryan’s house for some party and I had break the fast things that I needed to get. So he comes to my house to bring my wallet and take me to the store, he comes with his sister and it was only a little bit awkward but it was cool.

I like his sister and his sister likes me so it worked out well. We shopped together and I helped his sister out while I sent the boys (Herm was with us) to get the stuff on my list. They dropped me off after the store so that I could make my sauce really fast then they came back and though I was supposed to go with them to drop off my sauce, Pete and Tiffany came to the house so I just went with them and sent Nathan to drop off me and Tita’s sauce for Break the Fast.

I hung out with Pete that whole day and had a blast with my brother. He is such a funny guy, I loved it! He moved into a small house near my work and it’s just the cutest little house ever. He bought a little fire pit and when the sun went down and we were eating our bar b que chicken dinner, he lit the fire and was like a little boyscout, all proud of himself and spent the rest of the night and early morning just poking the fire around, making the flame go higher and higher. It was funny.

I spent my Labor Day with the family at the pool because it was hotter than hell up in Southern California yesterday…it was not the business but being at the pool cooled us down considerably and I had a good time hanging with my family…my brother Henry was calling me Ghost because I haven’t been around the family lately, he looked at his drink and was like, “Damn I must be drinking the good shit because I could’ve sworn I saw Wena sitting next to Fish. That can’t be right.”

And I spent the whole day laughing, playing cards and eating…I was spent last night and when I dropped off last night, I was dead…to the world.

What about you guys? How was your long weekend?